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What Does a Green Dumpster Rental Cost in Indianapolis?

Regardless of why you need a rental dumpster in Indianapolis, you are probably wondering about dumpster rental cost. Renting a dumpster is an extremely convenient way to handle DIY junk removal from your home or business. Whether you are renovating (and tearing out a ton of drywall and carpet) or cleaning out a garage that looks like an episode of Hoarders, a rental dumpster gives you a place to put every piece of construction debris or junk you don’t want anymore. If you are like other customers, though, you want to enjoy this convenience without breaking the bank.

Standard Dumpster Rental Cost Estimates

Dumpster Rental CostIt can be difficult to give an exact estimate for dumpster rental cost, just because the pricing is contingent upon variables. The amount of dumpster space you require is a variable, as most dumpster rental companies have half a dozen (or more) different dumpster sizes from which to choose. The length of your project is a variable, as a two-day rental is naturally going to cost less than a weeklong rental. The dumpster rental company you choose is a variable, as different businesses charge slightly different rates for their services. Even your location is a variable, as longer-distance deliveries and pickups tend to cost a little more.

According to HomeAdvisor, the average dumpster rental cost in Indianapolis is between $245 and $330. This price is for a two-day dumpster rental and includes both delivery and pickup. If you are trying to put together a preliminary budget for your project, this ballpark range shouldn’t be too far from what you will end up paying.


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Going Green: What to Expect from Sustainable Dumpster Rental Companies

Now, say you want to rent a dumpster in Indianapolis, but you want to make sure you are getting it from a “green” dumpster rental company. You want to work with a business that values sustainability and strives to protect the environment while still providing convenient and useful services.

What does a green dumpster rental service look like, exactly? After all, we are talking about the disposal of waste—rarely an extremely “sustainable” activity. However, there are dumpster rental services that play an active role in protecting the environment.

The “greenest” of these services will typically offer waste sorting as part of their dumpster rentals. In other words, you rent a bin, you fill it with whatever you want, and the company comes and hauls the container away. Instead of taking the junk directly to the landfill, though, this kind of green dumpster rental company takes the bin to a sorting facility. There, they sort the trash into different categories: waste that needs to go the landfill, recyclable goods, items that can be repurposed or recycled, items that can be donated, etc.


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This kind of recycling-based approach is still relatively rare in the junk removal industry—even as environmental sustainability becomes something that more and more customers are demanding. There is a reason it hasn’t been adopted across the board, though. Simply put, sorting junk is a laborious process, one that requires a lot of time and hard work. Not all junk removal or dumpster rental companies are willing to put in the time to do the work.

With dumpster rentals, though, the recycling-based approach is essential. When customers rent dumpsters, they often fill them with everything in their homes or offices that they may not want anymore. Some of this stuff is garbage and is unusable, but a fair percentage of it really shouldn’t be going to a landfill. That includes electronic waste, which is awful for the environment and human and animal health. It includes furniture that is still in good shape and can easily be donated or repurposed. It includes metals, wood, and other materials that can be reused and recycled. It includes clothing and toys that should go to Goodwill or some other resale shop, rather than being hauled off to a garbage dump.

These days, our society is becoming increasingly cognizant of the ways that human activity affects and damages the environment. If you are going to rent a dumpster, it’s worthwhile to look for a green junk removal service. That way, you know you are at least doing your part of staying green and minimizing your carbon footprint.

The Cost of Green Rentals

The reason many people opt out of rental green dumpsters is that they assume there is an added cost. If someone must sort your junk for you, you’d think that you would have to pay handsomely for that service.

While the answer to the cost question will vary from company to company, you will rarely pay significantly more in dumpster rental costs to get a more sustainable service. Sometimes, you might not even pay more. The companies that offer this type of dumpster rental are cognizant of the fact that customers want an economical solution and have done a lot to make their services financially feasible. Your best bet? Include a few green dumpster rental companies in your crop of potential junk services and get price quotes from them. That way, you can compare the prices of greener options against less sustainable services.

Along the way, make sure you research how your non-sustainable dumpster rental companies handle items such as computers, TVs, appliances, or furniture. Often, companies that don’t offer recycling-based junk removal merely opt not to deal with these items at all. They have long lists of items you aren’t allowed to put in their dumpsters or require you to rent special dumpsters for specific types of waste.

This approach makes sense from the perspective of the dumpster rental companies. They don’t want to deal with sorting your junk but also don’t want to run afoul of any state laws or regulations by improperly disposing of something potentially harmful. As a result, they just decide not to deal with those items at all.

For the customer, though, this approach is not the best. The big convenience of renting a dumpster for a DIY cleanout or renovation is that you can throw anything and everything into the same bin. You don’t have to worry about renting a truck to haul your furniture to the nearest donation spot or figure out where in town you can recycle your huge 50-inch cathode ray TV. You can put everything in your dumpster and rest assured that it will end up in the right place. The convenience and peace of mind that this kind of service provides is often worth paying a little extra.


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Finding the Right Dumpster Rental Service

Ultimately, your best course of action is to sit down and do some research. What are the different dumpster rental services around Indianapolis and how do they compare on the sustainability scale? If you were to choose a green service, would you pay more? Or could you find a company that offers greener dumpster rentals for lower dumpster rental costs? (Hint: you can!) By comparing the different options, their pricing, and the perks they offer, you can find a dumpster rental service that provides the service you want at a price that is perfectly reasonable.

As you compare dumpster rental costs, though, try to find companies that will give you concrete estimates or quotes. Services that are cagey about price quotes will often try to hit you with unexpected fees after the fact. Reading online customer reviews should also help you spot—and avoid—these dumpster rental companies in Indianapolis.


7 Reasons a Construction Dumpster Rental Makes Sense in Indianapolis

Construction isn’t just about creating—it’s also about disposing of unwanted materials. For every structure that you and your team put up, there will be debris to break down and remove. Construction sites typically produce many kinds of junk, from drywall and other leftover building materials like concrete to dirt and other organic matter that you must clear from the site before building. You may be wondering about the most effective way to deal with construction waste on your job site, so let’s examine one of the most popular solutions in Indianapolis: construction dumpster rental. Renting a dumpster for construction waste can be one of the most effective ways to deal with waste material from your site on your own terms. Many professionals throughout the region count on this approach to help them save time, energy, and money during their clean-up efforts.

The Best Arguments for Construction Dumpster Rental

Construction Dumpster RentalThe following are seven reasons why construction dumpster rental works for many Indianapolis businesses. Have a look at the list, and then make an informed decision about if renting a dumpster is right for you.

  1. Renting a Dumpster Makes Site Cleanup More Convenient

Cleaning up your site can be a big job. If you leave that job to the last minute, it has the potential to extend the amount of time you must spend before you and your team can leave the site. Construction dumpster rental allows you to solve this problem because it puts an easily-accessible receptacle on your site that you can fill as you work. Instead of finding yourself with a huge mess on your hands at the end of a job, you’ll be able to clean as you go, and seriously simplify the aftermath of your project.

If you rent a dumpster from a company that offers you a fixed rental period, you can also plan your project in accordance with the pickup date. Coordinating your work this way means that you can have the dumpster removed the day you finish loading it so that you can wrap up your project comprehensively, with no loose ends.

  1. You’ll Spend Less Energy on Heavy Lifting

Speaking of having your dumpster removed, did you know that most rental dumpsters are taken away and their contents dealt with by members of the rental company? That means you and your crew won’t have to worry about sorting the contents or taking them to a landfill once you’ve placed them in the container. You can just put the materials you want to rid yourself of inside the dumpster, then let the people who come to pick it up from you handle the rest.

Of course, you should still make sure that all the materials you place in your dumpster are appropriate for the container you have rented. To do so, look at a few different construction dumpster rental services and see what kind of materials they routinely handle.

  1. Some Rental Dumpsters Can Handle a Wide Variety of Materials

The good news is that most construction dumpster rental companies allow you to deal with materials that would generally be unacceptable for regular trash collection in Indianapolis. In fact, debris from construction and demolition are explicitly prohibited for this kind of trash pickup, which is another reason why renting a dumpster for your site can be invaluable. Companies like Junk King provide construction dumpster rental options for many items that city trash collection services cannot accept. These items range from flooring, walls, and roofing to more cumbersome and more challenging materials such as concrete.

  1. Dumpster Rental Can be an Eco-Friendly Solution

There is a growing need for members of the construction industry to address concerns about sustainability in their work, especially when it comes to questions of waste removal. If you want to make sure that you are dealing with your waste materials in the most environmentally-friendly way possible, renting from an eco-friendly dumpster provider is one of the best ways to do so. Some dumpster rental companies go out of their way to sort recyclable and reusable items when going through the contents of each container so they can repurpose the maximum amount of material and produce the lowest possible amount of waste.

  1. A Fully Insured Rental Company Reduces Liability

Working in the construction business exposes you to a certain number of potential hazards, so it’s vital to make sure that you are always doing your best to minimize risk. One of the best ways to do that is by reducing the amount of unnecessary labor required of you and your team members. Simply put: the more you can outsource, the less you need to worry about an accident or injury presenting legal and financial challenges.

When you outsource something like your junk removal by having a rental company come and pick up your dumpster, there are certain factors you should consider. One of them is insurance. Entrusting your rental dumpster to a fully insured company will keep you and your people protected in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

  1. Dumpster Rental is More Cost-Effective than Other Options

A lot of people ask, “why choose construction dumpster rental in Indianapolis”, but a better question might be “why not choose it?” After all, a simple evaluation of the costs involved relative to other options often shows that dumpster rental is the most cost-effective choice. Examine the alternatives: you can hire a full-service junk removal company to help you clean up your site, or pay overtime to your own laborers to spend time tidying up after your project. Either of these options is likely to be less organized and more expensive than simply renting a dumpster during your project.

Hiring a full-service junk removal company can be cost-effective, but only if you are exceptionally well organized. If on the other hand, your project faces unexpected delays or produces more waste material than anticipated, you may have to find yourself calling a removal service several more times than you had planned. In that scenario, the costs can pile up quickly. Hiring additional labor of your own (or paying overtime to your staff and extending the length of time you must spend on the job site) can be similarly pricey, so dumpster rental is often the most affordable tactic.

  1. Some Dumpster Rental Companies Offer Additional Support

Dumpster rental can be extraordinarily convenient, but you may still want some professional assistance, especially for a larger project. That’s why some construction dumpster rental services provide additional support options. At Junk King, we offer specific business to business services aimed at supporting professionals in construction and similar industries with their waste removal needs. Our professionals can supplement your dumpster rental by sending a removal team to the site before and after your project, helping you save time in the preliminary and final stages of your work.

Construction dumpster rental is not the only way to rid yourself of junk during and after a building project, but in many cases, it is a superior choice. Renting a dumpster puts you in control of the way you handle waste, allowing you to wrap up your work faster and spend less in the process. When you choose a company such as Junk King for your dumpster rental, you can also benefit from various supplementary service options, eco-friendly waste disposal, and insurance to protect your business interests. For more information on our company, our policies, or our work, contact us at your earliest convenience and speak to someone on our staff who can tell you more about the benefits of construction dumpster rental for your next project.

Junk King Indianapolis is committed to increasing sustainability wherever we can. The top-rated customer service offered by Junk King is something we pride ourselves on. Please consider using Junk King for your dumpster rental and junk removal. Call today (317) 427-5155 or visit Junk King online to get a quick and easy quote for dumpster rentals or for more information on what size dumpster would best suit your needs.


How Junk King’s Mini Dumpster Will Help Lead to a More Sustainable Future

Indianapolis, often affectionately referred to as Indy, is known for fast cars and professional sports teams, the city is the largest and capital city of Indiana. Founded in 1821, Indianapolis is in the heart of the Midwest and is the 16th largest city by land in the United States.

Junk King Indianapolis Works Towards a Cleaner and Greener Tomorrow With the Use of New Mini Dumpsters

Mini DumpsterThe city is home to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway which draws hundreds of thousands of people every year for racing events as well as its famed Indianapolis 500. Racing isn’t the only sport that draws attention to this lively city, the city is also home to the Super Bowl Champions, the Indiana Colts.  The city is home to so many attractions, including the Indianapolis Children’s Museum which is the largest children’s museum in the country.

 Economic History

According to city-data.com, “Indianapolis is a primary industrial, commercial, and transportation center for the Midwest.” Indianapolis is a major hub of transportation thanks in part to its location and ability to quickly reach almost any state in the country. Major sporting events also bring in millions of dollars each year, while tourism, healthcare and conventions are other major economic contributors.

Employment and Education

According to point2homes.com, just over twenty five percent of the Indianapolis population holds a Bachelor’s Degree and lists the average household income as $65,874. Occupational employment is almost split down the middle with nearly sixty percent of the population working white collar jobs and right at forty percent working in blue collar positions.

Green Living in Indianapolis

The city of Indianapolis is working to find its way to a greener tomorrow through improving its recycling programs and sustainability efforts. The city offers curbside recycling for a small fee and also offers drop-off locations that will take certain items.

According to survey done by indy.gov “Regardless of whether the respondent currently recycles, the majority of residents agreed that recycling is important (91%) and reported being willing to separate recycling material from the trash (87%)…Respondents who identified as non-recyclers cited cost (49%), lack of recycling knowledge (39%), and inconvenience (33%) most frequently when asked why they do not recycle.”

The city of Indianapolis is working to improving its rate of sustainability and recycling. The city has developed ways to encourage sustainability by offering its SustainIndy Community Grant to help those with ideas for improvement with a $10,000 starter grant.

Did you know?

·      The city of Indianapolis offers twenty-six drop-off locations for residents to bring trash and recyclables.

How Junk King Fits in to Indianapolis’ Sustainability Plan

Junk King Indianapolis is a perfect fit for sustainability be it through commercial or residential cleanouts. Junk King can help the city of Indianapolis and its residents take that leap into a greener and cleaner way of life.  With your rental of a Junk King roll away dumpster, all of your unwanted items are taken to a recycling warehouse where employees take the time to sort each and every dumpster rental collection for metals, e-waste, paper, household goods, textiles, furniture and appliances before simply tossing more trash into the landfills. “Going green” is more than just recycling. Some of the other ways Junk King contributes to a more sustainable future is its ability to donate, repurpose, and reuse everything from clothing, toys, baby cribs and strollers to office furniture and supplies. Many of the Junk King trucks run on biodiesel, a domestically produced fuel made from more environmentally safe non-petroleum, renewable resources. Junk King is committed to continuing to lead the way to help keep the planet clean, green and beautiful for the generations to come. The city of Indianapolis seems to be searching for ways to be greener and increase its sustainability and Junk King is the perfect partner for its residents and businesses.

How to Rent a Junk King MINI Dumpster

If you are looking for the most convenient way to remove trash, junk and debris from your home or office, the Junk King MINI Dumpster is the perfect solution. If you are remodeling, moving or just doing a big clean-out, Junk King Indianapolis provides quick and easy access to free quotes by phone or an online estimator and fast, affordable service. Simply choose a date and time to schedule your dumpster rental and contact Junk King for a quick estimate and your junk will be rolled away. With the Junk King MINI Dumpster, you are given three days to fill it on your own timetable before it is hauled away. The MINI Dumpster an easy, fast, purposeful way to remove your junk and debris.

Sustainability, green-living and recycling are all top priority for Junk King. As a company, Junk King Indianapolis is committed to a greener way of life and the MINI Dumpsters are just the start!

FAQ on Dumpster Rentals in Indianapolis:

1)    How do I know what size dumpster I need?

a.     With the Junk King MINI, a 12-cubic yard, driveway friendly debris box is delivered right to your place of business or your home. Most household remodels and clean outs can be complete with a Junk King MINI.

2)    What will Junk King Indianapolis take?

a.     Furniture, appliances, textiles, construction debris, yard debris and more. If it isn’t hazardous, Junk King will haul it away.

3)    How much does it cost?

a.     With fair, flexible pricing for its customers, Junk King is set apart in dumpster rentals as you only pay for the space you use.

4)     When will you pick up the Junk King MINI Dumpster?

a.     Junk King offers MINI Dumpsters for drop-off for three days offering you the flexibility to fill it on your own time table.

 Recent Reviews of Junk King Indianapolis

If you are green-minded or just concerned about getting your junk removed, Junk King Indianapolis is here to help! Junk King Indianapolis takes great pride in the reviews we receive and serve as a daily reminder that our community is worth the efforts of recycling and green-living. We strive to help improve the lives our customers and our reviews help us improve daily.

July 24, 2017 by L.S.

Indianapolis, Indiana

“Fast response to pick-up time. Staff friendly.”

July 22, 2017 by J.F.

Indianapolis, Indiana

“The three gentlemen were very polite. They did the job they said they would, and they were also accommodating when we asked if they could take some additional items. It is money well spent!”

July 16, 2017 by S.G.

Indianapolis, Indiana

“Quick response, on time, work completed as promised. Will use them again when need arises.”

Is recycling, reuse and waste reduction important to you? Junk King Indianapolis is committed to increasing sustainability wherever we can. The top-rated customer service offered by Junk King is something we pride ourselves on. Please consider using Junk King for your dumpster rental and junk removal. Call today (317) 427-5155 or visit Junk King online to get a quick and easy quote for dumpster rentals or for more information on what size dumpster would best suit your needs.


Terrific Ideas For Bringing More Family Business Into Your Hotel

When a business is promoted as being “family-friendly,” the implication is that families are always welcome. However, just calling your hotel family-friendly isn’t enough. Family travelers are smart enough to know which hotels really care about having families stay with them. Here are some terrific ideas for bringing more family business into your hotel:


Make Babysitters Available

Just because a family is on vacation doesn’t mean the family has to do everything together. Parents would certainly appreciate a “night off.” That is why offering babysitter service is a nice amenity that would appeal to many families. You can either promote your staff to the service or contract with an outside babysitting service. Either way it’s one of those amenities that score you plenty of points even if you never have to use it.

Provide Kid Friendly Activities

Hotels that cater to families should also create some kid friendly activities. These could be structured as “drop-off” events or fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. Some ideas could be kid cooking classes, art corner, or a pajama party and movie screening. Small investments can yield big returns.

Offer Special Rates For Group Bookings

A family traveling on vacation might want to reach out to grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts to be part of the fun. It will be great if they could all stay together. You can make that happen with special rates for group bookings. This is the type of feature you need to advertise prominently on your long list of other family amenities.

As more families make reservations at your hotel you want to make sure that you keep up your standards with regards to service. That especially applies to the level of cleanliness to your hotel. Mothers will be inspecting everything closely. Not only will they be looking at the cleanliness of the rooms but also the entire property. While your housekeeping staff takes care of the rooms, you can call on Junk King Indianapolis to clear away the clutter from the rest of the grounds. The capitalize King team can quickly haul away old furniture and broken kitchen appliances. You don’t ever want them piled up outside the hotel. Junk King Indianapolis is the perfect partner to help keep your hotel clear of rubbish.

Guide For Becoming A Successful Landlord

Making investment into a rental property makes smart financial sense on many levels. However, it isn’t as easy as putting up a “for rent” sign and collecting money on the first of the month. You need to dedicate yourself to treating your rental property as a business. Even if you turn some of the aspects of that work over to a property management company, you still need to be in charge. Here’s a helpful guide for becoming a successful landlord:


Live Close To the Rental Property

Although this isn’t always practical, especially with vacation rentals, it is helpful to live as close to your rental property as possible. This will allow you to check on the property periodically. If you want to go inside an apartment, then you need to give your tenants notice. Living close by also makes it easier to take care of minor repairs, which can save you money in the long run.

Become Familiar with Landlord-Tenant Law

Landlord-tenant law varies from state to state. They cover everything from security deposits to how much notice you can give a tenant when you want them to vacate. There are also federal laws that apply to habitability and antidiscrimination. This is nothing you can gloss over. As long as you are in compliance, you won’t have any problem with the state or city.

Enforce Rent Payment

This might seem obvious but you need to enforce your rent payment schedule. Often, landlords will get very friendly with their tenants, which sets up a kind of unwritten “grace period.” Even partial payments should not be accepted. If you have late fees in the lease, then you need to enforce them. Obviously, circumstances can change such as with the loss of a job that is more a problem with the for the tenant than for you. This goes back to that idea of keeping your rental property as a business.

Maintain the Property

Just because you are not living at your rental property doesn’t mean it should be maintained the same standards that you keep around your own home. When you care enough to take care of the property your tenants should feel the same way. That means making sure any debris or clutter is removed promptly when a tenant moves out. Junk King Indianapolis can be a big help with this type of endeavor. They’ll send over a pair of strong movers and a truck big enough to hold whatever it is you want to toss out. Hiring Junk King Indianapolis to clear out rubbish from your rental property is a smart landlord move.

How To Get Your Bathroom Organized And Keep It That Way

Like every other room in your house, the bathroom needs a little organization help. You shouldn’t have junk drawers overflowing with clutter. And everything should have its place. Keeping your bathroom organized will make the time you spend in there are a lot more productive and relaxing. Here are some terrific tips on how to keep your bathroom organized:


For Linens and Towels

If you keep linens stored in your bathroom, then you should put the matching sheets inside the matching pillowcases. This makes for one neat bundle. As for your towels, you might consider hanging small wicker baskets on the wall and then rolling up your towels to put inside. Very organized and very decorative.

For Inside the Medicine Cabinet

Magnets can be a big help inside your medicine cabinet. You can glue small round magnets to this inside of the medicine cabinet for your tweezers. You can also use a magnetize strip on the inside door for other metallic items such as scissors and nail clippers.

Part of your bathroom organization also has to include getting rid of expired medications. These are not something you want to keep around. If you have kids in the house, then you also want to find a way to keep your medicine cabinet secure. It’s too much of a temptation for them to sneak in and “explore.”

For Curling Irons

2-inch pieces of PVC pipe glued to the inside door of your bathroom cabinet makes a great holster for a curling iron. You can also use a 1 1/2 inch piece of PC pipe glued right next to that one for the storage of the electric cord. Very simple.

For Above the Door

You probably have space above the door in your bathroom. This is a great area to hang a shelf. This becomes the perfect place to store your cleaning supplies or bulk items.

For Your Hair Regimen

A wicker or plastic basket with a handle is a terrific place for all your hair regimen supplies. This can easily be pulled in and out of from under your sink. Having everything in one spot is very productive.

Staying organized in the bathroom and throughout the rest of your house also means getting rid of excess clutter. It’s not just old magazines and junk mail that has to be tossed out but the bigger items that are taking up valuable storage space. If you have a closet that’s full of old computers or garage that has stacks of appliances, then you want to bring in Junk King Indianapolis. These are the junk removal pros that make quick work out of removing any unwanted item from your home. All you have to do is point to what you want taken away in the Junk King Indianapolis crew will handle the rest. Getting organized is easy when you work with Junk King Indianapolis to clear out the clutter.

Six Awesome Tips For Your Next Move

Are you going to be on the move this summer? You certainly won’t be alone. Summer is the most popular time to move into a new space. It’s not just college kids going into dorms but folks buying new houses and moving into apartments. Whether this is your first or 10th move, you’ll benefit from these awesome moving tips.


Consider Weight and Size

The general rule of thumb for packing is that heavy items should be in small boxes and lighter items in bigger boxes. You may feel the need to cram everything into a box just to save having to buy a new box. However, that could prove to be a mistake if that heavy stuff falls out. The best test is whether or not that box is easy for you to lift.

Beware Of Breakables

Plates should be packed vertically in a box as opposed to stacked on each other. Think of them as record albums. You should also unscrew any light bulbs from lamps that are being moved. Most of your breakable items can also be wrapped up in your towels, sweaters or other clothing items. It’s all going to the same place!

Protect Your Memories

If there are some items that you considered to be irreplaceable, then those are the things you should probably carry with you in your own car. You can wrap framed photos or art in bed sheets and blankets for extra protection.

Fill Your Suitcases

Fill all of your suitcases with as much clothing from your dresser and closets as possible. A suitcase with wheels is a good container for books. Don’t waste an empty space.

Don’t Procrastinate With the Kitchen

You might think that packing up the kitchen should be the last room to tackle. That might be true but just don’t get caught packing up your kitchen on the day of the move. This is especially true with clearing out the refrigerator. You want to empty out that fridge the night before and unplug it so that it has a chance to cool down.

Get Rid Of Your Junk

The worst thing you could do moving into a new space is bring all your old junk with you. You’ll discover plenty of things you could get rid of as you pack up the stuff you want to keep. This is where Junk King Indianapolis can be a big help. These are the professional junk haulers who will provide you with another moving crew and truck. The difference is your junk will be making a one-way trip to a recycling center or charity with a little help from Junk King. One hauling session with Junk King Indianapolis will make sure you’re not bringing any rubbish with you on your next move.


How To Prepare For Severe Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms are part of summer around Indianapolis. Although weather services can predict the arrival of the storms sometimes their intensity can fool even the best meteorologists. A severe thunderstorm can quickly turn into a cyclone or tornado. This is why you and your family need to prepare for all types of thunderstorm scenarios. Here’s what you should keep in mind:


Make A Disaster Plan With Your Family

It is important that your family knows what they should do during a thunderstorm. That begins with seeking a safe place in your house to gather. Ideally, a basement without any windows would be the safest spot in your home. Without a basement, you can gather in a central spot in your house that is also away from windows. The idea is that once you’re in that spot you need to stay put until the storm blows over. That means anything you need such as blankets, water, snacks, games, books or flashlights should be brought to that safe spot.

Also, keep a watch over pets. It might help to put them in their carriers for the duration of the storm so that you aren’t chasing them throughout the house or yard.

Keep Trees Trimmed

Long before any storm rolls in you should have your trees trimmed. You should cut away any dead or rotting branches as soon as you notice them. If there are any dead trees in your yard, then they should be removed immediately. Although trees can provide shade for the home, they shouldn’t loom over the home. The same can be said for any power lines. You need to keep the trees contained.

Stowaway Outdoor Items

As a severe storm approaches, you need to put away things that aren’t properly secured in your backyard. This includes patio furniture, barbecue grills, flowerpots, birdbaths and anything else that might be tossed up in the storm. If you can move everything into a garage, then that would be ideal. Obviously, it would help if there were space in the garage.

Unplug Electrical Equipment

Lightning from thunderstorms can cause power surges. These could wreak havoc for your computer, television and Blu-ray player. You should unplug all your electronics as the storm approaches. Short of that, a surge protector can offer a layer of insulation against power surges.

Clean Up Storm Debris

After the storm has rolled through you could be left with a lot of storm debris in your yard. City workers will no doubt be swamped with work. That means the responsibility for your storm debris cleanup falls in your own shoulders. But this isn’t work that you have to do by yourself. Junk King Indianapolis will be standing by to provide a rapid response for any storm debris cleanup. These are also the professional junk haulers to call on to get rid of that garage clutter so you have storage room. Junk King Indianapolis can help you get ready before thunderstorms and clean up after a thunderstorm.

Read What Customers Are Saying About Junk King Indianapolis

The best recommendation for any company will probably come from your friends or neighbor. Beyond that, there are plenty of opportunities online to read reviews from past customers. This is always a good way to get a snapshot of how a particular business is operating. One glance at the customer reviews for Junk King Indianapolis will show that when it comes to getting rid of junk in a friendly and efficient manner, this company gets it done every time. Here’s what if you those customers had to say:

“I had my items removed the same day that I called, actually within just an hour. Very friendly staff and very efficient.” – S.H.


Junk King Indianapolis is happy to provide same day pickup whenever possible. Because they schedule plenty of time in between pickups is always room for one more assignment. Short of that, most of the junk removal sessions are completed by the next day. Bottom line: you will be waiting all get rid of your junk.

“They did a great job taking down and removing our old wooden playset. The price was reasonable and they left the yard spotless!” – J.H.

Junk King Indianapolis isn’t just about lifting and loading. When the job requires they can also dismantle just about anything.

“The people on the phone were friendly and easy to work with. The guys who came with the truck were very polite and professional. Plus, their prices beat out their competitors! Great company to work with.” – P.D.

Junk King Indianapolis has a pricing policy that is based on volume. It all comes down to how much room your junk will take up on the back of the truck. They never charge by the pound, which wouldn’t be fair at all.

“I have to say I was pleasantly surprised about how great your service was. Very timely, in fact they called me to say they had an earlier opening if I wanted to take it. The two men were very polite and friendly. They had everything loaded and gone in less than 30 minutes. I must admit there were three very heavy things to be picked up. I will recommend them to anyone I know. Thank you very much, Junk King, you did a great job!” – D.W.

Weight and size is never an issue for Junk King Indianapolis. You’ll be ready to add your rave review after one junk removal session with Junk King Indianapolis.

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Your Junk? Junk King Indianapolis Can Make It Happen

What do you think is the oldest item you have in your home? Is it an antique chair was passed down from the family? Maybe it’s an old trunk up in the attic. It could be a quilt made from your grandmother. There are a lot of things in your home that have value to say goodbye to. The other hand, there’s probably plenty of items you would happily say goodbye to if only you had to help. Now that can happen with one call to Junk King Indianapolis. These are the junk removal professionals that will make short work of all your junk removal needs.


Just because something has been a challenge to get rid of doesn’t mean it’s a challenge for Junk King Indianapolis. You might think that bring an old sofa up from the basement is too much to ask but that is exactly the kind of work that Junk King Indianapolis excels at. Every junk removal session set up by Junk King Indianapolis will be staffed by two strong movers. You don’t have to hesitate asking this crew to lift and load any heavy object. They have experience taking away things like treadmills and pianos. They can certainly manage a carrying a sofa up a flight of stairs!

You can also call the team to take apart something in order for it to be removed from your home. That includes things like bedroom sets, entertainment centers and bookshelves. You might have built them in the room but Junk King Indianapolis can take them apart to get them out of the room. It’s a win-win all around!

There could be hesitation on your part with saying goodbye to certain items because you don’t consider them trash. It’s a safe bet junk King Indianapolis feels the same way. That’s why they’ll make sure that those things can be donated to charity instead of dumping in a landfill. That should make you feel great about getting rid of old furniture, appliances and other household goods. Just because you’re done with them doesn’t mean they have to go to waste. When you’re ready to say goodbye to your junk, Junk King Indianapolis will be ready to lend a hand.