Are You a Visionary? Or Do You Need Old Furniture Removal?

Old Furniture Removal Marin Junk KingDo you ever hear yourself say: “If I was the creative crafts-y type, I could turn this into something cool!”

Do you see things at yard sales and garage sales or random furniture tagged with a FREE sign on the sidewalk? Do you look at things in your house and think “that could be cool, I wonder if I could sand that down and stain it, or spray paint it, or make an awesome one-of-a-kind chandelier out of all that scrap metal?”  I do. I think that all the time. Problem is, I’m really not artistic – at all; I can’t even draw a good stick figure. But I can see possibilities and the beginning of a vision of what something could be.

So I hold on to stuff too long (yes, even the Junk King keeps stuff too long), or bring things home thinking that I’ll figure out how to turn this new (or old) piece of furniture into something interesting, funky, unique.  It all eventually becomes a pile in the garage.

For those of you that may be like me, aspirational home accessorize-er/decorator, there are several options:

Option 1:  Make use of a friend who has talents that you don’t.  I’ll call my friend, Kim who is a professional interior designer, and show her some of my collection in hopes she can take my grainy, unformed vision and turn it into something amazing.  She’s a flea market goddess.

Option 2:  Give it a go.  Do a Michael’s run.  Buy the spray paint and the super glue and the glitter.

Option 3:  Say goodbye to the oddities and oldies that were never transformed into that amazing lamp or  side table. Get rid of the rubbish pile in the garage.  Call professionals who specialize in junk removal.

Junk King Marin can help you with the debris removal, old furniture removal, scrap metal pick up and all professional hauling services.   Our professional haulers will pick up your junk furniture; that piece you may have tried to sand, stain or spray paint but it didn’t turn out quite like you pictured.   We will haul away and recycle the scrap metal that didn’t morph into the amazing chandelier you envisioned.

Junk King Marin makes old furniture removal and junk removal easy:

  • Get a free estimate beforehand.
  • We guarantee a price before working.
  • Our professionals know how to sort debris, so items like metal, glass, batteries, etc. get handled appropriately.
  • Items will be recycled or donated when possible, or given eco-friendly disposal.