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How Junk King’s Mini Dumpster Will Help Lead to a More Sustainable Future

The Capital District Region of New York is made up of 13 cities, 143 towns and 62 villages all surrounding Albany, the state’s capital.

According to the Center of Economic Growth, the Capital District Region is surrounded by the southern Adirondacks and the northern Catskills and is in close distance to New York City, Boston and Montreal which are all just three-hour drives away. Nearly 40-percent of North America’s destinations are just a day’s drive away.

Junk King Capital District Region Works Towards a Cleaner and Mini DumpsterGreener Tomorrow with the Use of New Mini Dumpster

Economic History and Employment

According to an article in the Times Union in 2016, “U.S. News & World Report listed the Capital Region as the third best place to look for a technology job, behind San Jose and San Francisco.”

With the state capital, Albany, being in this region, many of the jobs are in government employment. According to Capital Region Chamber, the main sources of employment in The Capital District Region include, Government, Health Care, Higher Education, and Technology.

Did you know?

·    The three largest employment sectors in the Capital Region are Government, Health Care & Social Assistance, and Retail Trade. Together, they account for 48.3% of all employment in the region.


The Capital Region Chamber reported that for their 2009-2013 reporting period, the percentage of the population with an Associate’s Degree or greater in the Capital Region was 46.2%. The area is also home to several colleges and universities, including Union College, State University of New York at Cobleskill, Sage Graduate School, Albany Law School and Albany Medical School.

 Sustainability Efforts for Capital District Region

Governor of New York, Andrew M. Cuomo’s Cleaner, Greener, Communities Program has allowed the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), to provide funding to regions in New York to create a sustainability plan. Albany is leading the planning for the Capital District Region. According to its website, the plan will focus on:

·       Assess current greenhouse gas emissions and energy use, along with available natural resources and economic assets, liabilities, and opportunities

·       Set sustainability targets for energy supplies, transportation, waste and water management, land use, housing, agriculture, economic development, and open space

·       Develop a sustainability plan outlining the short- and long-term actions our region can take to achieve targets and goals

·       Prioritize eligible projects that can apply for Cleaner, Greener Communities implementation funding.

Recycling and Landfill Solutions in Capital District Region

Fourteen municipalities have banned together to create a recycling program called the Capital Region Recycling Partnership with the mission “to improve the methods for waste reduction and recycling so that we may reduce the amount of waste that must go into the landfill.” The Capital Region Recycling Partnership is a committee of Capital Region Solid Waste Management Partnership (CRSWMP). The CRSWMP reports its program progress to the New York state Department of Conservation and has reported that the goal is to reach 65-percent diversion by 2020. As of 2012 the diversion rate was 59-percent.

How Junk Can Help the Capital District Region Increase Sustainability

The Capital Region is working toward increasing sustainability and its green initiatives in both residential homes and businesses. We at Junk King are focusing on those same goals and are like-minded in our efforts to go green. Sustainability is what drives our business. The Junk King roll away MINI Dumpster will allow residents and business owners in the Capital District to remove unwanted items in a way that will help increase those goals towards sustainability. All items tossed into a Junk King roll away dumpster are taken to a recycling warehouse where unwanted items are sorted for recyclables, including, e-waste, paper, household goods, textiles, furniture and appliances to increase landfill diversion. “Going green” is more than recycling, it’s a source for true sustainability. Junk King is dedicated to finding ways to donate, repurpose, and reuse everything from clothing, toys, baby cribs and strollers to office furniture and supplies from each and every MINI Dumpster rental. Many of the Junk King trucks run on biodiesel, a domestically produced fuel made from more environmentally safe non-petroleum, renewable resources. Junk King is committed to continuing to lead the way to help keep the planet clean, green and beautiful for the generations to come.

How to Rent a Junk King MINI Dumpster

If you are looking for someone to assist you in your junk removal process, clean out or remodel, Junk King Capital District is looking forward to working with you. Junk King will provide easy, quick, free quotes. All you have to do is contact Junk King online or by phone with your chosen date and time and to schedule your MINI Dumpster rental. Once your job is complete, your junk will be rolled away. With our convenient three-day drop off, you are able to complete your clean-out on your own schedule. For the quickest, easiest and most purposeful way to remove your junk and debris, simply call or visit Junk King online for free quotes by phone or an online estimator and fast, affordable service.

Junk King Capital District Region is working towards helping the region fulfill its goals of sustainability. If you are ready to experience the most convenient way to dispose of junk, the MINI Dumpster is the perfect solution!

FAQ on Dumpster Rentals in Capital District Region:

1)    What size is the Junk King MINI Dumpster?

a.     The Junk King MINI is a 12-cubic yard dumpster and is the most convenient solution for your junk removal. The driveway friendly debris box is delivered right to your place of business or your home and can complete most jobs.

2)    What can the MINI Dumpster take away?

a.     Furniture, appliances, textiles, construction debris, yard debris and more, are all able to be taken away in a Junk King MINI. As long as it isn’t hazardous, Junk King will take it!

3)    How much does the MINI Dumpster cost?

a.     Junk King offers fair, competitive and unique pricing. Our rentals allow our customers to only pay for the space you use.

4)    How long do I have to complete my cleanout?

a.     You will have three days to complete your job with our convenient drop off period before the Junk King MINI is rolled away.

 Recent Reviews of Junk King Capital District

Junk King customers are what keeps us going! The positive reviews we receive remind us every day of the difference we make in lives and community and help us to run a better business. If you are looking for a green-minded way to dispose of your junk or assist with your next home remodel, Junk King Capital District is here to help.

July 31, 2017 by Dale Sorensen

Schenectady, New York

“I think your service is great! Our home had just been listed on the MLS for sale and our first showing was the second day after our movers had moved all of our things out of the home. The day after the move, we were frantically cleaning and trying to decide what to do with “junk” that was left over from the move. We thought we’d save money and try to donate, or throw away what we could in our trash, or just ask neighbors if they wanted it. We had a lot of junk! So at the end of the day, while looking at all the junk no one wanted, and stuff we could NOT throw in the trash, I frantically called Junk King and explained my situation. I had ten showings the next day, the first one was scheduled for 8:45 (buyers showed up fifteen minutes early), and I needed their help asap! It worked out that Reggie and David with Junk King showed up at my door at 8AM the following morning! I prayed, I had fingers crossed, and I may have had a dream that they didn’t show up, but they did!”

August 3, 2017 by G.M.

Ballston Lake

“I found Junk King very easy to contact to schedule an appointment. The Junk King crew were courteous, arrived exactly when scheduled and worked hard to get the job done. A reasonable estimate was provided as requested and agreed upon. The crew went right to work. Would definitely use Junk King again and would recommend them.”

Are you ready to work with a company as green-minded as you? Junk King Capital District is shares the same goals and we are committed to leaving a cleaner, greener tomorrow behind us. Our top-rated customer service is what we pride ourselves on. Please consider using Junk King for your dumpster rental and junk removal. Call today (518) 621-0510 or visit Junk King online to get a quick and easy quote for your MINI Dumpster rental.


Rockland Clean Outs College Edition

Is this the year that your college student might not be coming back home? The goal has always been for them to graduate and start their own life away from home. As hard as they might be, you should take pride in the fact that you got them this far. Now it’s their turn to stand on their own. It’s also your chance to do something different with their bedroom. You could keep it like it is for the occasional visit. Perhaps you want to make it more of a universal guest room as opposed to something that would definitely look like a teenager’s former room. Of course, you can also turn that room into just about anything from a home office to a yoga studio. To accomplish any of those goals, you’re going to need to clean out the place first. This is when you should be calling Junk King.


Junk King is the professional junk hauling service that is part of a national chain that has been in operation since 2005. Over the years, Junk King has perfected the junk removal. This might not seem like a complicated operation but if left to amateurs a lot can go wrong. Junk King makes sure all of their workers have been thoroughly trained not only for lifting but with customer service. The crews are also licensed and insured. That’s professional service you can depend on.

Junk King prides itself on sticking to their schedules. There were always be the occasional unforeseen problem like a traffic snarl. However, for the most part Junk King is on time. They’ll give you a two-hour window and that is a lot better than waiting all day like you would with the cable company! Once they show up on site, the crew will spring into action. They’ll size up all the junk you want to get rid of and provide you with an estimate. That flat fee will be based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. If you agree to the price, the loading can begin. If it is something you don’t want to pay, Junk King will happily move onto their next appointment. However, if you’re like the majority of happy Junk King customers, then you’re going to be very satisfied with the price and the work. Get that extra bedroom turned around with a clean out from Junk King.

Valentine’s Day Junk Removal In Hudson Valley NY

For restaurants, Valentine’s Day is like the Super Bowl. This is the one day of the year they can count on huge business. That’s why many local Hudson Valley eateries are pulling out the stops to provide a special night for you and your significant other. For instance, over at Sushi Makio, Chef Makio is putting together a tantalizing dinner featuring 6 unique courses plus plenty of imported sake. At Hunter Mountain couples can actually renew their wedding vows at the mountain peak while sipping hot chocolate and enjoying scrumptious treats. For those lovebirds who like share a brew or two, Beer & Barns is hosting a reception in Rhinebeck.

Romantic Dinner for Two

Romantic Dinner for Two

Naturally, many of these fine restaurants have been taking reservations for Valentine’s Day since New Year’s Day. Does this mean you’ll be stuck with a fast food drive through as a V-Day gift? Perhaps, but you can make up for that by adding a special home service. Consider a junk removal appointment with Junk King to de-clutter your home.

Let’s face it; we’re all living with some kind of mess. That might be a closet that is overflowing with shoes or a garage bursting with boxes. Either way, you’re not making good use of that space. Your partner knows this which is probably why they have been asking for help getting rid of the junk. However, a task like that is literally easier said than done. Well, that was before Junk King came to Hudson Valley. Now, removing junk is easy because you won’t be doing any of the actual work. You’re going to leave that to the Junk King crew. This is a two-man team trained in the proper moving techniques. They’ve also gone through customer service training that stresses that you should be satisfied with the job or else their work isn’t done.

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Hudson Valley Junk Removal In 2014

For anyone who works in a coal mine, being buried alive is a legitimate fear. What about being buried alive in a mess you created? TLC’s popular reality show, “Hoarding: Buried Alive” will be back with new episodes featured even more troubled homeowners who can’t seem to throw anything away. Before they get comfortable with tossing out trash, these folks need serious counseling. That is because severe hoarding is considered a psychological disorder. If you tune into the show, you’ll see therapists at work. You’ll also catch a glimpse of Junk King at work as they help clean up the piles of trash in the hoarders’ homes. Hopefully, your place isn’t as bad as the TV hoarders.

Hoarding newspapers.

Hoarding newspapers.

The big difference between those folks and the average person is the ability to throw something out. Just because you want to get rid of an old piece of furniture but have kept it doesn’t mean you’re a hoarder. It just means you don’t have a personal moving crew or truck big enough to haul that sofa way. With Junk King Hudson Valley, you can have both of those things at your disposal: A crew to do the work and a truck to do the hauling. The moment you set up your junk removal appointment with Junk King Hudson Valley is the moment when you stop becoming a hoarder.

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Hudson Valley NY Post Storm Cleanup

History was made in a bad way when Hurricane Sandy slammed into the east coast at the end of October. That bad history included storm surges here in the Hudson Valley that hadn’t been seen for generations. This was officially classified as a major flood for this area. Of the many dangerous impacts from this surge the spread of pollution in the Hudson River and New York Harbor has been particularly alarming. As explained in a recent article: “a variety of toxic chemicals, including petroleum and fluids from cars and boats; contaminants from flooded subways, roads, parking lots and tunnels; and contaminants washed from shoreline industrial sites, as well as commercial and residential buildings. Oil sheens and debris have been observed—everything from 55-gallon drums and quart-sized containers of transmission fluid, to wrecked boats and swamped vehicles with leaking fuel tanks.”

All of this amounts to a major cleanup effort in this area that is sure to continue for weeks if not months. On a more personal level, you might have experienced your own flood damage that requires a level of intense cleanup. The objective would be to get any item laden with water out of your home as soon as possible. If you experienced indoor flooding then carpets and furniture might have to be replaced. This is obviously an enormous undertaking but you don’t have to do it all alone. Along with the many volunteers who are giving up hours to help clean up the Hudson Valley, there are many professional services that you can contract to help remove any kind of storm debris from your property. One of the best services for this is Junk King Hudson Valley.

Before the storm, Junk King was diligently working to help homeowners and business owners clear out the general piles of clutter that have accumulated over the years. These would be all those oversized items that can be tossed out for the weekly garbage pick-up. By hiring Junk King these owners were able to supervise a crew to remove those items from down in basements or up in attics. The Junk King crew did all the work and it was certainly a welcome relief for those owners to finally be rid of all that clutter.

Now in the wake of the storm, Junk King Hudson Valley is extending their services to help facilitate the removal of storm debris. They’ve already carted off tons of fallen branches, torn off roof shingles and other pieces of trash that too big for the normal pick-up. They’ve also remove plenty of damaged furniture and other materials that got smacked with the flood waters. Junk King can now help you with that same level of assistance. Their price structure is based on volume as in how much volume will your junk take up in their truck. There won’t be any hidden fees. It’s direct, dependable and efficient. Let Junk King help you get your home back in order!

Westchester Moving and Junk Hauling

The most important thing to keep in mind as you prepare to move into a new home is don’t procrastinate. The last thing you want is for moving day to arrive and you’re scrambling to pack up items. This is how stuff gets broken or left behind. The moving clock should really start ticking 30 days out from the official move date. At the 30 day mark you should be gathering up packing supplies like boxes and wrapping paper. You’ll probably end up using more than you think. This is why you should consider renting plastic containers. For about the same amount as you would pay for moving boxes, you can have plastic bins dropped off at your home for the move. Best of all, all that cardboard won’t be going to waste.

At the beginning of the 30 day mark is when you should also begin the process of switching over things like your utilities, cable and phone company. You’ll need a couple of weeks to schedule an appointment for some of those hook-ups. The more time you give those folks the better off you can be. Ideally those hook ups should happen on the day you move. If you can get into the property a day early that would be even better. You’ll also want to switch over all your mail and subscriptions.

There are some folks who let movers do all the packing. That’s a very expensive proposition. If you’re starting 30 days in advance you could set a goal to pack up three or four boxes a day. That’s not a lot of work and it lets you stay organized. Don’t forget to label those boxes not only with the items inside but also what room that movers should put them in. As you begin to pack up all those items you’ll definitely be taking with you you’ll probably make a discovery of a lot of stuff you don’t want. This would be all your useless junk. Instead of dragging that with you, why not call up Junk King Hudson Valley and let them move out your junk before you move?

Junk King is the Westchester based junk removal specialist who can help you dispose of all your unnecessary stuff. Sure, you might want to donate some items or try to sell them on Craigslist but ultimately you don’t want to bring junk into your new home. With Junk King Hudson Valley on your side, you’ll be able to load up a huge truck with as much stuff as you want to toss out. Get all of that out of the way and focus on the important items. The best way to start in a new home is without junk and Junk King can get you there.

Home Downsizing Tips in Westchester

How many rooms do you really need in your home? Put aside the idea of raising a family. If the kids have all gone off to start their own lives what are you left with? Conceivably you make the journey from your bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen to the living room. For all practical purposes you’re only utilizing the space of one bedroom apartment. Yes, it might be a benefit to have a spare room for visiting family but then that would just a be a two bedroom apartment. Do you really need all the other space? You’re paying for maintenance on all those extra rooms plus the landscaping. That’s a lot of work especially if you were hoping to slow things down a bit as you head into retirement. Perhaps now is the time to think about downsizing.

Downsizing shouldn’t be thought of as “losing”  something but as improving your quality of life. You could move from a sprawling home where you do all the work to a luxury condominium that has all the maintenance work covered. That condo could also be within walking distance of shops and restaurants which could be an improvement on your current location. There is also the cost to consider. With a big house, you’re just pouring money into the plumbing, heating and electric bills. Go back to the original question: If you’re not using all those rooms why are you heating them in the winter or keeping them cool in the summer?

If you’re serious about downsizing, you’ll obviously want to pick out the new home before throwing away your stuff. Once you know how much space you’ll have then you can determine what items you’ll be able to bring with you. When you’re ready, Junk King Hudson Valley will be standing by to help cart off all your unwanted stuff.

Downsizing doesn’t always have to be about moving into a new home. Suppose you clear out the clutter in the garage. You could turn around and rent it out to someone who needs the space for a car. You’re “downsizing” your use of the garage and making money. You could take that same approach with those spare rooms. If you can clear out the clutter in those rooms you could rent them out and bring in some revenue. It’s all about improving your bottom line. And once again, Junk King Hudson Valley can be a big help.

You won’t have to worry about lifting heavy objects when you hire Junk King. They’ll do all the work of removing any item you want taken away whether that item is down the basement, up in the attic or out in the garage. Simply put; downsizing is a smart choice to get control of your life and finances.

Westchester NY Old TV Disposal

Collectors come in all shapes and sizes which pretty much corresponds to what that collect: all shapes and sizes! Believe it or not there is actually a very active group of collectors who focus on vintage television sets. These sets were way before cable. In fact, many of them probably wouldn’t be able to broadcast a signal because that can receive a digital feed. But that doesn’t make them any less valuable in the eyes of collectors.

The popular website Collectors Weekly explains the parameters of vintage television collecting:

“1946 through 1955 was the first big growth period for television sets. In 1947 there were only about 100,000 TV sets in the U.S. (many of them in bars and clubs) but by 1953 there were 13 million. CBS started broadcasting in color in 1951, and all-electronic color sets were first introduced in 1954. By far the largest television set manufacturer in those early days was RCA, but other vintage television brands include General Electric, Dumont, Andrea, and Zenith. RCA also made sets for Westinghouse and for Sears. Most collectors collect black and white sets from 1939 to 1949 and color sets through 1960. For black and white sets made after 1949, the values drop off dramatically, with some exceptions. There were a lot more TVs produced after the mid 1950s, so there are many still around (and they started to become less visually interesting, with metal cabinets). There are also people who collect early transistor sets from the 1960s and 70s, and micro TV sets.”

Who knows? You might just be sitting on a collectable television that could fetch a pretty penny. The key is with volume. Most of us have old TV sets made within the last ten years or so that were manufactured in the millions. There’s not going to be a lot of demand for those sets. When you’re ready to replace that clunky old TV for a high end plasma screen then you’ll want to dial up Junk King to handle the disposal of the old set.

Televisions aren’t something you can sit out on the curb and hope someone will pick up. First off all, no one is really that desperate for a free TV especially since they won’t know how long it has been sitting outdoors. It might have been in good working condition but one night in the wet grass and it’s pretty much a goner. That’s why you should depend on Junk King Hudson Valley to handle the pickup and disposal of a TV set. They’re going to do things the right way which often means recycling that TV. It will have to be disassembled and the various parts sorted out. Leave that to the recycling center to handle and Junk King will make sure your TV gets to the right center. Another way to think of TV disposal is that the moment you get rid of that old set will be the moment you’ll need to get a new one. That’s perfect motivation!

Hudson Valley NY Junk Removal

If you are visitor to the Hudson Valley in the next couple of weeks and happen to be friends with a foodie then all you might be hearing about are ramps. That’s because the second annual Ramp Fest is gearing up.  This weekend outing promises to be the best gastronomic event in the Hudson Valley this year. Never heard of a ramp? Where have you been? A ramp is another name for a wild leek that food aficionados have been using to spice up everything from cornbread to pasta. Ramp season is a small window in the Hudson Valley but when they hit the store shelves, these delectable onions are instantly snatched up.

The Ramp Fest is one of the many events that give Hudson Valley its charm. Folks around these parts take great pride in sharing all the abundance that the Valley has to offer. They are equally inviting to any visitors who happened to be passing through this New York region. Fortunately, Hudson Valley residents will now be able to benefit from a new business that has already helped improve the lives of many folks across the country. This new business is Junk King Hudson Valley which is dedicated to removing all the clutter from our lives.

One of the areas that Junk King specializes in is the removal of yard waste. This is a perfect opportunity to clear out your backyard and make room for your own ramp patch. By growing your own you’ll never have to worry about running out and you’ll be able to experiment with all kinds of taste tempting menus items once your ramp garden flourishes. Of course, if you’re hiring Junk King to clear out your backyard you’ll have plenty of room for more than just ramps!

The concept behind Junk King is fairly simple: they provide you with a professional junk removal and hauling team and an empty truck that you can fill up to your heart’s content. Wherever Junk King has set up camp there has been an increase in the amount of reclaimed home space. This is because homeowners are finally getting around to clearing out their garages, attics and basements of all kinds of unwanted junk.. A finished basement can become the family’s new home theater. An empty garage can become a perfect arts and craft studio. And an attic into a spare bedroom either for visiting family members or two separate squabbling siblings!

The Junk King Hudson Valley crew is fully licensed and insured. This means you won’t have to worry about inviting these workers into your home. They will be extremely respectful of your living space. This is because their reputation is built upon 100% customer satisfaction. Getting rid of your junk starts with just a single phone call to Junk King. Once the house is clean you might be inspired throw your own Ramp Fest dinner party!

For the best in Hudson Valley Junk Removal simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.

Hudson Valley Junk Removal blog

Welcome to the Junk King Hudson Valley official blog!   This blog will be one of our primary lines of communication to our customers, friends, fans and anyone else who is interested in our New York Junk Removal services.

We are set to launch our business at the start of April.  Be sure to check in for frequent updates and news about our affordable, efficient and eco-friendly junk hauling services for the Hudson Valley NY area, including Rockland & Westchester.  Also, be sure to check out our official Hudson Valley Junk Removal webpage for more information.

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