Professional Foreclosure Cleanup Services

Many foreclosed homes have been left in poor condition by the previous occupants and will need Professional - Foreclosure - Cleanup - Services - junk - king - marin - cato be worked on before they can be sold. Junk removal is one of the first tasks that must be handled to get these properties ready for sale. One of the more labor-intensive aspects of a foreclosure cleanup is the hauling away of old furniture, appliances and other debris.

A foreclosure cleanup service like Junk King can service your property on a date that you set. Simply call us, schedule a day for junk removal along with a two-hour window and we will show up to haul away your junk.

A foreclosure cleanup may involve tasks such as:

  • Hauling Away Furniture
    These items are often heavy and time-consuming to move. Depending on where you live, you may not be able to leave old furniture items out on the curb.  You will have to dispose of these items in a way that is both cost effective and environmentally friendly.
  • Electronic Waste Removal
    Electronic waste is a common problem everywhere, including in foreclosed homes where outdated devices may have been abandoned. Disposing of electronic waste can be tricky due to the significant potential for environmental pollution.
  • Removal of Miscellaneous Junk
    Foreclosed properties may be filled with a variety of household junk that can range from children’s toys to old exercise equipment, mattresses and other bulky items. These items can be difficult to move and may pose a challenge when it comes to environmentally safe disposal.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Foreclosure Cleanup Service

  • Reliability
    You want to know that when you schedule a foreclosure cleanup with junk removal service that they will show up on the appointed date and on time.
  • Environmental Friendliness
    Items removed by a foreclosure cleanup service should be disposed off in a way that will not harm the environment, or they should be donated to charity.
  • Professionalism
    They should offer professional service and be licensed and insured. Their staff should also be courteous and they should clean up after themselves.

A foreclosure cleanup generally requires fast work so that the property can be sold as quickly as possible. Contact Junk King and get the ball rolling. We will provide you with upfront pricing and call before showing up for your scheduled appointment. We will also load the junk up quickly so that the property can be made ready for sale. This means that you do not have to worry about moving anything yourself. We will ensure that there is no damage done to the property during the process of carrying junk to our trucks.