Professional Junk Removal Service: Don’t Play Debris Dodge

not-a-professional-junk-removal-service1 not-a-professional-junk-removal-service3 not-a-professional-junk-removal-service2Debris Dodge.  Ouch, That Junk Just Hit My Windshield

You’ve seen it.  The rusty pick-up truck in front of you on the freeway, wobbling along filled to the brim with junk; JUNK HAULING spray painted on the side. It’s definitely not what you want to be driving behind. You just know that something is going to bounce free and come straight at your windshield or land in the freeway and cause mayhem. Those not-so-professional junk haulers can be unsafe and wind up dangerously spewing mattresses, lamp shades, scrap metal, and half of the debris someone got rid of along the highway and into people’s windshields.

The better solution is to call the professional junk removal service, Junk King Marin.

  • Our trucks are built to handle even the largest and heaviest items and have secured covers to ensure what goes in the truck stays in the truck – and doesn’t wind up along the freeway.  
  • Our junk disposal experts are licensed and insured and will make sure your electronic waste, garbage, old furniture and all things junk will be properly disposed of.  
  • We even take the time to donate and recycle what we can.
  • We will we show up on-time, get the job done quickly AND clean up when we’re done.

Don’t hire amateurs with a questionable truck and inexperienced junk haulers.  An established company with trained, professional employees will know how to properly load a truck and secure the junk being hauled away.  You may save an innocent commuter from a harrowing experience of freeway debris dodge.