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LA Debris Removal

The space shuttle Endeavour made its last airborne flight strapped to the back of a 747. It was flying to its new home at the California Science Center and like any Hollywood star it had to make a grand entrance. For that final flight, the Endeavour was taken on a tour of Southern California from the Hollywood hills to the beaches of Malibu to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. Thousands of LA residents we able to snap up pictures of this one-of-a-kind visual before the 747 touched down at LAX. However, that wasn’t the final stop.

To get to the California Science Center, the shuttle needs to be shuttled by flatbed truck 12 miles along the streets of Los Angeles. To make way for that caravan some trees had to come down. How many? Close to 400 trees lining the streets have been chopped, sawed and buzzed down. The locals along the route were told this was the only way because after so many space flights the Endeavour couldn’t be disassembled without risking permanent damage. The trade off is that the Science Center pledged to plant 2 trees for every single tree cut down. They’re also going to offer a lot of classes and guest passes to the neighborhood residents impacted by the disruption.

If you’ve ever watched a professional tree removal crew at work it’s a very efficient process. As they cut down the tree they grind it up into instant mulch. That mulch is then taken to a recycling center where it is reused for other landscaping projects controlled by the city. It’s amazing how fast a big tree can be reduced to a pile of sawdust. Wouldn’t it be great if we could “wood chip” away all the junk in our lives? As fun as that might be it’s not very practical or safe. A wood chipper is not something to play around with. The best method of getting rid of the debris around your home is to call Junk King Los Angeles.

Junk King is fairly new to the Los Angeles area but they are old to the junk removal business. There are branches of Junk King all across the country with more franchises opening up every day. These are professional junk removers. By “professional” that means licensed to do business in the state and insured. It might not seem that you would need so many precautions with junk removal but that’s just how Junk King rolls.

When you’ve identified oversize or heavy items you want removed from your property, a Junk King LA crew will be equally efficient with that task. In less time than it takes to trim a tree, you could have all of your junk removed and properly disposed of. Junk King Los Angeles is the best way forward for your debris removal needs.