Steps To Get Your Kitchen Organized

Are you ready to get your kitchen organized? Once completed, an organized kitchen will make cooking and cleaning go a lot smoother. Here are the steps to follow to get your kitchen organized:


Step 1: Take Everything Out

You need to see what you’re working with. That means everything has to come out of every drawer and every cabinet. You don’t want to do one cabinet at a time but all of them. You’ll probably need to spread things out on the dining room table to access what you have. Once everything is out, take advantage of the clear space by wiping down all the shelves and drawers. It will be as clean as it was when you moved in!

Step 2: Take Stock

Now that you can see everything, you get to decide what stays and goes. You might discover containers and gadgets that you forgot you had. That would be great if you can put them to use but if you have things you haven’t used in over a year, then it is a safe bet you can do without. The goal is to minimize what you have. That will help with organizing and with access.

Step 3: Improve Storage

With everything out, you have a good chance to utilize better storage devices. Hooks can go on the inside of a cabinet to hang pot lids. A magazine holder can be used for cutting boards. A Lazy Susan can be put in the pantry shelf for spices and canned goods. Big containers can be used to hold all those little containers. It is all about finding a home for every item in your kitchen. You might also discover that some things work better out of drawers or cabinets. Perhaps it is time to put up a pot rack on the wall or a magnetic strip for your knives.

Step 4: Put It Back

Now you get to put everything back but with a better sense of where it all is going. You want to try and keep your cooking utensils close to where you do your prep work. Once it is all back, give your family a “tour” of the new organized kitchen so they’ll also know where everything goes.

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