Three Essentials for Organizing Your Garage

The average homeowner’s garage is chock full of random sundries from rakes to power tools, garbage bags, automotive products, sports equipment and beyond. There is absolutely no reason that your garage should look like a pigsty. Imagine a decluttered garage that is perfectly organized. Think about how nice that would be. You would be able to head on out to your car without feeling any sort of anguish. Perhaps more importantly, an organized garage will allow you to find exactly what you need without rummaging through clutter. Let’s take a look at three helpful tips for organizing your garage.

Three-Essentials-for-Organizing-Your-Garage-Junk-Kng-Marin-CAOrganizing Your Garage: Begin by Eliminating the Excess

The typical garage serves as a dumping grounds. Family members rarely think twice before throwing random items in the garage because they aren’t sure where else to put them. Though most of us really do think that we will use these items at some point in the future, the truth is that many of them go unused for months or years.

Make today the day that you take control of your garage. Start by designating items that can be eliminated. Begin with the bulky items that have been collecting dust. Put them outside for Junk King’s junk hauling professionals to pick up and take away. Create a separate pile of items to give to charity or friends. The city of California has laws in place that require the maintenance of one’s surroundings including the garage.

Organizing Your Garage Requires That You Consider the Value of Every Item

Now that you have removed the items that you will not use again it is time to reconsider the utility of what remains. If you have remaining items that don’t have much value and probably won’t be used in the near future, do not hesitate to remove them. Let Junk King haul these items away. You can also store some of them in enclosed compartments. If your garage doesn’t have any cabinets, make use of a workbench. A large workbench is the perfect storage space as it has a combination of drawers, shelves and a pegboard where you can easily store items that would have otherwise been scattered about the garage. There is no sense in leaving any loose items out in the open. They will only get in the way when you are trying to move around in the garage or work on home improvement projects.

Establish Boundaries When Organizing Your Garage

It is imperative that you create zones when organizing your garage. Designate specific spaces for categories of items such as hand tools, power tools, automotive care products, sports equipment etc. Organizing your garage with these zones will help you remember where items belong when it is time to put them away for storage. It will also make it much easier to find exactly what you need in a timely manner.

As you designate spaces of the garage for zones, be sure to keep the center wide open so you have ample space to park your car(s). Don’t forget to leave the sides of the garage free and clear. This will provide enough space for the car doors to open all the way out.

Junk King is Here to Help Simplify Your Garage Organization Project

As you organize your garage you will likely find that you have all sorts of extraneous items, many of which you do not use on a regular basis. Don’t let these items take up space in your garage. Contact Junk King to schedule a haul. Our team will remove your undesired items in a quick, clean and safe manner. Give us a call at 1-888-888-5865 or fill out our online contact form.