Junk vs Garbage: What’s The Difference?

When you think of the words junk and garbage, the same image may pop into your head. However, they aren't the same thing. You need to compare junk vs garbage so that you know the differences and how you should deal with each.

Junk vs garbage: size difference

Garbage is a collection of small, random objects that you want to get rid of. Thanks to the limitations provided to us by garbage bags, the total size of a pile of garbage usually doesn't get out of control.

A big difference in junk vs garbage is size. Junk is usually big and heavy. This makes it difficult to move around.

Junk vs garbage: sanitation concerns

Garbage is gross. Comprised mostly of old food and things that you would never eat — or touch — at all, your garbage poses a serious sanitation concern. As such, you need to regularly get rid of it. Otherwise, it will start to stink up your house.

Junk doesn't normally pose a sanitation concern.

Certain recyclable materials could also pose a sanitation concern. For example, food containers are unclean and wet cardboard attracts mold.

Junk vs garbage: safety concerns

Because garbage is so gross, it attracts gross things. This includes germs, rats, roaches and all sorts of other vermin. This is a major safety concern.

The type of safety concern created is a big difference in junk vs garbage. Junk presents a different type of safety concern that can be just as dangerous as those created by garbage. Instead of attracting rodents, insects and other pests, junk invites sudden instances of bodily harm. For example, if you have a piece of junk furniture in your home, then it will inevitably be in the way. Because it is not a part of you home's intended design, people will forget that it is there, and trip over it or run into it. This will lead to sprains, soft tissue tears, broken bones, concussions and other types of injuries.

Junk vs garbage: getting rid of it  

Getting rid of garbage is pretty simple. All you need to do is fill up a bag, put it into an outdoor garbage can and slide it out to the designated location for pickup. Because it is managed by the local government, this process is reliable and easy. If you don't want to wait on your local garbage man to get rid of your garbage, then you can take the initiative to take it to any landfill that you want to.

Getting rid of junk isn't so easy. If you try to place junk on the curb, not only will the garbage man ignore it, but you may receive a fine from your local government for putting junk where it isn't supposed to be. Also, not all landfills accept junk, and those that do often only accept specific types of junk. In order to ensure that you can get rid of your junk with no problems, you need to call a professional junk removal service. In addition to trashing unusable items, they can repurpose them for use elsewhere. They will stop by at your convenience and haul all of your junk away to the proper location, no matter how big, cumbersome or awkward it is.

Some of your unwanted things also present the opportunity for environmental responsibility. In the cases of both junk and garbage, you may be able to recycle it instead of throwing it away.

 Junk vs garbage: which do you have?

Knowing the differences between junk vs garbage will help you deal with the things you want to get rid of effectively.