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Make Remodeling Cleanup Easy

What’s the best time to take on a remodeling project? Out here in Los Angeles, any time is a good time for a new kitchen, shingling the roof or adding a bathroom. That’s because there are so few weather delays on construction projects. Back east or up in Seattle where it always rains, you have to factor in those rain delays as a cost of the project. Not in sunny SoCal! Actually, there are many potential discounts you should be on the lookout for as you put together your home remodel. A perfect area to save would be with the remodeling cleanup. Instead of turning that job over to your contractor where you’ll get charged another fee, give that task to Junk King. One call can set up the remodeling cleanup appointment that will make your project run smoothly.


The most trash created on a remodeling job typically happens within the first 24 hours. That is when the crews are doing most of the demolition. It’s also probably the best time to stay away from your home. You would hate to see it all get ripped up and torn apart! At the end of that first day is when Junk King can swoop in and make short work of clearing out all of that construction waste. They’ll be able to load everything up on the truck and have it clear completely off your property. That is important especially if you’re working with limited space and need to bring in pallets of drywall and flooring.

Along with the remodeling cleanup, that same Junk King crew will be able to do a lot of cleaning around the rest of your home. As long as you’re getting a new kitchen, you might want to toss out all the old furniture, appliances and other clutter that is piled up around the house. All you’ll have to do is decide what you want taken away. When the crew shows up for the remodeling cleanup, just show them the rest of your unwanted stuff and watch it fly out the door.

You’ll save money and get a clean home fast when you put Junk King in charge of your remodeling cleanup and junk removal.