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Illegal Dumping Consequences in California

Many places have laws in place which prohibit illegal dumping of trash or waste. These laws are intended to make sure waste gets where it belongs — like a landfill — and doesn’t end up scattered. Regulations protecting certain places, such as marshes or waterways, are usually specifically designed to protect delicate ecosystems, or the local water supply.

California has some of the strictest environmental protections in the nation, and many of the Illegal-Dumping-Consequences-in-California-junk-king-marin-CApenalties for dumping are quite severe. The laws surrounding illegal dumping vary from place to place, and environmentally-conscious cities and counties may have laws that go beyond the state- and federal-level laws. Laws may also change quickly, as new ones are passed and old ones are modified or repealed. You should always check with the most recent state statutes and federal regulations if you have any questions.

Defining Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping typically takes place in large quantities. If you throw a can out of your car’s window, that’s not dumping — it’s littering, and typically comes with a ticket or other mild consequence.

But if you’re dumping large amounts of material in a place that isn’t specifically designated for it, or if you’re irresponsibly disposing of something dangerous (such as even a small quantity of hazardous waste), that’s almost certainly going to be treated as illegal dumping. Because dumping has serious environmental consequences and majorly damages an area’s natural beauty, it’s treated far more seriously than littering.

California’s Laws

California state law says you can be fined up to $10,000 for illegal dumping, and you may receive up to six months of jail time. The exact penalties are typically determined with an eye toward the amount of material being dumped, the location, any dangers the dumped material poses to the environment and the public, and if you’re a repeat offender.

Both individuals and companies can be prosecuted for illegal dumping in California. If a company is held liable, its managers and executives may be penalized if they knew (or should have reasonably known) about the illegal dumping.

Avoiding Dumping Penalties

The best way to avoid penalties for illegal dumping is to not dump your waste in the first place! It can be tempting to just dispose of big items by the side of the road, but that just makes it someone else’s problem. Instead, you should steer clear of legal penalties and keep your conscience clean by hiring a professional junk hauler.

Junk haulers know the best practices for disposing of even unusual items. Most junk-hauling companies (including ours) will handle even large or bulky items, and given enough notice many will even handle items that are hazardous or dangerous. Calling a junk hauler may seem expensive and time-consuming compared to dumping, but the expense is actually negligible compared to dumping fines. Contact us to schedule a pickup today.

Impactful Waste Disposal – Protect the Planet and Your Children’s Future

You are standing on a planet that is in peril — and this isn’t just something you’ll read about on the news, as environmental waste and pollution can end up hurting your family. The good news is, you can do a lot to protect both the entire world and your family by promoting an impactful waste disposal strategy.

How’s Your Water?

Many people don’t make the association between what they throw away and the groundwater, but it’s a powerful one. When someone throws away a piece of electronic equipment, tiny amounts of lead, mercury and other toxins can leech out of that equipment into the ground. Ordinary rain is one of the world’s most powerful agents of breaking down anything, and what comes out may end up making your water toxic. Regular landfills are set up to handle regular trash, but electronics and certain other items need special handling.

It’s Not Just the World — It’s Your Family

It can be tempting to not see the connection between what you do on a daily basis to help the world and how this impacts your family, but the connection is very real. Your children need to drink and bathe in the water that can get better or worse. Your children need to breathe the air that can be clean or polluted. The land will one day provide them with food, and healthy land produces far healthier food. In the same vein, they will one day have children that will also need to inherit the highest quality earth you can provide them with. Isn’t that the most powerful motivation you can think of?


Everyday Hazards You May Not Realize

Many ordinary household items can become dangerous if they aren’t handled properly during their disposal. Partial recycling and chemical treatment are essential to limiting the potentially toxic damage that these items can cause if they aren’t handled properly. Even common household products like shampoo and the food you throw away can become dangerous under the right conditions due to chemical interactions they can have. Beyond that, even more “obvious” dangers like air conditioning units or fridges filled with Freon are too often little more than left outside to leech out their worst parts. Without proper waste handling, this can quickly become a big deal.

Every Piece Counts

You know the world is massive, and often it seems like an ordinary person can’t do very much to change anything. While there are some exceptional people out there, most folks just aren’t making global changes — or so it seems. Every time a piece of toxic trash passes through your hands into a landfill or another less-responsible dumping location, it does make a difference. Further, it’s a difference that your family will eventually recognize as a problem. While you may not feel like you’re making a difference when you use a professional junk removal service, the environment will notice. The rewards you get out of the deal are both a good feeling and the knowledge that you’re protecting the ecosystem everyone needs to survive.

Start Today, Save Tomorrow

It’s tempting in this world to think that what you do today doesn’t make much of a difference, but it most definitely does. Using a quality waste removal company can be the difference between being a superhero versus being that nameless person at the start of a horror movie who never sees it coming. You want to ensure the future for your children, their children and for many generations yet to come, and you can start today by making sure every piece of junk that could hurt the ecosystem is properly hauled away in an environmentally-friendly fashion. Contact us the experts and let us help you make the world a much healthier place to live.

Professional Foreclosure Cleanup Services

Many foreclosed homes have been left in poor condition by the previous occupants and will need Professional - Foreclosure - Cleanup - Services - junk - king - marin - cato be worked on before they can be sold. Junk removal is one of the first tasks that must be handled to get these properties ready for sale. One of the more labor-intensive aspects of a foreclosure cleanup is the hauling away of old furniture, appliances and other debris.

A foreclosure cleanup service like Junk King can service your property on a date that you set. Simply call us, schedule a day for junk removal along with a two-hour window and we will show up to haul away your junk.

A foreclosure cleanup may involve tasks such as:

  • Hauling Away Furniture
    These items are often heavy and time-consuming to move. Depending on where you live, you may not be able to leave old furniture items out on the curb.  You will have to dispose of these items in a way that is both cost effective and environmentally friendly.
  • Electronic Waste Removal
    Electronic waste is a common problem everywhere, including in foreclosed homes where outdated devices may have been abandoned. Disposing of electronic waste can be tricky due to the significant potential for environmental pollution.
  • Removal of Miscellaneous Junk
    Foreclosed properties may be filled with a variety of household junk that can range from children’s toys to old exercise equipment, mattresses and other bulky items. These items can be difficult to move and may pose a challenge when it comes to environmentally safe disposal.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Foreclosure Cleanup Service

  • Reliability
    You want to know that when you schedule a foreclosure cleanup with junk removal service that they will show up on the appointed date and on time.
  • Environmental Friendliness
    Items removed by a foreclosure cleanup service should be disposed off in a way that will not harm the environment, or they should be donated to charity.
  • Professionalism
    They should offer professional service and be licensed and insured. Their staff should also be courteous and they should clean up after themselves.

A foreclosure cleanup generally requires fast work so that the property can be sold as quickly as possible. Contact Junk King and get the ball rolling. We will provide you with upfront pricing and call before showing up for your scheduled appointment. We will also load the junk up quickly so that the property can be made ready for sale. This means that you do not have to worry about moving anything yourself. We will ensure that there is no damage done to the property during the process of carrying junk to our trucks.

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