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Junk Removal for Kansas City Realtors

There’s a big change heading Kansas City’s way and it could have a direct impact on the increasingly competitive real estate market. Google has selected Kansas City as a test town for its new and improved faster gigabit services. Google Fiber promises to deliver download speeds up to 100 times faster than what users are currently used to. What’s this got to do with real estate? Think about how fast a prospective buyer will be able to search through the listings? Home prices are beginning to tick up which means competition for listings are going to become fierce. You want to stay ahead of the curve by being out in front of as many of those listings as you can. They might mean a little out of the box thinking.

Just as home prices are seeing signs of life, the foreclosure market is stabilizing but there are still plenty of properties on this side of things which are every bit as viable as new home. What you need to do is steer a prospective customer away from the stigma of a “foreclosure” and closer to “dream house.” That can easily be accomplished when you enlist the services of Junk King KC.

We all know that some occupants of a foreclosed home stopped caring a long time before they finally moved out. Whatever the circumstances, they made the choice to give up their property. Once they crossed that line they really didn’t care what happened. In many cases, owners would literally toss the keys over their shoulders and leave the property abandoned. Sadly, some of these same properties have become squatter’s homes. When that happens, all kinds of nastiness can be occurring. Don’t freak out about what you might see when you first step into a foreclosed home. Instead, know an experience junk removal team will be standing by to strip that house bare of all garbage great and small.

Junk King Kansas City works great with realtors to get a property ready for the market once again. A call to Junk King sets the process in motion with a visit to the property by a supervisor. That supervisor will assess the amount of garbage to be removed and how much space it will take up on a truck. Based on that amount, you’ll be given a written estimate and that’s the price you pay. No hourly rates. That’s going to come in handy especially if this is a big removal job involving pulling up carpets or hauling furniture from a second story.

With the junk loaded on the back of the Junk King truck you can also be assured they’ll do everything possible to make sure it is recycled and reused. It’s a great selling point for your business and the junk business. Get your edge back with help from Junk King KC.

Kansas City Foreclosure Clean Out

There is a sad epidemic spreading across Kansas City and that is the rise of vacant homes. Since 2007 the number of vacant homes has increased by 20%. This means around 12,000 homes are vacant which is leaving a few Kansas City neighborhoods about a quarter empty. Mayor Mark Funkhouser recently commented on this situation to the Kansas City Star. “The hole in the urban core is deeper and bigger than even I thought it was,” Mayor Mark Funkhouser said. “It’s like an ocean, and we’re trying various sizes and types of teaspoons to bail it out.”
Much of the increase in vacant homes can be directly attributed to the foreclosure crisis that hit Kansas City along with the rest of the nation. Facing the prospect of eviction, many homeowners simply abandoned their properties leaving it for the banks to handle. Luckily for the citizens of Kansas City government officials are stepping up and tackling the project head on. The charge is being lead by the office of the assistant city attorney who handles issues of housing. Amelia McIntyre is a former real estate attorney who knows all about how to turn vacant properties around. With her help, the city is taking a back these neighborhoods one vacant house at a time.
There could actually be a decent opportunity for investment in these neighborhoods. If the government is making a push to revitalize these neighborhoods, you could find plenty of support as a potential investor who is interested in cleaning up foreclosed homes or vacant lots. This doesn’t mean you have to literally roll up your sleeves and start hauling out junk. Of course, if you need a good work-out that would be a great option! Actually, you can accomplish a major foreclosure clean out when you hire a professional team of junk haulers who have experience in these matters – Junk King Kansas City.
If a property has been foreclosed and then abandoned there is no telling what kind of garbage could have been left behind. Although it might look like a daunting task to clean up, hiring a professional crew like Junk King can alleviate a lot of stress from the project. That crew has seen it all and nothing is going to shock them when it comes to a clean-up. All you really need to do is tell them the address and give them the marching orders of “Everything must go.”
Not only will the inside of a vacant home need to be cleaned out, but also the surrounding yard area. The moment a home becomes vacant it begins to attract all kinds of garbage. However, the quicker that can be cleaned up the less chance there is of move trash flowing onto the property. After the clean-up happens, you might consider turning the property into a rental. This can help you generate a viable source of income with the hassle of keeping a vacant property on the market. Bottom line: focus on making money and let the clean-up crew focus on getting the house ready.