Divide and Conquer, But Then What? Rent a Dumpster?

Dumpster Rental? NO!You want a new one, but how do you get rid of the one you’ve got?  It’s built in to the house or it’s too big to fit in your standard 10 yard dumpster, or even that big 20 yard dumpster.  It’s not your standard furniture removal or appliance removal problem.

Sometimes you have to cut it up before you can haul junk away.  That takes back breaking labor. Often it is more than a one man job.  Better make sure your friends are willing to sign on.  It also often requires specialized tools; tools you probably don’t yet own, so consider their cost when making decisions on how to best handle your junk removal.  Lastly, if you want to do it safely, you will need expertise in using those tools.

Before you cut your junk up, you need to know what materials are in it.  Is there possibly some hazardous material hiding inside it that might leak out into your home or yard or even spray onto you?  Is there some sort of reinforcing material that could cause damage to your equipment or yourself?  Can you recycle any of it, or maybe salvage some parts?

You’ve succeeded!  You’ve turned you giant piece of junk into a giant pile of smaller junk.  It’s not likely it will fit in your garbage can.  You will need to rent a dumpster and get the stuff into it.  That’s hard work.  You’ll also need to decide on the dumpster size.  Do you need a 10 yard dumpster, a 20 yard dumpster or maybe even a 30 yard dumpster?  If you guess wrong, you get to pay too much or, even better, rent a second one.

You had better make sure the dumpster service will haul all the kinds of material you put in there.

You might want to check on whether there are any extra fees for those materials while you’re about it.

Now compare the work and cost of that DIY approach to hiring the guys from Junk King.

  • They will give you an estimate of all your costs up front.
  • They will send enough people to do the job.  People who know how best to divide and conquer that appliance.
  • They will have the equipment they need and they will have experience in using it so that they, you and your home are safe.
  • They will recycle anything that can be recycled.
  • If anything can be salvaged, they will make sure it goes to charity.
  • They will bring a truck big enough to haul it away and they know where to haul it.
  • They will clean up the site when they’re done so it looks just like new.
  • Best of all, your back, arms and legs will not ache.