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Los Angeles Cardboard Disposal and Recycling

This year 39 million viewers tuned in to watch the Oscars handed out. Ironically, the Best Picture award winner “The Artist” was the only one of the nine nominated films that was actually shot completely in Los Angeles. It’s also the first silent movie to win this coveted award since the Oscars were first handed out 84 years ago. To get ready for the Oscar celebration a section of Hollywood Boulevard was closed off to traffic while the bleachers were put up in the red carpet was rolled out. Those huge Oscar statues were also taken out of storage and brought over to the venue. By now all evidence of the Oscar telecast has been removed from Hollywood Boulevard and its business as usual for the many tourists who stream through this great neighborhood.

Packing and unpacking up the Oscars every year is not unlike your own moving day albeit one with a lot more gold! One of the most common leftover items from any moving day is all those cardboard boxes. These are boxes that you either collected from local stores or had to buy from a moving company. Either way they are your problem to deal with now. You could break them down and store them in the garage but then that might be taking up valuable space. These boxes could be put out in the recycle pickup but you might end up waiting several weeks before you can get rid of them. The best course of action will likely be hiring professional junk haulers, like Junk King Los Angeles, to get rid of all those cardboard boxes once and for all. The same junk haulers could also be put to use by taking away all the clutter you never meant to move in the first place.

Many of us are procrastinators who like to put off things to the last minute. This is especially true when it comes to moving. That is why there is always a mad scramble to shove everything into a box and deal with it at the new destination. The problem is you just moving junk from one place to the next and that’s not a good way to start out a new chapter in your life. Los Angeles professional junk haulers will be able to handle the removal of those items so that you will have as much free space in your new home as possible.

The great thing about using pros like Junk King as opposed to day laborers is that you can depend on the pros to treat your home with respect. Because they are professional, the Junk King Los Angeles team will be licensed and insured which could make a huge difference in case something should go awry like a scuffed up hardwood floor or damage to a wall. A day laborer will just shrug and leave you to deal with that mess. The professionals probably wouldn’t cause any damage in the first place but if they did they would be responsible for taking care of it. Once those cardboard boxes and other items are removed you can settle into your new home secure in the knowledge that you’re free of clutter.

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