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Junk King Makes Junk Vanish

After weeks of turning your home into a creepy haunted house it is time to switch gears and make things festive for the upcoming holidays. That means all the tombstones, skeletons, giant spiders and other ghoulish decorations have to be packed up and put away. Do you have enough room in your garage to keep those decorations secure until next year? Perhaps it is time to bring in Junk King Los Angeles to perform a little junk removal magic. With this crew on the job all your unwanted clutter is going to vanish.


Junk King has been clearing out all kinds of clutter and rubbish from homes, apartments, schools, warehouses and businesses for over 13 years. In that time, they had seen their fair share of scary junk piles. All of this means that whatever you’re asking them to remove from your home won’t frighten them. It also won’t be a challenge.

The Junk King crews are terrific at assessing the situation and knowing just what would be the best approach for removing any kind of rubbish items. Obviously, carrying out boxes or bags isn’t complicated. However, when you need to maneuver furniture down stairs or get something large like an entertainment center out the living it takes a problem-solving skills and experience. that is exactly what Junk King is bringing to every appointment.

The other thing that Junk King is bringing to the job is a dedication to keeping the environment at green as possible. Everyone in Los Angeles cares about the quality of the air and water. They don’t want to see that being contaminated by hazardous materials created in landfills. The more trash that is kept out of a landfill the better off it will be for the environment. To that end, Junk King makes most of their drop-offs to charities and recycling centers. This is how they have been doing business since the beginning.

Do you think you have enough rubbish in junk to fill up an entire trunk? The only way to find out to bring in Junk King Los Angeles today!

Get Rid Of Scary Junk Today

How long do you think all the Halloween candy will last? Between the leftovers and what the kids might bring in, you could have sweets until Thanksgiving. What about all the Halloween decorations? How long will they be kept up? Unlike Christmas, Halloween decorations don’t fare well the day after. Time to pack them up. It might also be time to get rid of the rest of your scary junk. This would be all the rubbish that is crammed into your garage, closets and spare room. Why not treat yourself to a session with Junk King Los Angeles today? You’ll be amazed at how one session can transform your home.


The amount of unwanted clutter we accumulate is directly related to the amount of free time we have. After all, if our weekends were open, then maybe we could rent our own truck, load everything up and drive an hour to get to the proper disposal center. The alternative is letting Junk King come over for a few minutes and clear everything away. It might still take them a few hours to properly dispose of things but that isn’t anything you have to worry about. When the crew pulls away from your home, the job is done on your end. You can then plan all things you’re going to do with the reclaimed space.

Along with all the clutter Junk King Los Angeles can take from the inside of your home, they can also work wonders with the outside. This might be a good idea especially if you have some leftover debris from your Halloween decorations. Everything can go on the back of the truck. Junk King doesn’t charge one price for furniture and another price for boxes. The price is always about how your stuff will fit onto the back of the truck. The Junk King crew will know this after looking over all the things you want to get rid of. This is what they’re trained for. Once that estimate is locked down, they’ll spring into action and your clutter will vanish. Don’t let your junk scare you. Give it all to Junk King Los Angeles today.

Refocus On Your Home After The Kid Goes Off To College

If you sent one of your kids off to college this fall, then the summer was probably a flurry of activity. You are probably getting them ready packing up their room and stuff, buying things they need for the dorm and having farewell parties. Now that you’re back from the camp is drop-off it’s time for you to refocus on your home. It’s always recommended that you stay busy in those first couple of months when your kid is off to college. You’ll absolutely stay in touch with your college student. In fact, it’s a lot easier today than when you were in college. In between the FaceTime sessions, you can get a lot of organizing work done around the house. Here’s where you can refocus your efforts:


The Closets

Whatever your kid needed in college, you probably sent along with them. Anything else that’s been left behind is something they might have outgrown. That’s true for clothing, sporting equipment, toys and books. All those things can be gathered up and donated to a charity. Before you do though you should let your kid know if you are donating anything that they may want to keep.

The good news is that you don’t have to drive around to all those charities with your car overflowing with boxes. Instead, you can turn that job over to Junk King Los Angeles. They make charity drop-offs part of their daily routine and will be happy to do the same for the stuff you want to get rid of.

The Garage

No matter where you live in Los Angeles, space is at a premium. That’s why many garages are a use for storage as opposed to actually parking a car in there. You can change that by dedicating a few hours of sorting through all the clutter in your garage. At the end of that sorting time, you will have amassed a pile of items that can be tossed out.

This is more stuff they can go on to the back of the Junk King truck. Remember, Junk King is going to send over two workers for this task. They will be the ones who will do all the lifting and loading so don’t hesitate to give them the heavy things you want to get rid of like an old treadmill or pool table. One call to Junk King Los Angeles will help you refocus on organizing your home. It’s a call to make!

Experienced Junk Removal Service Receives More Rave Reviews From Happy Customers

Junk King Los Angeles is all about customer satisfaction. That’s easy to achieve when you’re providing such a valuable service like junk removal. Who wouldn’t be happy to have all that unwanted clutter from a yard or garage? The proof of Junk King Los Angeles’ success can be found in the many rave reviews they get from their happy customers. Here’s a few that would posted within the last couple of days:


“Making an estimate and scheduling an appointment online was very easy and quick. Courtney and Drake were very professional in communicating their arrival time and the load out was over before we knew it. Very affordable and efficient. Will definitely think of Junk King again for any future removal needs.” – Matthea A, Los Angeles

One of the reasons you’ve probably put off junk removal is because it’s such a hassle. You need to get movers, rent a truck, load things up and then drop them off. Junk King Los Angeles wants to take away that hassle by doing all that work for you. Their online website walks you through the process for scheduling your appointment. You pick the time that works best for your schedule and that’s when junk King will show up.

“Steve and Angel were tremendous to work with. Friendly and very professional. We had a couple of issues getting the refrigerators through the doors and they were very patient and were able to solve it. GREAT GUYS!” – S.T.G.B.C., Long Beach

Junk King Los Angeles prides itself on being problem solvers. If something got into your house, then it can get out it; just might take a little maneuvering. In extreme cases, it might require taking apart that object in order to fit it out the front door. Junk King Los Angeles has a lot of experience with those types of moves!

“I liked everything about you all. I will make it a point to let everyone I know that you are the greatest and should use you guys.” – Lorraine A, Pomona

Junk King Los Angeles most effective marketing tool is positive word-of-mouth. That only happens when they make every job a priority. If you’re looking for fast and efficient junk removal, then look no further than Junk King Los Angeles.

The Best Approach To Getting Rid Of Rubbish

There is a lot going on during weekends in Los Angeles. This the time where folks catch up with a lot of chores around the house, go to brunch with friends or engage in family fun. There are several people who decide to hold yard sales in the hopes of getting rid of rubbish and making money. Unfortunately, with everything else that’s going on there is no guarantee that a person would do either of those things. More often than not, those yard sale proprietors are stuck bringing that rubbish back into the house. Not only does that defeat the purpose but it also means they wasted an entire day when they could have been out enjoying all that Los Angeles has to offer. If you want to get serious about getting rid of your rubbish then forget the yard sale. Instead, hire Junk King Los Angeles. These are the junk removal pros that can make your rubbish disappear in no time at all.


Because of work schedule, you might have to wait until Saturday morning to bring in Junk King Los Angeles. That still gives you plenty of weekend to enjoy because the crews working for Junk King like to get in and get out as quickly as possible. The only time they get slow down is when they’re dealing with a massive cleanup like at a hoarder’s house. Or if they have to take apart something big like a treadmill or pool table. Even in those instances, Junk King Los Angeles has a backup plan. They will often dispatch additional crews and trucks to the really big cleanup jobs. That ensures that everything can be removed in a single session.

If you require that extra help you won’t have to pay for it. That’s because Junk King Los Angeles charges a flat rate based upon how tightly the crew will pack up the truck with all your stuff. It doesn’t matter if it takes to guys or six it’s all about volume. You’re only job is to decide what you want taken away. Your home is going to look amazing once all that clutter is gone! Don’t live with your rubbish one day longer. Give it all to Junk King Los Angeles. It’s a very smart move.

Embarrassed Over All Your Junk? There’s a Fix For That

Do you think anyone of your friends has ever snooped through your home? Have you ever snooped through their homes? There is nothing wrong with being a little bit curious. However, you probably don’t want visitors to your home to go into certain areas like your garage or closet. It’s not because you have something to hide but because you’re holding onto way too much clutter. Those storage areas are easy to fill up over the years until they reach the point where they become unusable. Instead of being embarrassed why not hire Junk King Los Angeles to take away all that clutter? One call gets it done today!


The most challenging part of getting rid of your junk is actually sorting through it. This could take time if you’re attempting to organize closets or that garage. Of course, if you already know that you want to get rid of a few pieces of furniture, some old computer equipment and a few other household goods then your sorting time will be cut way down! No matter what you want to get rid of, Junk King Los Angeles will assign you a capable two-man moving crew. This team will be rolling up in a huge truck big enough to hold an entire household worth of furnishings.

You don’t have to feel obligated to fill up the truck. In fact, you could take up just a fraction of the space. Whatever that amount is will be how your final fee will be determined. You’ll know that price before the work starts. Once the Junk King Los Angeles crew has looked over all the things you want to throw away will give you that estimate in writing. If you were to price out this job on your own, then you’d find that you’re probably paying two or three times more than what Junk King charges.

Included in that affordable fee will be all the potential drop offs of your stuff. Junk King won’t be making a single trip to the landfill. Instead, they may make a stop at a charity and another one at a recycling center. That is a much better way of getting rid of your junk. Are you ready to say goodbye to all your junk? Then you’re ready to say hello to Junk King Los Angeles!

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