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For Trash Overflow: Dumpster or Hauling Pros?

Your trash overflow situation is directly related to a project around the house. If you’re getting a new roof, then there is going to be all kinds of debris piled up as the roofers strip off the old shingles. If you’re remodeling a kitchen, there will be a lot of construction demolition to clean up. If you’re decluttering a garage, then you’re sure to have all kinds of rubbish to get rid of. None of these clean up jobs can be taken care of with your weekly garbage pickup. It’s time to bring in outside help. The question becomes should it be a dumpster rental or professional hauling service like Junk King Jacksonville.


A dumpster rental requires you to clear space for that dumpster. That would mean blocking your driveway or taking up room by the curb. Once you go onto the street, you might need additional permits for the dumpster unit. Most of these units will be at your property for several days. That is just how they are rented. On the other hand, a junk removal session with Junk King is just that: a session. The team from Junk King will remove all the things you want to get rid of in a matter of minutes.

Filling up a dumpster means that you or the crew you hire are going to do all the work. That can mean several trips back and forth between your trash and the dumpster. It is very hard work. With Junk King on the job, you won’t lift a finger. Everything you want taken away will be removed by the Junk King crew right on the spot. That includes anything down in the basement or up on a second or third floor. Junk King will do all the lifting, loading and stair climbing.

Disposal of your junk should also be a concern. With a dumpster, the disposal options are limited. All that stuff usually just gets dumped at a landfill without a second thought. When Junk King collects rubbish they are more focused on recycling or donating that stuff. They would much rather drop off at a charity than a landfill. For fast and efficient trash hauling, Junk King Jacksonville is your best option. Put them to the task today.

Guide To Buying New Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is the hardest working appliance that you have in your home. It is often also the most durable. Your refrigerator will far outlast many other appliances but it won’t last forever. If it has been a while since you bought a new refrigerator, then you may be pleasantly surprised at all the advances that have been made with regard to design and energy efficiency. The following is a helpful guide for buying your next refrigerator.



Refrigerators come in three basic styles: top freezer, bottom freezer and French door. The top freezer is the most common and traditional refrigerator. It provides the most space for its size especially with that freezer. Because of its size, you need to allow for a wide swing of the doors. Plus, a lot of what you might be looking for may end up at the bottom of the refrigerator, which means a lot of crouching.

The bottom freezer ranges from 30 to 36 inches wide with 30 cubic feet of usable space. The big plus for this is that your refrigerator shelves are always at eye level. The only time you have to bend down is to get your frozen stuff. A French door refrigerator can either be totally split with a freezer on one side and the refrigerator on the other side or have French doors on top of a bottom drawer freezer.


Much like buying a home to grow into, your new refrigerator should also be big enough to accommodate your family. Even if you don’t plan on having any kids, as those kids grow older they’re going to be eating a lot more. You also have to consider the exterior size of your refrigerator. Your old refrigerator might fit perfectly between the cabinets but a new model might be too big for that space. Be sure to measure all the dimensions of where the refrigerator is going to go so that you won’t have any surprises on delivery day.


Many refrigerators today come with built-in ice and water dispensers. These prove to be extremely valuable especially for busy family. It saves on making your own ice and constantly opening and closing the freezer. There are some refrigerators that have built-in TV screens. Others are tied to Smartphone apps that help you take stock of inventory.

Refrigerator Disposal

Once you settle on a new model of refrigerator, you need to arrange for your old refrigerator disposal. This is where a company like Junk King Jacksonville is going to be a huge help. Junk King Jacksonville will send over a two-man moving crew and a big truck that will easily get rid of that old refrigerator. You can also schedule the removal on the same day as the arrival of the new refrigerator. After Junk King Jacksonville has loaded up your old refrigerator, they can also pile on any other items you want to get rid of like furniture, e-waste or household goods. Take your time buying your new fridge and make sure Junk King Jacksonville handles the old refrigerator disposal.

Call On Junk King Jacksonville For Dependable Junk Hauling

A good way to minimize the amount of clutter you have in your closet is that for every new thing that comes in, two old things should be tossed out. That probably won’t be much of a challenge especially if you have a lot of outfits that you haven’t worn in years. You could take that same approach around the rest of the house but when you start dealing with getting rid of things like furniture, appliances or electronics it becomes a bit more of a challenge. Those are the type of items that can’t easily be tossed out into the trash. Does this mean you’re stuck with those things? Not as long as Junk King Jacksonville the standing by to help.


Junk King Jacksonville is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers would dedicated to keeping homes and businesses free of unwanted rubbish. Unlike other so-called professional junk haulers, the crews working for Junk King Jacksonville have all been licensed, bonded and insured. That should make you feel good about inviting them into your home. Every junk removal session set up by Junk King Jacksonville will be staffed by two very capable movers. This is the team that is going to do all the lifting and loading for you. You don’t have to feel guilty about asking the Junk King Jacksonville crew to remove something as heavy as a piano or pool table. You also don’t have to worry about asking them to make several trips up and down stairs to get to your stuff. This is what you’re hiring and for!

The added bonus with hiring Junk King Jacksonville happens after they’ve removed all of your stuff. This is the company is dedicated to an eco-friendly way of disposal. That means skipping the landfill and instead dropping things off at charities or recycling centers. You don’t even have to ask for this service to be provided. It’s going to happen automatically.

As for cost, you’ll find the Junk King Jacksonville off as a very fair pricing policy. They charge an amount based on volume and not about weight. It all comes down to how your stuff will fit onto the back of the truck. The Junk King Jacksonville crew will make that determination once they’ve had a chance to size everything up. Once that price is agreed on its locked and loaded. Getting rid of all your unwanted junk just got a whole lot easier thanks to Junk King Jacksonville.