Enjoy convenient household junk removal in Marin

Wondering how to get residential junk removal at your home? Do you have enough scrap that could fill up your entire living room? When you have a busy life, need to go to work or if you have children to take care of, junk removal can be an impossible thing to do on your own.

This is when you need a professional household junk removal services in Marin, California. Junk King has the ability to collect all types of junk from your house and dispose it responsibly. Just pick up the phone and call Junk King for all your junk removal needs. We have a large team of dedicated people who are always ready to answer your queries and solve your problem at the earliest.

We do not discriminate in terms of the kind of junk. Whether you have old mattresses, sofas, beds, machines, rags or even a commode, we can take care of everything. We pick up every bit of thing that you consider waste. We have a fair policy about home junk removal. Which means, if it is a junk for you we take it away.