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Junk King Jacksonville Provides Dependable Cleanup Help

We have been told our entire lives not to “cry over spilled milk.” The idea behind that phrase is that accidents going to happen and there’s nothing you can do about it except cleanup. However, there might have been a few tears shed recently in Baldwin when tractor-trailer truck carrying milk collided with another truck spilling the milk all over the highway. All that milk and not a cookie insight! This led to a major cleanup operation that lasted for over six hours snarling traffic. Clearly, this is a mess no one was planning for that day. That can probably be said for many types of messes. On the other hand, there are those messes that you know are going to happen like when you are taking on a remodeling or giving your lawn a makeover. When those big messes are created you might want to bring in some outside help to clean up. That sounds like a perfect job for Junk King Jacksonville.

How can Junk King help with your next cleanup? Consider the fact that they will be dispatching a pair of movers to your home or business. This will be the team that is dedicated to the task that  can clear up all kinds of construction waste and yard debris. This team will be showing up in a big truck that can hold plenty. Just how much? The standard Junk King truck is the equivalent of six full pickup trucks. Do you think you could fill up Junk King truck?

You don’t have to wait for a cleanup mess to hire Junk King. It might be time to clear out some old furniture and other rubbish items from your home. This is something that Junk King excels at. That crew who will be assigned to your haul will be showing up with a very positive attitude there also going to treat your property with respect. That man is a lot especially if it carried heavy objects down lights stairs. Junk King is a great record when it comes to customer satisfaction and they would be happy if you were to become the latest addition to that long list of happy customers.

No matter what type of cleanup help or junk hauling that you need around the house, Junk King Jacksonville is standing by to help get it done.

Start The Holidays Off With Zero Junk The House

In some households, the hunt for Christmas presents will begin in earnest in the coming weeks. Even though the gifts might be wrapped, there’s still a thrill to discover them in a closet or up in the attic and try to guess what they are. This means that parents have to be very clever with regard to their hiding places. In other words, they have to rotate every year with the Christmas presents will be hidden. To find a new hiding place it might help to remove some clutter from the garage, closets and attic. You might even end up hiding the presents right inside the kids closets because you know they never go in there! When you’ve amassed a pile of clutter that is to be removed from your home the best people to help with that task of the crews from Junk King Jacksonville.


Setting up a junk removal session with Junk King is a great way to kick off your holiday preparations. Before decorations go up you want to make sure that all the rubbish is gone from the home. That rubbish can include old furniture that no one is going to want to sit on. It can also mean getting rid of electronics like DVD players or TVs that have been shoved into the corner. There’s nothing wrong with upgrading those items but you don’t want to hold on to the old ones. They can all be turned over to Junk King for a responsible disposal that includes dropping them off at certified recycling facilities. That’s really the best approach to handling this type of rubbish removal.

The cost for Junk King’s amazing services will be based upon how the crews pack up the truck with all your stuff. They want to get as much into as little space as possible in order to make several pickups throughout the day. You’ll be able to benefit from their packing skills by locking in the low and of the price scale. Whether you throwing out a lot or a little you’ll find that Junk King’s prices are among the most affordable in the area. That’s why many of their customs are return customers.

Let Junk King Jacksonville help make your living space a junk free home for the holidays. Book a session today.

Get Your Garage Cleaned Out Today

Garages are meant to park your car inside to keep them safe from the elements. A two-car garage can help keep all the family rides safe. The problem arises when you turn your garage into a storage unit. Yes, your cars might be fine on the driveway but do you really want to have a garage full of clutter you’re never going to use again? It doesn’t have to be that way and one appointment with Junk King Jacksonville can clear out that clutter for good.


The most challenging aspect of getting your garage clean is the sorting. You have to go through every box and shelf to decide just want can stay and what can go. The goal is not to get distracted. If you find an appliance that is broken, then don’t take the time to try and fix it. Stick with the task at hand. After devoting time to the sorting, you will have a pile of stuff ready for removal. That pile can stay right in your garage or driveway. When the Junk King team arrives, they’ll be able to load everything right from the spot. If you have something that is exceptionally heavy, then the Junk King crew will handle that was well even if it means taking that thing apart. Bottom line: You won’t be lifting a finger to get your garage clean. Junk King is going to do all the work for you.

Knowing you’ll have a pair of movers on the job might inspire you to get rid of even more items beyond the garage. Take advantage of these movers and have them cart off anything from inside your closets or down in the basement. The Junk King team has no problem climbing stairs if that is where the junk is.

When you call for your appointment, you might be able to get a rough estimate of the cost. The final cost can’t be locked down until the crew has had a chance to look over all the things you want to get rid of. Only then can they determine how much space it will take up on the truck. That will be how the price is estimated. Are you ready to get your garage cleaned out? Then you’re ready to call in Junk King Jacksonville.

Dependable Hoarder Cleanup

A recent fire here in Jacksonville pointed out the dangers of hoarding. Firefighters respond to a blaze on early Tuesday morning and immediately rescued two occupants from the house. However, when they attempted to go back inside to put out the fire they found themselves hampered by massive walls of junk and rubbish that were burning. There was also no way to tell exactly what type of materials were on fire. The only thing they can do the protect themselves was to pull out and let the structure burn while keeping neighboring properties safe. This is the worst-case scenario for first responders. It also points out the need to get any type of hoarding situation under control.


Hoarding is designated as a psychological disease. People who are diagnosed disorder simply cannot throw anything out even if it means creating a hazardous living situation. Anyone who has a lot of junk in their yard and throughout the house that wants to get rid of it but doesn’t have the means isn’t really a clinical hoarder. They just need help. That help can easily be found by contacting Junk King Jacksonville.

Junk King Jacksonville is part of a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers who has a lot of experience with hoarder cleanup. In those extreme cases, Junk King will work with local therapists to help the person at the center of this situation get the help they need to let go of all the rubbish. Once those behavioral issues have been resolved, the Junk King crews can spring into action.

The average junk removal session set up by Junk King Jacksonville is staffed by two very capable movers. But with a hoarder cleanup or help might be needed. Once junk King has made a total assessment of the situation there have no problem dispatching additional crews and trucks to get the job done. The goal is to get out with everything in a single session.

A hoarder cleanup also takes up more time than the average furniture removal. The best thing about Junk King Jacksonville is that you would never be charge for that extra time or the extra labor. You’ll fee will be based strictly on how much space your junk will fill up on the back of the truck. One flat fee covers everything. The best approach to a hoarder cleanup is to turn the job over the Junk King Jacksonville today.

Take Care Of Appliance Removal The Right Way With A Call To Junk King Jacksonville

Typically, when you move into a new home all the appliances are new as well. But that doesn’t mean there on the same schedule when it comes to wearing out or breaking down. The hardest working appliance in your house is probably your refrigerator. After all, it’s the one appliance that is constantly running. That might mean the refrigerator is the first to go. However, they are designed with longevity in mind. Your wash machine might be on the fritz first just because of how often you use it. All of this means is that sooner or later you’re going to have to replace your appliances. When it is time to take care of old appliance removal one call to Junk King Jacksonville gets the job done.


You can often tell when your neighbors have gotten new appliances. That’s because the old ones are often shoved out onto the porch or the side of the house. Sometimes you even go to the effort of putting those appliances out on the street and hope someone will come along and pick them up for scrap metal. But that usually doesn’t work just become someone else’s problem. Junk King Jacksonville has a lot of experience with appliance removal. Not only will they dispatch a team that is capable of lifting and loading any heavy object but they also know where that old appliance should end up.

Many appliances can be recycled which is a good thing for the environment. If you’re just upgrading in the appliances still functioning, then Junk King Jacksonville can turn it over to a charity for little refurbishing. It’s all part of the complete junk removal service.

It’s also easy to schedule Junk King. You can set up your appliance removal appointment for the morning on the same days your afternoon delivery of the new appliance. You have plenty of time in between to clean the kitchen floor!

Although your focus might be on appliance removal is no reason why Junk King Jacksonville can take care of the rest of your unwanted clutter the same trip. You can load up that truck with as much furniture, clothing or other debris that you want to get rid of. Appliance removal and junk hauling is easy when you turn that task over the Junk King Jacksonville.

Guide To Buying New Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is the hardest working appliance that you have in your home. It is often also the most durable. Your refrigerator will far outlast many other appliances but it won’t last forever. If it has been a while since you bought a new refrigerator, then you may be pleasantly surprised at all the advances that have been made with regard to design and energy efficiency. The following is a helpful guide for buying your next refrigerator.



Refrigerators come in three basic styles: top freezer, bottom freezer and French door. The top freezer is the most common and traditional refrigerator. It provides the most space for its size especially with that freezer. Because of its size, you need to allow for a wide swing of the doors. Plus, a lot of what you might be looking for may end up at the bottom of the refrigerator, which means a lot of crouching.

The bottom freezer ranges from 30 to 36 inches wide with 30 cubic feet of usable space. The big plus for this is that your refrigerator shelves are always at eye level. The only time you have to bend down is to get your frozen stuff. A French door refrigerator can either be totally split with a freezer on one side and the refrigerator on the other side or have French doors on top of a bottom drawer freezer.


Much like buying a home to grow into, your new refrigerator should also be big enough to accommodate your family. Even if you don’t plan on having any kids, as those kids grow older they’re going to be eating a lot more. You also have to consider the exterior size of your refrigerator. Your old refrigerator might fit perfectly between the cabinets but a new model might be too big for that space. Be sure to measure all the dimensions of where the refrigerator is going to go so that you won’t have any surprises on delivery day.


Many refrigerators today come with built-in ice and water dispensers. These prove to be extremely valuable especially for busy family. It saves on making your own ice and constantly opening and closing the freezer. There are some refrigerators that have built-in TV screens. Others are tied to Smartphone apps that help you take stock of inventory.

Refrigerator Disposal

Once you settle on a new model of refrigerator, you need to arrange for your old refrigerator disposal. This is where a company like Junk King Jacksonville is going to be a huge help. Junk King Jacksonville will send over a two-man moving crew and a big truck that will easily get rid of that old refrigerator. You can also schedule the removal on the same day as the arrival of the new refrigerator. After Junk King Jacksonville has loaded up your old refrigerator, they can also pile on any other items you want to get rid of like furniture, e-waste or household goods. Take your time buying your new fridge and make sure Junk King Jacksonville handles the old refrigerator disposal.

For Fast And Affordable Junk Removal Count On Junk King Jacksonville

How many things would you like to get rid of in your home? If you were to go through your entire house would probably find one or two items in almost every room. Of course, out in the garage or up in the attic they could be all kinds of things you’d be happy to get rid of to make more space. Most of the stuff that you’re hanging onto our things you probably can throw out in the trashcan otherwise they’d already be gone. That’s especially true with furniture and electronics. Does this mean you have to be stuck with them forever? Not as long as Junk King Jacksonville is just a phone call away.


Junk King Jacksonville is the newest member of the Junk King family. This is a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers who have been helping homeowners and businesses clear out clutter for the last 10 years. In that time, they’ve perfected a business model with a proven track record of success. That starts with making scheduling for junk removal session easy. Junk King Jacksonville’s going to ask you to set aside a two hour window on a day that works best for your schedule. Does this mean that it’s going to take two hours to clear out all your unwanted items? Probably not. If you think of how long it would take to load up a truck with whatever you throwing out, then that is how long the Junk King crew will be at your house.

Of course, there are some situations that require an “all hands on deck” approach. This usually happens when someone needs to clean up a foreclosed property or is dealing with a hoarder level type of clean out. In those situations, Junk King Jacksonville will happily send over additional crews and trucks. One recent Junk King job required 6 team members and three trucks in order to clear out an entire house in a single day.

Included in the flat fee you’ll be paying Junk King Indianapolis for the services will be all their drop-offs. The goal for Junk King is to keep as much stuff out of local landfills as possible. They would much rather go the extra mile to drop off something at a charity or a recycling center if it means keeping the environment green. If you’re ready to for some serious junk removal, then you’re ready to call in Junk King Jacksonville. Make that happen today!