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Tips for Maximizing Your Office Space After Junk Pick Up

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused significant changes in the property market in Marin County, California. According to industry experts interviewed by the North Bay Business Journal, not only are the office rental rates in Marin and surrounding areas lower, but business owners are also more attracted to smaller offices.

The popularity of smaller office spaces may be due the fact that most employees are now working from home and the desire to minimize operating costs as businesses struggle to recoup the losses from the pandemic lockdowns. However, renting a smaller office space does not mean that your items should be stacked on top of each other to leave you with a cramped workspace.

Your first step is to get a company that offers junk pick up services for businesses to take away everything you no longer need. Once you’ve removed all the trash, you should set out to maximize your available office space so that you have a clutter-free, clean workspace that paints your brand in the best possible light.

Below are a few tactics for maximizing your office space.

6 chair and table set in a white office room

Invest in Effective Storage Solutions

Even after getting rid of all the junk, you need storage solutions to hold the items you are left with. Effective storage solutions that occupy minimal floor space are essential when arranging a small office. Here are some storage ideas you can incorporate in your office:

  • Baskets, shelves, drawers, cupboards, dividers, and filing cabinets can be used for organizing stationary.
  • Desk drawers and closed cupboards can hide away your supplies.
  • Secure off-site storage options can hold items that you do not use much, like Christmas decorations, hard copies of important documents, and excess inventory.
  • Digital storage solutions can suffice for documents and large files.
  • Have personal storage for individual workstations in small drawers.
  • Take advantage of wall space with wall-mounted hutches.
  • Get lockers in basements and unused spaces where employees can store their items to free desk space.

full service junk removal  Create Work Zones in the Office

It can be challenging to provide privacy to your employees without making your space look cluttered and smaller.  To avoid creating a cluttered space while guaranteeing privacy, consider having zones for individual and group assignments. You can have furniture like couches and long conference tables in the group assignment zone to host many people when collaborating on projects.

Individual zones are especially meant for employees who want to talk to clients, have private phone calls, or work alone on a project. For these zones, you can have small comfortable workstations which can be insulated with soundproof cubicle stations. To negate too many individual workstations crowding your office, employees can share them and only use them when necessary. Do not forget to include breakout and relaxation spaces since these are important for office productivity.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Sometimes, bright light can make even the smallest room look spacious. Without enough lighting, most employees will line up along windows to maximize the light available to handle their tasks. This darkens your interiors and consequently makes your office look smaller than it already might be, even after a junk pick up company has removed everything you do not need.

If you do not have enough natural lighting, invest in LED lights to keep your office well-illuminated. Furthermore, paint the office with colors like yellow, white, and light blue that reflect light. Light-colored furniture will also go a long way in brightening your workspace to make it look larger than it might be.

Invest in Small Office Furniture

In the past, overlarge chairs and office tables exuded opulence in a workspace. Nowadays, they only cramp your small floor. After getting rid of the large furniture you might have had in the past, invest in small pieces. They should be strong enough to hold a person’s weight and accommodate him/her comfortably.

Standing tables for hosting meetings are also good options for an office aiming for maximum space. Standing has been shown to reduce meeting time by 25%, so these also ensure that people do not waste too much time in unproductive meetings. Besides, there are now innovative furniture designs that can be dismantled to accommodate one person then taken apart for many people. Consider getting these for your small office.

furniture removal guide group 2

Focus on Flexibility

Introducing some flexibility into your small office can dramatically increase its available space. Allow people to work from outside the office when they can so that your office is not always full. This way, you can invest in fewer working desks and still comfortably accommodate your workers. Different areas can also handle multiple tasks. For instance, a dining area can double up as a collaborative meeting space or a breakout area.

Declutter Regularly

Some business owners think that decluttering their offices is a one-off task when moving into a new location. However, regular decluttering is essential to ensure the items you accumulate do not reduce your usable office space. To ensure you keep your office clutter-free, schedule regular cleanout sessions. These can be twice or thrice annually, during which you have a junk pick up service haul all the items you no longer need.

With the above tactics, your partnership with a junk pick up service is sure to be a profitable one for you. There are several waste hauling companies in Marin and its surroundings. However, settling for the cheapest one is not always the prudent choice for a business owner. You need a company that handles business waste and is well-equipped to do so. This way, you are sure that the company will handle your waste correctly.

Junk King is your best choice in Marin for handling your office junk to leave you with maximum office space. We are reliable, and have easy payment plans for businesses. Moreover, we are fully insured, so you are protected in case of any accidents on your premises during junk removal. Contact Junk King today to enjoy a clutter-free spacious office.


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