Time To Hire Junk King For A Storage Unit Cleanout

Could you make a list of all the things that you have in your storage unit rental? Ideally, you would have made an inventory before you put anything into the storage. That way you know exactly what you are keeping and where to find the things that you need to occasionally removed from the unit.

Is there something of high value in that storage unit? If so, then you should consider pulling that item out and either bringing it in the house or putting it up for sale. The reason is that you don’t want to be in a situation where you are spending more on renting the unit then the value of what is in the unit. If you have reached that point, then it might be time to bring in Junk King Jacksonville to clean out that storage unit from top to bottom.

Sort First

Before Junk King rolls up with their big truck for your removal session, you have to dedicate some sorting time. That will be time well spent especially if it has been a while since you went through the storage unit. You might actually discover some things that you forgot that you put into storage.  These can be some of the things that you bring back home and make room for. It would be especially nice if there are some family keepsakes finally put up on display. There might be some big objects in the storage unit that you can immediately tag for removal by the Junk King team.

Although it might take you a few hours to do all of the sorting it probably will only take Junk King a few minutes to load everything up. When you schedule a Junk King. They will be asking you to pick a day and set aside to our window for the session. That two hours is usually devoted more to travel time between appointments than the actual load at work. The experience that the Junk King team shows up with can ensure that your job won’t take long at all. They will even text you about their progress which means you won’t have to wait at the storage unit for long. You can arrive at the same time as the Junk King crew. That makes the most efficient use of your time.

Let Junk King Jacksonville help you with your storage unit clean out today.