What Do Junk Hauling Companies Do?

What-Do-Junk-Hauling-Companies-Do-Junk-King-MarinEverybody needs the help of junk haulers from time to time, but lots of people don’t realize all the different services we provide!

You can call junk hauling pros when you have loads of trash that are too much for your regular garbage pick-up, but we also help out with virtually any kind of debris or unwanted items.

From broken appliances and tattered furniture to the construction debris of a home renovation project, junk haulers will pick up anything you don’t want and haul it away. Hazardous waste is the only real exception.

Popular services provided by junk hauling companies include:

  • Removing furniture, mattresses, appliances, and other large and heavy household items
  • Picking up yard waste
  • Cleaning out construction and renovation waste and debris
  • Safe disposal of computers and other e-waste
  • Clearing out commercial & residential properties
  • A convenient alternative to dumpster rentals

You can also count on some junk hauling companies to handle recycling and donation drop-offs for your unwanted items. Junk King has a strong commitment to eco-friendly practices, so we always repurpose or safely dispose of your junk.

Residential Junk Hauling

When you need junk hauling services for your home, all you have to do is call us to schedule an appointment. You show us what needs to be hauled away, and we provide an estimate before getting to work. Our trained, insured staff safely picks up all your trash and takes it to our trucks and vans. We flex our muscles and take care of everything.

Great reasons to call junk haulers to your home:

  • Clean out rooms, attics, basements
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Remove old kitchen appliances, laundry machines, etc.
  • Get rid of old, heavy televisions and computers
  • Eliminate the debris from renovation and construction projects

Commercial Junk Hauling

Businesses need to make the most of their square footage. Real estate professionals also need properties cleaned out before selling or renting.

If you have boxes of ancient papers sitting around or old furniture and merchandise clogging up storage rooms and offices, call junk hauling experts in to swiftly and safely clear out your work space!

Commercial junk hauling services include:

  • Foreclosure cleanouts
  • Clear out past tenants’ belongings
  • Dispose of old papers and equipment
  • Remove construction and renovation debris
  • Save money compared to ongoing dumpster rentals

Eco-Friendly Practices: Recycling and Repurposing

It’s easy to recycle aluminum cans and glass bottles at home, but what about other materials? Junk hauling pros know where to take scrap metal, wood debris, and other items that your neighborhood garbage trucks don’t recycle.

At Junk King, we also work with local charities and non-profits to find new homes for furniture, clothing and other items in good condition. And when we can’t recycle, we dispose of everything in the most environmentally friendly way available.

If you’re looking at a pile of junk, make it disappear by calling your local junk hauling pros. Junk King provides expert junk removal services around Sonoma and Marin counties, offering helpful customer service throughout the process.