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Before You Call a Moving Company, Call the Junk Movers

Junk Movers MarinGetting ready to move? Hopefully you’re just changing residences to somewhere nearby—we’re not sure why you’d ever want to leave the Sonoma and Marin County area! When you do need to move, you can save a lot of money and stress by taking care of certain things yourself before calling the moving company. Bring in some junk movers to clear out the dead weight and kick off your move the right way.

Junk King handles everything from furniture and appliances to trash piles and renovation debris. As professional junk movers, we help people in Sonoma and Marin Counties with whatever junk needs to be cleared out so you can better organize and expedite your move.

Here’s why you should call junk movers before bringing in the moving company:

Don’t Move Stuff You Don’t Want

Many families haul around boxes and bags and old furniture that will never be used again. Break the cycle and stop hoarding your junk!

If you know certain things should go away but you can’t bring yourself to do the work or you don’t like saying goodbye to old belongings, ask junk movers to do the task for you. Don’t waste space at your next residence filling up the garage, attic, and closets with things you don’t really want.

Avoid Extra Storage and Moving Fees

When you hire junk movers before a move, you can save yourself a ton of money in the long run. Compare the costs of junk hauling services to the extra moving costs associated with moving more stuff. Plus the cost of storage units and pods. Plus more labor moving into your new home and in any future moves. Pay for junk movers once and never pay other people to move and store the same junk again.

Renovating to Sell? Let Us Clean It Up

In the whirlwind of preparing your current home for market, you can easily create a lot of trash while cleaning and identify items that need to leave while staging the house. Renovation projects will produce even more debris.

Call in junk movers to take care of virtually any kind of mess—from cleaning out the attic or basement to handling piles of lumber, drywall, stones, and metals from construction projects. When you’re selling a house, you have plenty of things to worry about besides cleaning up your reno dust.

Give Yourself Time, Take Away Stress

You probably need to be scouting real estate, researching schools, and generally dealing with other sources of stress during a move. Junk movers can take care of some tough tasks that you don’t need to do yourself—but need to get done.

Before your move, schedule a visit with our junk movers to see how we can alleviate your stress by hauling away piles of junk that stand in your way. You’ll thank yourself for having time to yourself instead of sweating through a week of lifting and hauling boxes and junk.

Simplify your move by removing the dead weight—call the professional junk movers at Junk King before you start packing.

Dumpster Rentals: A Bad Match for Marin County

Recycling dumpster rentals MarinYou might think that you don’t care how you get rid of your junk. You just want it gone, whether that means renting a dumpster or hiring junk movers. Yet consider the many risks and benefits of the two—dumpster rentals leave you with plenty of labor and potential extra costs, while junk hauling takes care of it all in one fell swoop.

Let’s look at some critical considerations before resorting to dumpster rentals:

Dumpster Rentals Marin: A Bad Match for Marin County & Bay Area Streets

Before comparing dumpster rentals and junk hauling services, take note of the fact that dumpsters simply create headaches in Marin County and the Northern Bay Area in general.

Our narrow, curvy streets create logistical problems for the placement of dumpsters. In many cases the dumpster would block the road, creating a hazard for drivers. Cramped spaces on the street also make it difficult to even access the dumpster when you’re handling large debris. Dumpster rentals and Marin County simply don’t mix well.

Cost Effectiveness

Dumpster rentals can potentially make fiscal sense for large, ongoing projects like major home renovations. However, how do you know how much total waste your project will generate? Also, if the dumpster damages your sidewalk and/or lawn, your wallet will take a much bigger hit.

In addition to dumpster rental prices, consider:

  • How will you handle overflow? Would you need to double the cost?
  • Do you really want the risk of damaging the lawn, sidewalk, curb, and street?
  • Are you sure you can handle all the debris and junk yourself, or would you need to pay for labor anyway? (Even with friends helping, you have to thank them somehow.)

Are You Being a Stand-Up Citizen?

Neighbors hate dumpster rentals—not only are they an eyesore, but they smell.

But suppose you don’t concern yourself with what the neighbors think… consider the undeniable hazards. Junk hauling services take care of everything in a short timeframe, while dumpster rentals typically linger for days or longer.

In short, dumpster rentals do not make good neighbors:

  • Kids tend to crawl inside of dumpsters. You might even be liable for injuries.
  • Animals get in, too, tossing garbage around and making a mess.
  • If the dumpster causes damage to community property, you’ll be dealing the city or a homeowners association. Not fun.

How Much Work Will You Put In?

Do you have the time and energy to handle a bunch of junk?—because with dumpster rentals, you do the dirty work.

Include labor when deciding between dumpster rentals and junk hauling services:

  • Dumpster rental companies only drop off and pick up the dumpster. With Junk King, you get the same benefits (getting rid of your trash) but someone else comes and does the heavy lifting and hauling away.
  • Dumpsters can be more high-maintenance than you think. Not everything can easily be tossed into a dumpster. Boxes need to be broken down, dangerous metal rods can stick out, construction debris can be too heavy to lift and throw.
  • The rest of your life won’t pause—do you want to do all the work?

Dumpster Rentals for Commercial  Use

Businesses these days have to worry about scale. Don’t pay for things you don’t use. If your business fills the dumpster every week, dumpster rentals might make sense. Otherwise, consider junk hauling services your on-demand, pay-per-use solution for junk disposal.

If you still can’t decide between dumpster rentals and junk hauling services, call Junk King for a free estimate and more info about our process.

Junk Hauling Marin: Get Your Property Back in Shape!

Junk Hauling Marin County Happy Woman!Need some junk hauling Marin? Well, take back your property! When junk and debris have overrun your home or office and you need help crawling out from under it all, call Junk King.

For professional junk hauling Marin residents enjoy the services from Junk-King to help get their property back to mint condition. When you need to prepare for selling or renting your property—or when you just want your home to feel livable again—it’s time to clear the junk and reclaim your space. When it comes to cleaning up, Junk King does the dirty work.

Junk Hauling Marin: Residential Junk Removal

Stuff: it sure likes to accumulate, doesn’t it? Junk hauling Marin helps you break the cycle of building up unwanted roomfuls of stuff. From children’s forgotten collections to worn-out furniture and appliances, your home and your comfort level take a hit when things pile up.

Junk hurts your property, in fact. Flooring and walls get damaged from unwieldy piles of old junk. Boxes of papers become fire hazards. When it’s time to sell a house, unsightly junk can turn away prospective buyers.

Call Junk King for residential property cleanouts around Marin County, including:

  • Attic, garage, and crawl spaces
  • Leftover stuff from family members and roommates
  • Estate cleanouts for inherited properties
  • Yard waste, DIY renovation projects, and other debris

Junk Hauling Marin: Commercial Junk Hauling

Commercial properties need to be kept squeaky clean. If you have tenants, you know that some of them will leave behind terrible messes that need to be cleaned out before the next tenant arrives. Junk hauling services also help business owners and managers take care of storage and inventory spaces. Your employees need an uncluttered workspace to move forward on the next project. Commercial junk hauling from Junk King includes:

  • Apartment and rental home cleanouts
  • Foreclosures and house flipping
  • Office and retail space cleanouts
  • Construction debris and renovation junk

Junk Hauling Marin: Clean-up Goes Smoothly with Junk King

The pros at Junk King know how to safely, cleanly, and thoroughly clear out your unwanted items. We jumpstart you down the path toward clearing out and straightening up your Bay Area property. When you plan on righting the ship, you have plenty else to worry about—let us take care of the junk hauling.

Junk King can be the superhero you need for your clean-up project:

  • Get a free estimate beforehand.
  • We arrive within a two-hour window and guarantee a price before working.
  • Our professionals know how to sort debris, so items like metal, glass, batteries, etc. get handled appropriately.
  • We do all the heavy lifting.
  • We use our professional trucks and vans to haul away everything.
  • Items will be recycled or donated when possible, or given eco-friendly disposal.

Do you need to get your property back in tip-top shape? Let Junk King haul away the unwanted mess. We handle junk hauling for all sorts of property cleanouts around Marin and the surrounding areas.

At Junk King, we have the experience and skills to turn your most daunting task into a breeze. We also have resources to ensure your junk ends up with environmentally safe, socially responsible disposal. Junk King lets you breathe easy while moving forward with cleaning up your property.

Appliance Disposal Marin: Make Sure it’s Done Right

Appliance Disposal MarinHousehold appliances aren’t just difficult to move—they can be difficult or even illegal to throw away improperly. If you have upgraded your appliances to modern, eco-friendly alternatives, you certainly do not want irresponsible appliance disposal to undo that good.

Do yourself, your home, and the environment a big favor by calling in the pros at Junk King for safe, responsible appliance disposal.

It’s important to take care of appliances the right way for many reasons:

  • Bulky, awkward items are dangerous for many people to try to move.
  • Many appliances contain hazardous materials like mercury or CFCs and cannot be dumped with regular trash.
  • Metal and other materials in appliances can potentially be recycled if handled properly.

Proper Methods of Appliance Disposal

Ultimately, we should all do everything we can to avoid sending household appliances to landfill. If the appliance can still be used, find someone who wants it. If it’s broken, professional junk haulers should handle it to ensure safe disposal.

If you are unsure about whether an item poses a special risk, you can always call Junk King to ask about proper appliance disposal. Air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers often contain chemical refrigerants that contribute to the greenhouse gas effect when disposed of poorly. Mercury can be found in many appliances that have thermometers, from ovens and heaters to laundry machines. These items cannot go with regular bulk trash and should be taken to special facilities.

Get rid of your unwanted items with one of these methods of appliance disposal:

  • Donation. Usable appliances can find a new home. Families in need, college students, or even people trying to furnish a vacation home or guest house could certainly use your unwanted appliances. Find a charity or non-profit group that resells or gifts items and arrange for pick-up or drop-off if possible.
  • Sell it in classifieds. Advertise unwanted appliances in working condition on Craigslist, eBay, local newspapers. Pin a note on the bulletin at your favorite coffee shop. You might put some cash in your pocket or at least find someone with a truck who will take it away.
  • Call junk haulers. Professional hauling services from Junk King ensure proper appliance disposal. We will recycle or donate the item if we can—and if we can’t, the appliance will be disposed of in an eco-friendly way whenever possible. You don’t lift a finger and the appliance disappears.

How Junk King Makes Appliance Disposal Easy

When you make an appointment for appliance disposal through Junk King, you get professionals to come do the heavy lifting and haul away your items. From start to finish, there’s no stress on you.

We know the proper disposal regulations by California law. We have resources for donation, recycling, and disposal around Sonoma and Marin County. When Junk King hauls away your appliances, you know that every item will donated or recycled in the best way possible.

Mattress Disposal Marin County: How NOT To Dispose of an Old Mattress!

Mattress Disposal Marin CountyIs your old mattress hurting your back? Upgrading from queen to king? Mattresses don’t last forever, and they create quite the giant conundrum when it comes to throwing them away. Here’s an explanation of the wrong ways to handle mattress disposal Marin County residents should consider, and alternatives to get rid of mattresses responsibly.

Don’t Just Throw It on the Curb!

Depending on neighborhood rules and your regular trash hauler’s schedule, you might not be able to put a mattress out on your curb or on the sidewalk at certain times. Neighbors might take furniture that you leave out, but it’s far less likely that someone would want to take a chance on a used mattress. Consider the safer bet and call for mattress disposal Marin County residents prefer, the professionals at Junk King.

If you do find a time and place to leave your mattress out for collection or for people to take as a freebie, try to keep it clean. You can find plastic mattress covers at many hardware stores and storage centers.

Don’t Leave It at a Donation Center Without Asking

Many charities will accept a gently used mattress, either to sell in their store or to give to someone in need. However, don’t just drop off your mattress at a donation center without verifying the non-profit’s policies.

Some donation centers may not accept mattresses, or they might require an appointment for drop-off. Among options for mattress disposal Marin County residents should consider donating only when someone else wants the item.

Don’t Drive Unsafely With a Mattress

If you’re going to drive with a mattress strapped onto your vehicle or sticking out of the trunk, be very careful. The weight of a mattress can make tie-down systems fail, especially at highway speeds.

If the mattress is blocking the driver’s view, you risk causing an accident just because you’re trying to get rid of a mattress. If you don’t have a safe way of handling the mattress yourself, it’s better to call Junk King for mattress disposal Marin County homeowners trust to handle such large items.

The RIGHT Ways for Mattress Disposal Marin County

Dispose of mattresses properly so it doesn’t become a big chore and you don’t break any local rules. Better methods of mattress disposal Marin County residents can use include:

  • Call on Junk King professional removal services.
  • Use an appropriate vehicle to drop the mattress off at a donation center ready to accept it.
  • Make arrangements to sell or give away the mattress appropriately, such as through a yard sale.

We can handle bulk trash in a breeze to clear out your unwanted spaces, so you don’t break your back or worry about an unsightly mess at your curb! For proper mattress disposal Marin County can trust Junk King.

Haul Junk Away: Wait! Share It First

Haul Junk Away MarinBefore we haul junk away for you, consider ways to donate, sell, or give away your unwanted items. Junk King proudly participates in a number of recycling programs and can bring some good quality items to donation centers, as well. However, you can actually reduce the load for us to haul away and feel good about sharing your collection of “junk” before we get there.

Finding new homes for things before we haul junk away has several benefits:

  • Donate items to a non-profit organization of your choice
  • Help the environment by sorting and recycling things
  • Make some money by selling decent quality items
  • Let your friends have things you no longer need
  • Engage your community through a garage sale or yard sale

Here’s a look at the many ways you can reduce your load of trash and make the process greener by sharing your junk with others before we haul junk away for good.

Sell what you can on Craigslist and eBay

Before we haul junk away, why not make a little money by selling your usable goods? You might never want to see that old couch again, but chances are good that a local college student wouldn’t mind the stains. You can offer virtually anything up for sale on Craigslist from furniture and appliances to paintings, magazine collections, baseball cards, you name it. You can also sell things on eBay and require that the buyer is local and can pick up the item themselves.

Tell friends on social media about what’s up for grabs

When you’re planning your cleaning project, it can’t hurt to announce to friends on social media that you need to get rid of some things. Perhaps a friend has always admired your collection of souvenir cups from Giants games and they’d be happy to come take them away. We haul junk frequently that could surely be used by someone else, so why not see if your friends are interested?

Junk King recycles everything we can, but many items are better off being re-purposed rather than recycled. If you can send some items off to new homes before we haul junk away, you can help your friends and reduce the amount of junk being taken away.

Hold a garage sale or yard sale

Good old-fashioned garage sales and yard sales are another way to prevent things from going to landfill and make a few bucks while you’re at it. Sell anything in good condition that would otherwise be junk for us to handle and clean up your home even further by selling other things that are just sitting around. We haul junk to donation centers and recycle what we can, but it’s even more efficient for you to sell some things beforehand.

Let Junk King recycle or dispose of the rest

You may not be able to find a new home for all your belongings, and that’s okay. Junk King recycles up to 60% of everything when we haul junk. We can look for charitable organizations that would accept items as donations, and we can take scraps and debris like wood and metal to industrial recycling centers.

We’re happy to help make the whole process more environmentally friendly and provide good quality items to people in need. If you can give away or repurpose things before we haul junk away in our trucks, you’re helping the community and the environment even more.

Junk Pick Up Marin County: 5 Signs You Need to Call Us

Junk Pick Up Marin CountyIt’s far easier to let junk haulers do the work when you have a build-up of junk or debris. Construction managers and real estate professional can attest that cleaning things out goes a lot more smoothly with a professional junk pick up. Marin County residents: If you’ve never used junk hauling services before and you’re unsure whether your situation warrants it, consider these five signs that you need to call Junk King:

There’s no way this junk can fit in your trunk!

Oversized items, debris from DIY renovation projects, or simply large amounts of garbage can quickly fill up your vehicle. Schedule a junk pick up to handle things safely and efficiently instead. It’s not worth damaging your car’s upholstery or wasting fuel making multiple trips to dumpsters and recycling centers. Let us know what you have and we’ll send a big enough truck to make sure we get everything in one junk pick up visit.

Are you even allowed to throw this in the regular trash?

If you have trash that’s unsuitable for normal garbage, calling for junk pick up helps you get rid of everything in one fell swoop. You shouldn’t hold on to trash waiting for next week’s garbage collection, and you shouldn’t risk throwing items in the trash that don’t belong in there. Other than serious hazardous waste, Junk King can take absolutely anything.

The house needs to be ready for market ASAP.

When selling your home, you face a whirlwind of chores and cleaning and decorating projects. We’re here to handle junk pick up jobs like cleaning out attics and basements, clearing out unwanted belongings, or even removing old appliances and furniture you don’t need. Removing the junk will help prepare the home to sell and make it seem a lot more spacious.

This is way more than a one-person job.

Go ahead and call for junk pick up if you would otherwise need to call a friend or relative to come help out. Everyone secretly resents it when you ask for help moving things, so let them off the hook. That friend with a pick-up? Don’t be yet another person asking him to use it for a weekend. Instead, relax with your friends while Junk King does the heavy lifting.

You get teased about going on Hoarders: Buried Alive.

If your loved ones have been ribbing you about how your trash pile is big enough to go on reality TV, it’s time to call Junk King. Our crews have been featured on Hoarders: Buried Alive for good reason. If it’s too much stuff to sort through, if you have a room that’s unusable, or if a collection has gotten unwieldy and you don’t know how to get rid of it… call us for a junk pick up to take care of the mess. You’ll feel a lot better afterward.

Junk Pick Up Marin County: If you can relate to any of these situations—or if you simply don’t know where to begin—get in touch with us today for a free estimate and to schedule a junk pick up.

Junk Hauling Service Marin: Organize Your Life

Junk Hauling Service MarinSimplifying your life? Or simply emptying a home to sell it? When you’re facing a cleanout project, you need junk hauling services to swiftly remove junk and debris so you can move forward with your new use for the space.

Comprehensive junk hauling service Marin:

  • Attic and basement cleaning projects
  • Move out and real estate services
  • Removal of old appliances and construction debris
  • Taking care of items with special recycling or disposal needs

Clear Your Spaces and Clear Your Mind

Want to clean and organize, yet every time you start you end up making a bigger mess than before? Sometimes you just need to hit the reset button. If you have an attic, basement, or garage full of stuff that doesn’t have a place and doesn’t have a use, think about a junk hauling service to get rid of it and start with a clean space.

Help from a junk hauling service works wonders if you have pack-rat tendencies or a hoarding situation. Junk King can be the helping hand you need to give your cleaning project the jumpstart it needs.

Clean Everything Out Before Renovating

When you want to start a renovation project or build a home addition, you need to clear the space—and the debris if your project begins with tearing down a wall or structure.

We see lots of beautiful homes being constructed and remodeling in the area, and we’re happy to offer junk hauling service Marin County residents looking to clean things out before making things new.

Real Estate and Foreclosure Services

If you’ve acquired a house or other property and want to flip it, move into it, or get it ready for new tenants, call on the junk hauling service pros to clear out the old resident’s stuff.

Junk King has a comprehensive junk hauling service for anyone moving out or moving in of a home or office. We also provide detailed estimates for foreclosure cleanouts and other commercial needs.

We Handle All the Junk at Once

As junk hauling experts, we can handle unwanted items while also taking appropriate care of items like electronics and appliances, mattresses and large furniture, and other junk and debris that needs to be disposed of properly.

Junk King offers a comprehensive junk hauling service all at once, then we recycle or dispose of everything properly. Don’t waste your own time figuring out where and how to get rid of large, awkward, or dangerous debris. We have the experience and resources to give priority to recycling options and appropriately dispose of everything, offering time-saving junk hauling Marin County residents can rely on for professional, responsible cleanouts.

Haul Away Junk: Tiburon and Belvedere

Haul Away Junk Tiburon BelvedereHaul away junk in Tiburon and Belvedere

Junk King can help with all of your clean-ups, renovations, and construction projects around Tiburon and Belvedere by disposing of virtually any size and kind of junk. Let us haul away junk and take a huge burden off of your shoulders!

Call in the pros at Junk King for a wide variety of junk disposal jobs:

  • Construction and renovation debris
  • Large appliances and electronics
  • Landscaping and yard waste
  • Moving out of a home
  • Disposing of a renter’s junk left behind
  • Recycling all items and materials possible

Enjoy your free time, let us do the work

Tiburon and Belvedere have plenty of things to do that are a lot more fun that sorting through junk. Let us haul away junk for you! We can do it extremely fast and efficiently so you can go take care other business, or better yet, get back to your weekend fun.

From heavy lifting to getting things in a truck to finding a destination for the stuff, you would need to give up a lot of time and energy to dispose of your junk yourself. As professional junk haulers, Junk King comes with the experience and resources to quickly gather everything up and haul away junk in no time—so you can enjoy more free time.

Jumpstart your renovation or cleaning project

If you’re moving into a home, performing renovations, or preparing to move out, chances are that some point in the process will generate too much trash and debris to simply throw away. Think of Junk King as a helpful partner to make your next project get going and move along quickly.

You’ll need to haul away junk in order to clean things up, paint a room, install new fixtures, or prepare a home for renters. We help homeowners in Tiburon and Belvedere take care of all clean-out and debris removal needs during construction and renovation. Give yourself the opportunity to focus on the other aspects of your project and let Junk King haul away junk.

Recycle and responsibly dispose of trash

We’re proud of recycling everything we possibly can at Junk King. From taking construction debris to recycling centers to finding charitable donation centers for unwanted belongings, we make sure that nothing goes to waste if it can find a new home.

Driving from Tiburon peninsula to recycling centers all over Marin County would be a major chore for you, but it’s easy for professional junk haulers to make it happen. We have resources throughout the Bay Area to help us responsibly haul away junk from Tiburon and Belvedere and help everything avoid the landfill.

Think of Junk King when you need to haul away junk from Tiburon, Belvedere, or anywhere in Marin County!

Hiring a Junk Hauling Service | Junk Hauling Service Marin County

Junk Hauling Service MarinDon’t fall into the trap of thinking that junk hauling is something you can do by yourself. Many people tell themselves that getting rid of something must be easy and simple, but it quickly becomes a major headache and backache to try a big DIY junk removal task. If you want proof of why it’s better to bring in hired guns, consider these important benefits of hiring a professional junk hauling service:

1. Get the job done fast.

A professional junk hauling service let you check something off your to-do list in a hurry. Instead of taking up a day or a weekend, you can just schedule the removal and go about your business. A team of trained and experienced junk haulers can make short work of the job, efficiently and swiftly picking up large objects, collecting debris, and sweeping up messes. Instead of scratching your head and strategizing, Junk King can get rid of your trash at blazing speed.

2. You have plenty of other stuff to do.

When you’re considering hiring a junk hauling service to take care of your unwanted stuff, chances are good that you have other things to worry about, too. Whether you’re in the middle of moving homes, cleaning out an estate property or a foreclosed home, or relocating a business, you have other things on your plate besides figuring out how to safely and responsibly take care of junk.

3. Don’t abuse your family or employees.

Nobody wants to get roped into a favor like cleaning out a bunch of trash. Your employees probably don’t consider it part of their job description, and your friends and family will be really put out if you make them take care of your trash. A junk hauling company like Junk King exists to ease this burden on your behalf.

4. Avoid ice packs and painkillers.

Many junk hauling jobs are physically exhausting and potentially unsafe for amateurs. It’s better to have strong, able, and fully insured junk haulers do the tough jobs. We have the staff and resources to take care of heavy and awkward items as well as junk with sharp edges, broken glass, and protruding nails. Save yourself the trouble!

5. Don’t dirty up your car or truck.

Just like you don’t want to throw out your back hauling garbage, you can also hire a junk hauling service to avoid messing up your car, truck, or van. Lots of debris can end up ripping auto upholstery and scratching glass, and you may end up needing a costly detail cleaning.

6. Dispose of everything the best way and recycle everything possible.

Trash disposal has more regulations than you might realize. Junk King knows the specifics of Marin County and California laws and the best methods of disposing all sorts of materials. From glass and wood to electronic waste and more, junk hauling pros take care of everything in one fell swoop so you don’t have to contact all the recycling centers, junkyards, and dumpster companies.

7. You’ll end up spending money on the DIY project anyway.

If you think you’ll save money by doing it yourself instead of hiring a junk hauling service, think about all the little costs that will add up. Trash bags, boxes, truck and van rental, and other resources can make the DIY method unnecessarily costly. Add in the potential for injury and medical bills, as well as the value of your own time, and suddenly the junk hauling company can end up saving you money.