Marin Electronics Recycling: Say No to Waste

Marin Electronics Recycling Say No to WasteEverybody loves the latest, greatest technology. But what do you do with the old stuff?

Most homes have an old tube TV or an obsolete desktop computer tower sitting around. In some cases, we end up with rooms and storage spaces full of unused, unwanted electronics collecting dust. This is why Marin electronics recycling is getting more and more popular.

Throwing electronics in the garbage poses some big environmental hazards. It’s also illegal to throw away certain kinds of e-waste in California.

So, why not make the call and arrange for Marin electronics recycling pickup from your friendly, local junk removal service? Get those electronics out of your way and make sure they’re handled responsibly—or even donated to charity. That’s a lot more useful than taking up space in your home.

Why E-Waste Is a Big, Dangerous Problem

Around the world and right here in Marin electronics recycling offers a smart, safe, responsible method of dealing with unwanted items. When added to landfill, electronics can lead to health hazards that everybody.

Electronic items cause a variety of environmental problems:

  • Releasing chemicals into the air
  • Contaminating rivers, lakes, oceans, and water supplies
  • Filling up landfill permanently
  • Wasting materials that took tons of fossil fuels to manufacture

Junk King can take care of Marin electronics recycling for items that shouldn’t go to waste:

  • Computers, laptops, monitors
  • Copy machines, fax machines, printers, and other peripherals
  • Television sets (old cathode ray tubes as well as various flat-screen types)
  • Cell phones and other mobile devices

Marin Electronics Recycling Options

Luckily, we have options around Marin County. If you just have one small appliance, you might wait for a recycling event or take it to an electronics store.

But what if you can’t wait for the next recycling date? What if you’ve let your attic fill up with discarded old electronics?

That’s why junk removal services work well for Marin electronics recycling. Junk King doesn’t just haul away regular garbage—we take virtually anything, including electronics. And just like we do with every bit of junk we haul away, we make sure to avoid waste and find recycling options for electronics.

If you have devices that still work, we can try to find a local non-profit or school. The greenest thing to do is to keep electronics in use. Otherwise, we have the resources to make sure that all sorts of electronics and all types of materials get recycled appropriately.

Your old PC doesn’t have to waste space in your home, and it doesn’t have to become hazardous waste in a landfill. Let Junk King haul your discards away and find local Marin electronics recycling methods for you.