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Great Junk Movers For Indianapolis

In terms of moving, the weight of all the stuff found in an average house would tip the scales at between 4,000 to 6,000 pounds. That is roughly 3 tons of furniture, appliances and other household goods. Do you think all your stuff would weigh more or less? Move professional movers can simply glance at an item and know how much it will weigh. Sometimes that becomes a factor when moving. It has more to do with fuel costs than anything else. You know where weight of your stuff wouldn’t be a factor? Getting rid of it with Junk King Indianapolis. They never charge by the pound and that means you can hire those professional junk movers to help you get rid of all kinds of unwanted items from your home.


What would be the heaviest item you’d like Junk King to take away? These crews have experience handling all kinds of heavy objects from pianos to pool tables. Every session will be staffed by two capable junk movers. This is the team who will climb any amount of stairs to get to your stuff. In a home that might only be a flight up to the second floor but for apartment renters, it could be a lot more. Junk King has no problem “taking the stairs.”

The Junk King junk movers also have the experience to know how much something weighs by just looking at it but they’re more concerned with how it will fit on the their truck. This is how they’re going to make the final determination as to what price you’ll pay. It call comes down to how tightly they’ll pack up the truck and these junk movers know how to pack things tightly!

What about some heavy objects around the yard? The Junk King squad can clear those out as well. Just think of a difference it can make to get rid of the kid’s old swing set or a busted lawnmower. Putting the Junk King Indianapolis junk movers to work around your home is really going to make a difference. Set that up today.