Kansas City Appliance Disposal – Trust the Hauling Pros

We have now officially reached the age of the internet. Need a recipe for mashed potatoes? Forget thumbing through the “Joy of Cooking.” Go to the internet. Need to buy a new car? Read the reviews and compare prices first on the internet. Looking for a new pair of eyeglasses? Plug in your webcam and go to the internet for a virtual mirror to try on virtual glasses. And now thanks to all our cell phones and personal data devices we can carry the internet with us wherever we go.
All of this comes back to the issue of appliance disposal in Kansas City. If you’ve got a big bulky item to get rid of where would you go first? Obviously the internet because that’s where you’re reading this article! But just because something is on the internet doesn’t automatically make it the most sensible thing to do.
For instance, a quick internet search of appliance disposal popped up a forum where folks are sharing their advice.
“Put it on your curb. Generally they will get picked up by random people. Depends on where you live though. The more urban the area, the more likely it will be noticed and picked up by those looking for such things.”  Well, there’s a lot wrong with that suggestion. Do you really think if you put an old stove or a washing machine out on your curb that someone will roll by and pick it up? Suppose nobody comes by right away and that old stove gets caught in a rain storm. Is that going to be any value to anyone? Sure you can hope some junk dealer might ride by your home with an empty truck and the manpower to lift your appliance off the curb and into their truck, but that’s kind of a long shot. If that doesn’t happen, now you’ve got a big hunk of metal sitting in front of your house collecting rust. All it takes is one call from a neighbor and you could be cited by the police for illegal dumping even if it is in your front yard!
Then there is this advice: “Give it away on Craigslist.” For those who don’t know, Craigslist has become the internet version of the old fashioned newspaper classified ads. Folks are selling, buying and trading all kinds of stuff on Craigslist. For most of these transactions there are happy customers on both ends. However, consider what you’re asking. You would be posting to a total stranger telling them you have an old washer you want to get rid of and all that have to do is come over to your home and take it away. Is that really a smart thing to do? Sure you can ask for references and speak to them on the phone but the fact remains this is still a total stranger you are inviting into your home. That’s not a very safe choice.
The best bet for getting rid of your appliances is to hire a professional hauling crew like Junk King Kansas City. This would be a team of experienced haulers who are licensed and bonded. They have the means and the muscle to take away whatever appliance you need removed. It’s safe, it’s secure and it’s easy. What more could you want?
For the best in appliance disposal, simply call Junk King Kansas City at 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.