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Kansas City Treadmill and Exercise Machine Disposal

Joining a gym isn’t just about running on a treadmill; you can also get the kind of specialized training that will take your exercise program to a whole other level. A new exercise facility is opening up in Emporia that is going to be managed by professional Mix Martial Arts fighter Daniel Gallemore. Members will have an amazing opportunity to train alongside Gallemore and get into shape like never before.

“Hoping for a high-intensity gym,” Gallemore told a local newspaper. “Mostly fighters, like self-defense and jujitsu. We do quite a bit of wrestling. Muay Thai, probably bring some boxing guys in. Do some seminars and stuff. It will mostly be like a combative gym, mixed martial arts gym. It won’t be just for fighters, but it will be geared around mixed martial arts.”

That space that Gallemore is setting up in his used to be a salon storage area. That has required some serious modifications. “It used to be a salon,” Gallemore said. “There were sinks and counter tops and plumbing and lighting and speaker wires and all kinds of stuff up there along with the stuff that was in storage. It was very organized. We had to go through and demo everything and reorganize a lot of stuff. Dusty’s brother went up there and painted the walls. We’ve got to put tin on the ceiling now. We even had to tear some Styrofoam clouds off the ceiling that they had up there for decoration. We still have some wiring to do. Got to move some more stuff out of storage to downstairs and tidy some things up.” Are you ready to step into the ring?

This is just a snapshot of one of the many gyms operating in the Kansas City area and it’s a perfect example of the number one benefit you get from joining a gym: personal attention. Even if you don’t have a trainer working with you there is still the opportunity to take all kinds of classes at the gym. If you have an occasional question about an exercise or piece of equipment those trainers will be happy to answer that. You’re not going to get that kind of attention in your home gym set up.

Time to get real: Do you have a treadmill in your home? Some dumbbells? One of those crazy all-in-one gym workout stations? If so when was the last time you used any of that? Yes, the intention was to make it easy to workout because it’s right in the next room but the reality is that you might not be getting the workout you truly need especially if you have limited space. Embrace that fact that that unused gym equipment is now officially junk. Now you’re choice is simple: call up Junk King Kansas City to get rid of it all! They’ll take it away and you can get serious about your workout by joining a gym. Who knows what you can transform into?

Home Downsizing Tips in Kansas City

Moving from one home to another is a good time to take stock of everything you own. If you’ve decided that it’s time to downsize then this inventory is crucial. Many couples and families have decided that for the foreseeable future downsizing makes more sense. Living in a smaller, more manageable environment will help you save for retirement. On the other hand, if you’re ready for that retirement the last thing you want to deal with is upkeep in a huge home. To begin the downsizing process, you need to “thin out” your stuff.

This process should begin several months before you move. There should be no rush to get rid of your stuff. Keep in mind that you don’t want to bring anything with you that would be considered junk or clutter into your new home where storage space will be at a premium. You can begin with tackling a closet clean-up one weekend. The next weekend go for the basement and so on. As you make the rounds in your home you’ll quickly find you’ve got plenty to take with you that you can’t live without but there could be just as much (if not more) of stuff you can get rid of. Start making a pile.

Once you’ve got the closets and other storage areas cleared out of the small stuff, think about the big items. Will you need that extra mattress that nobody will sleep on because it’s so old? Will you need all that baby furniture that is busted up? Will you need all the sleds, toboggans or other winter equipment? If you’re moving to Florida you sure won’t! There are probably a lot of these types of belongings that can be toss into that pile.

Now move onto the really big stuff like appliances or old televisions or computers. You don’t want to bring that into the new home so into the pile. By now, that pile of yours could be looking rather huge. Have no fear. All you need to do is schedule an appointment with a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Kansas City to show up with their huge empty truck. In a blink of the eye, that once empty truck will be filled with all your clutter and hauled away.

Remember that just because you’re not taking something with you doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be junked. You could try selling off some valuable antiques to a local dealer. Even if you put those on consignment it is better than having to drag them along. Some items you might want to donate to charity but make sure you’re not passing along anything that is useless. That belongs in the junk pile! Be sure also to ask your junk haulers where they’ll be taking your stuff. Hopefully, they’ll be able to dump a lot of that at some of the Kansas City recycling centers around town. And yes, that would qualify towards reducing your carbon footprint!

Declutter Your Kansas City Home

What kind of mess are you living in? It’s a fair question to ask of anybody because we are really living in a world of collectors. Even something as simple as junk mail coming into your home can begin piling up when it’s not thrown out of right away. It’s easy to toss out junk mail; it’s the big stuff that really starts making a true mess. What were really talking about are those things in your home that you either trip over walking from room to room or are complete eyesore.
If you trip over a box of papers or pile of clothes then you can move those items or walk around them the next time. Moving junk like that you means stuffing it into a corner or closet or even begin to fill up a spare room and that’s when it becomes an eyesore. It doesn’t have to be that way. Yes, there are many excuses as to why you let the mess build up. The issue now is what are you going to do about that?
One of the most important things you need to consider is that when you decide to declutter your home you don’t have to do it alone. Junk King Kansas City is just a phone call away. They are standing by to help you with your junk problem. These are crews are professional junk haulers who have the right amount of manpower and open truck space to handle carting away all of your junk. Think of them as part of your new cleanup crew team.
To begin this process you need to schedule a decluttering weekend. You should take this as serious as scheduling a dentist appointment or a night out on the town. This decluttering time can either work in conjunction with your Junk King crew appointment or it could be the precursor to that appointment. In other words, you could spend Saturday tagging all the junk you wanted hauled away and on Monday morning the Junk King crew will be there to take it all away. We’re really not talking about a huge investment in time or effort especially when you consider that the Junk King Kansas City team will be doing all the heavy lifting!
Your sorting day needs to be focused on which items you want to keep and which items you want throw away. With the clock ticking these should be easy decisions to make. Primary concern should be whether or not an item will have any further use. Sure, you might have had hours of fun playing ping-pong on that table you’ve got stored in the garage but one was the last time anyone picked up a ping-pong paddle in your family? Is there any hope that will ever happen again? Put out the call: ask your family to come over and play ping-pong. If there are no takers then get rid of that table! That’s the approach you should take with all of the clutter in your home: are you ever going to use that item again? If not leave it for Kansas City’s premiere hauling service: Junk King.

Kansas City Christmas Tree Disposal – Make it a New Year’s Resolution

Looking forward to the New Year also gives you an opportunity to engage in an annual tradition of making a New Year’s resolution. It’s not quite sure how the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions ever got started but it makes perfect sense as you begin a new calendar to want to take assessment of how you can improve your life. Top of the list for many people would be to eat healthier and lose weight. This falls under the proverbial category of “easier said than done.” Still, the diet industry rakes in billions of dollars each year as folks try to find ways to lose those extra pounds. Actually, it’s quite a simple formula: eat less and exercise more.
Another popular New Year’s resolution is to get a handle on your financial situation; specifically when it comes to paying down your personal debt. A positive proactive step towards accomplishing this goal is to take an honest assessment of your financial situation and develop a budget that will help you manage your money more efficiently. Too often people get in over their heads with debt simply because they don’t have an understanding of all the extra fees and penalties associated with something like late credit card payments. Putting yourself on a strict regimen of spending less can help you secure a stronger financial future.
For those who smoke, kicking the habit is another popular New Year’s resolution. In many cases this is probably more difficult than any resolution due to the sheer nature of how addictive cigarette smoking is. There are some that try the cold turkey method which means stopping all at once. That doesn’t seem to be very effective. A better course of action for quitting smoking is to find a way to slowly wean off of the addiction to nicotine. Of course, this resolution goes hand-in-hand with the first one of getting in better shape.
Starting a New Year right could also mean having a more focused effort on keeping your own Kansas City home free of clutter. This will probably mean taking down the as decorations by at least January 5 which is the official end of the Christmas season. All of those lights and ornaments should be packed up in a properly labeled plastic bin or boxes that can store it away in your garage, basement or attic. You’ll also want to get rid of the Christmas tree by scheduling a pickup from a pro junk hauling crew like Junk King Kansas City.  Christmas trees won’t be taken away by your garbage men. This is something you have to take care of.
You could make the most of the situation by using those same Christmas tree junk hauling Junk King crew members to take away all the other clutter from your home. As you when searching for the holiday decorations this year you probably had to wade through all sorts of other junk to get to them. There is no need to hang on to that junk anymore. Getting rid of the old Christmas tree and all that clutter is one New Year’s resolution that will be easy to keep!

Summer Clutter Clean Up In Kansas City

The summer is a time for folks to come out of hiding. We spent all winter cooped up inside practically going stir crazy. Many of us have carried through with our New Year’s resolution and spent those winter months working on our swimsuit bodies and are eager to show them off on the lake and river shores. Even just being able to spend the night outdoors watching a Shakespeare play at the Kansas City Shakespeare Festival is a welcome treat for all of us who have been in hibernation. Shakespeare isn’t the only thing you’ll be able to enjoy in the great Kansas City outdoors. There are music festivals, fireworks and all sorts of fun activities happening throughout the entire summer for you to take advantage of. Another activity you should take advantage of isn’t sponsored by any Kansas City organization but instead falls on your shoulders and that would be cleaning up the clutter from around your home.
Cold weather was the perfect excuse not to do any major cleaning like pulling out all the junk in the garage or tackling a major backyard overhaul. Now with the warm summer months upon us you have run out of excuses! The good news is you haven’t run out of help and that help can come in the form of a professional junk hauling crew like Junk King Kansas City. This crew can be scheduled to show up on a day that is most convenient for you to haul away all of the clutter you’ve gathered in the past couple of months or even past couple of years. All you really have to do is decide what is junk and what is not.
In the junk category could certainly be some old pieces of furniture that has seen better days. Often when a person buys a sofa they’ll stick the old sofa down in the basement or in the garage thinking someone will get use out of it. The problem is that that old sofa is going to get even older and more broken down or dirty. Is that something you really want sticking around your home? The same thing can be said for busted kitchen appliances that you have long since replaced. Once again to make room for of the new refrigerator you might’ve shove the old refrigerator out to the back porch were now lives creating an eyesore. Now is the time to get rid of that once and for all with the help of these professional junk haulers.
There could be a wide range of other junk items that you can toss out the same time. These can be things like abandoned parts of a car repair job, scraps of wood from a remodeling project or piles of debris that were left over from the last storm. The only reason you’re keeping any of this junk is because it won’t fit in your garbage cans. But it certainly fit in the back of a junk hauler’s truck and that’s just where it should go!

Kansas City Patio Furniture Disposal

There is a change in the air around Kansas City. It’s not just the smell of backyard grilling that is wafting through neighborhoods. It is the smell of fresh baked pies and cakes made with hand-picked berries. This is berry picking season and savvy residents know all the best tricks of the berry picking trade. If you’ve got a big enough backyard, you might even have your own berry patch and know what a simple joy it is to fill up a basket of fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries. For those who don’t have their own patch, there are plenty of pick-your-own farms all around Kansas City.
If you’re heading out to the berry farms, here are a couple of tips to insure your picking time will go without a hitch.
-  BYOB or Bring Your Own Buckets. While most farms will provide buckets you don’t want to get caught empty handed waiting for the return of other pickers. Best to bring your own and if you’ve got kids in tow make sure everybody gets a bucket.
- Freeze the Blueberries First: If you’ve pitch a peck of blueberries the best way to keep them fresh is to freeze them up. Spread the berries out on a cookie sheet right out of the bucket and slide them into the freezer. Don’t wash them! Once they are frozen, chuck them into a Ziploc bag and store in the freezer. When you’re ready for them, then you can rinse them off.
- Go Early, Go Often: The best time for berry picking is in the early morning hours before the noon day sun rises high in the sky. An even better time would be during the week to avoid the crowds and get your best pick on.
Once you get those berries home, there are all kinds of tasty treats you can whip up. Even just sprinkling them with a little sugar and munching on them in the backyard is a good way to go.
Of course, these means you also have to get your backyard ready for summer. What shape is your patio furniture and deck in? Refurbishing a deck might prove to be a daunting task but you can certainly replace that old patio furniture with the help of a Kansas City furniture removal crew like Junk King. They can swoop in on the scheduled day and haul away your old patio furniture to make room for the new.
It’s a safe bet that any patio furniture you’ve had out all winter has taken quite a beating. Between the snow, rain and winds it’s a wonder it is still standing. If you didn’t have the chance to cover up that furniture or haul it into the garage, it might be in serious trouble. Unless you plan on taking that furniture apart piece by piece it would be extremely difficult toss that furniture out in the garbage. That’s why hiring a professional team of haulers is the safest and most efficient way to clear out your backyard and get ready for berry season. Make this a summer to remember!

How to pick a new TV and get rid of the old one

Are you ready to “go big or go home?” Actually, you would already be home. We’re talking about finally getting that big screen high-tech HDTV for your Kansas City home. All the networks are making the switch to high definition. Simply put, this means that the signal broadcast into your home will have more lines of data. In other words, you’ll be getting an incredibly shap and more vibrant picture. This works for television shows and the movies you play back on your Blu-ray player. The issue you now must confront is twofold: 1) how to get rid of your old television and 2) how big to go.
In the wide world of HDTV options you can go as small as 5 inches or as giant as 100 inches diagonal. The average seems to be a 32 inch set for the bedroom and a 40 inch set for the living room. The last thing you want to do is have buyer’s remorse because you didn’t go big enough. As you begin shopping for your new HDTV around local Kansas City electronics stores, you’ll quickly discover that there is really only a couple of hundred dollar’s difference between a 40 and 50 inch screen. Since this is something you might be hanging onto for several years, why not go for the super size?
Obviously, you’ll have to consider placement. Could the room where your new HDTV will live support a big screen like a 65 inch model? Would something like that just become ridiculous in a small space? It might which means picking out the small size could be the better bet. You also have to take into account how you’ll set up the television. Will you be using a wall mount or going for a traditional stand? Both have their benefits and a lot depends on your own taste. Although with the wall mount, you want to make sure you have proper installation. This is not something you want falling down, especially in the middle of the big game!
One way to determine how big to go is the seating distance. Most professional couch potatoes will tell you that the perfect range is to sit no closer than 1.5 times of the screen’s diagonal measurement and no farther than twice that measurement to the TV. Here’s how that would break down: With 50 inch TV, the best seating distance would be between 6 and 8 feet from the box. So, yes, it’s time to bust out the tape measure.
Now comes the concern about getting rid of the old television. That part is a lot less effort. All you’ll need to do is call up a local Kansas City TV disposal company like Junk King and let them know you want that old set gone. They’ll be able to take it away and make sure it is disposed of properly. An old TV is not something you want to dump into the garbage. It’s way too hazardous when broken up. Soon as you get the new hook up just watch how much of a difference it makes!
For the best in Kansas City Television Disposal, or any type of junk removal, simply call 1-800 995 JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

The Difference Between Antique and Junk Furniture

There is a fine line between a vintage antique piece of furniture and a piece of junk furniture. That might seem like a silly comparison to make. After all, you can obviously tell the difference between an antique sofa versus a junk couch, right? But when you get down to specifics you’ll find that it could be easy to confuse an antique for junk. For instance, an antique is something that is several years old. Technically, so is a junk piece of furniture. An antique is often passed down through the family. That holds true for a junk piece of furniture, too. An antique can be very expensive to buy. Well, that’s where the antique and the junk actually part company. If you want to appraise your antique you’ll want to take them to a professional dealer. If you want to get rid of old furniture in Kansas City then you should consider contacting a company who specializes in this kind of removal, such as Junk King Kansas City.

So, what kind of old furniture are you holding onto? If you’re a typical household in Kansas City then the sofa in front of the television will probably see the most traffic. This piece of furniture will also take the most abuse. Everything from the springs in the cushions being flattened to a barrage of food stains and paw prints is going to decrease the value of this sofa. On the other hand, if this was an antique sofa it wouldn’t be anywhere near your television and nobody would be allowed to sit on it!

Other kinds of junk furniture could include a child’s bedroom set. It was cute when they were 3 years old, but now that they are 16 that “airplane bed” just isn’t going to cut it. Obviously, you’d have time to stow away this old furniture as your child has grown up. Where did you put it? Basement, garage or attic? If it is in anyone of those spots it’s probably been collecting dust. This is not something a kid will want to be sleeping on, so it’s got to go.

You might also have some special furniture pieces that you bought from a certain Swedish type of store. These would be those pieces that you had to assemble yourself. You know the ones that might be falling apart or you can’t open the drawer on? Yeah, they have to go, too!

Keep in mind that just because you’ve decided to hire a professional crew to show up and haul away your old furniture doesn’t mean they have to stop there. Sure, getting rid of that old junk is important but what about all the other junk you might have around the home? Could you find some stuff to get rid of in your garage? Your basement? Your attic? Of course you could! This might mean finally getting rid of all those unfinished projects that will never get finished. Once you have clean away all this clutter, you’ll discover wide open space that you forgot you even had!

For the best in Kansas City Furniture Disposal, simply pick up the phone and dial 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.