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Foreclosure Cleanouts: Junk Removal Junk King Marin SonomaVeteran home flippers know the secret to a fast turnaround on foreclosed homes: call in junk removal experts to take care of foreclosure cleanouts. The faster you get rid of all the trash, debris, and unwanted furniture, the faster you can renovate and list the property!
We handle foreclosure cleanouts so you don’t have to. Clean, empty homes sell faster than houses with debris strewn about. And if you want to renovate and flip, we give you the clean slate you need to envision a beautiful new property.

  • Real estate agents and property managers in the Sonoma and Marin County area can work with Junk King to take care of foreclosure cleanouts. We make sure that every removal job goes fast and smooth without damaging the property or slowing down your timeline.
  • Individuals who have inherited an estate or invested in a foreclosure property? Do yourself a huge favor by starting with a cleanout! Don’t make the mistake of thinking you should clean out the property by yourself. Our guys do the muscle work to lift and remove everything safely and cleanly. Save your back, save your sweat, and get to work flipping the house right away!

We’re Experts on Foreclosure Cleanouts

Expertise and experience counts when it comes to handling junk removal. Foreclosed homes often have surprising amounts of trash, broken appliances, and left behind furniture.

Our insured, trained crews remove all sorts of materials for complete foreclosure cleanouts:

  • Furniture, appliances, mattresses
  • Trash and debris
  • Construction and renovation debris
  • Electronic waste


Enjoy a Huge Impact on Home Sales

When your goal is cleaning up and selling a property, you don’t want to spend your time dealing with garbage. Use your time and energy focusing on renovation and real estate deals while we do the hauling.

Marin County foreclosure cleanouts help you turn a profit quickly. You need a professional-quality cleanout to start down the right path to renovating and staging the house to paint the property in the best light.


We Make Foreclosure Cleanouts Easy and Convenient

We do everything to accommodate your schedule and budget. Book online and call us, and we’ll show up for a free estimate. We always call 15 minutes before arrival, and you just have to point at what needs to be hauled away. Before we start working, we give you a simple estimate based on the scope of the work, with no hidden fees.

By hiring expert junk haulers to clean up, you know that the house will get emptied without nicking the walls or damaging the floors. We bring the people, trucks, and vans to make the job fast and efficient — the lowest stress, best results option for foreclosure cleanouts in Marin County.