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Getting Rid of An Old Couch: The Story of Gertrude the Couch

Getting Rid of an Old Couch - Gertrude

This is Gertrude

FREE COUCH: yellow and orange, coffee & other miscellaneous stains, lumpy, missing pillows, slightly smelly, Fido & Kittens loved it. We’ll affectionately call her Gertrude the couch. She’s free, we know you’ll love her as much as we did… 30 years ago.

You’ve seen Gertrude.  She’s sitting in your neighbor’s driveway with a FREE sign pinned on her. She’s been sitting there for a week now. The college kid/friend/charity that was supposed to pick her up rejected her. The FREE sign showed up the next day.  No takers yet.  And now poor Gertrude has been there for a week.  The two nights of rain, neighborhood cat’s using it as scratching post, and dog’s mistaking it for a fire hydrant or chew toy has done it no additional help.

Getting rid of an old couch like Gertrude is often easier said than done.

Charities are often picky and won’t take old furniture.  A trip to the landfill can be costly.  And FREE furniture removal isn’t always as good as you’d think, especially when it comes to getting rid of an old couch. Let’s face it nobody wants junk.

That’s where Junk King Marin can help put Gertrude the ugly FREE couch out of her misery – and get her off of your sidewalk and out of your sight.

Junk King’s professional junk haulers will:

  • schedule a convenient time for pick-up
  • arrive with a truck large enough to remove even the largest, heaviest, ugliest couch
  • quickly and conveniently remove the unsightly couch and any other junk still residing within it – potato chips, smelly socks, old TV remotes
  • clean up and dispose of any remaining stuffing, pillows and other ugly sofa debris that may have been strewn across the sidewalk
  • haul all of the junk away and dispose of it properly including eco-friendly recycling
  • help you with getting rid of an old couch!

Junk King Marin junk disposal experts are licensed and insured.  We provide professional, courteous junk pick-up services that will leave you junk free, worry free, and ugly sofa FREE.

Why Is it Important to Recycle Computers?

Recycle_Computers_Junk_King_MarinThere are two kinds of bad garbage: the kind that doesn’t biodegrade, and the hazardous kind that pollutes our environment now. Computers and other electronic waste fall into both categories which is why it is important to recycle computers.

Hazardous materials. It’s important to recycle computers because they usually contain hazardous chemicals and metals that can poison our soil, water, and air. When sent to landfills, computers become dangerous garbage that leaks out hazardous chemicals.

Computers typically contain hazardous materials including mercury, lead, cadmium, lithium, and others. Older computer monitors with cathode ray tubes (like in old televisions) contain lead also.

Nonrenewable materials. The other components of computers include plastics and other engineered materials as well as various metals and precious elements. When we recycle computers, we prevent these materials from sitting permanently in landfills.

Recycle Computers to Follow California Law

The state of California has specific laws governing how to dispose of e-waste like computers. California considers any “covered electronic devices” to be e-waste.

Recycle computers to make sure you follow the laws! If you’re unsure how to recycle electronics, call on junk hauling experts to take care of it for you. This is about taking care of the environment and the people of California as well as protecting the planet.

Find a Loving Home for Usable Items

Keeping up with the latest technologies doesn’t have to mean that your old computers become garbage. You can recycle computers by giving them new life—just find a school, charity, or maybe a neighbor who needs it more than you do!

Your old computer may seem obsolete to you, but children and schools can often find use for any functioning computer. Reusing is even more green than the recycling process, and you can feel good (and maybe even score a tax deduction) by helping someone else.

Don’t Leave a Trail of Personal Info

Privacy is another great reason to recycle computers. Even when everything has been deleted from your computer the normal way, like dragging files to the “trash,” your data can still potentially be recovered by criminals.

Don’t let computers sit around your house forever. Eventually you may forget to take care of the problem. Wipe the hard drive permanently before you recycle computers. Then you’ll rest easy knowing that your personal data and financial information cannot be recovered by the wrong hands.

Finding a location to recycle computers can be difficult. Make it easy by hiring junk hauling services to take care of your electronic waste and any other unwanted debris—Junk King always finds a safe, green disposal method for everything we haul.

Computer Recycling Marin County

Old Computer Recycling Marin CountyEveryone wants the latest and greatest technology, but this often means we leave our old computers around collecting dust. When your business needs to upgrade hardware or your home needs to clear out old electronics, you have eco-friendly options to recycle computers and other e-waste.

Want to Know the Right Way for Computer Recycling Marin County?

Whether you simply want to call Junk King to come to you and take your items away, or you want to personally dispose of your unwanted electronics, you can find ways to safely and responsibly recycle computers.

Here are some options for doing the greenest thing when disposing of old or broken computers:

Donate to a Charity or Neighbor

Sometimes your favorite local school, religious organization, or charity will hold events to recycle computers and other electronics. If you can hold onto your items until the next donation drive or swap meet, you may be able to support your local community by donating.

Your computer may seem slow or outdated to you, but kids just need basic computers for homework. Ask around the neighborhood and someone might just want to take it off your hands.

Find a Specialty Recycler and Drop Off Your Items

You can try asking electronics stores if they will accept your computer. Some stores and repair shops schedule specific dates throughout the year when they will recycle computers. Just be sure to confirm a time before driving out somewhere to drop off your computer. If you can’t make it work with their scheduling, you can always have Junk King come to you to pick up your computers and electronics for recycling.

Junk King Will Pick Up and Recycle Computers

You can always say goodbye to your old computer by calling Junk King to haul it away. As junk removal experts, we understand the importance of responsibly recycling and disposing of all electronic waste. Some of the materials inside computers create a toxic mess at the landfill, and we make sure to recycle every single part possible.

For computer recycling Marin County… here’s how it works:

  • Schedule a time for pick-up
  • We show up, you point out the electronics to be recycled
  • We find charities to take computers in good condition
  • If the computer isn’t functioning, we find an eco-friendly recycling option

Safety Tip: Wipe Your Hard Drive Before Recycling Computers

Before donating an old computer, make sure to delete all personal information from the computer. Simply deteling files isn’t enough—you need to really wipe the computer clean. Even if you’re giving the computer to a friend, you can’t control what will happen with it years later. Look up ways to clear your hard drive or securely erase all data from the computer before sending it away.

Junk King works with recycling facilities and charitable organizations around Marin County to find new homes for old and broken computers. No e-waste needs to wind up in a landfill, and you don’t need to let old computers and peripherals take up space in your home or office.

If you have old desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, or other computer accessories sitting around, call us today to learn about our environmentally safe methods to recycle computers.

Appliance Disposal Marin: Make Sure it’s Done Right

Appliance Disposal MarinHousehold appliances aren’t just difficult to move—they can be difficult or even illegal to throw away improperly. If you have upgraded your appliances to modern, eco-friendly alternatives, you certainly do not want irresponsible appliance disposal to undo that good.

Do yourself, your home, and the environment a big favor by calling in the pros at Junk King for safe, responsible appliance disposal.

It’s important to take care of appliances the right way for many reasons:

  • Bulky, awkward items are dangerous for many people to try to move.
  • Many appliances contain hazardous materials like mercury or CFCs and cannot be dumped with regular trash.
  • Metal and other materials in appliances can potentially be recycled if handled properly.

Proper Methods of Appliance Disposal

Ultimately, we should all do everything we can to avoid sending household appliances to landfill. If the appliance can still be used, find someone who wants it. If it’s broken, professional junk haulers should handle it to ensure safe disposal.

If you are unsure about whether an item poses a special risk, you can always call Junk King to ask about proper appliance disposal. Air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers often contain chemical refrigerants that contribute to the greenhouse gas effect when disposed of poorly. Mercury can be found in many appliances that have thermometers, from ovens and heaters to laundry machines. These items cannot go with regular bulk trash and should be taken to special facilities.

Get rid of your unwanted items with one of these methods of appliance disposal:

  • Donation. Usable appliances can find a new home. Families in need, college students, or even people trying to furnish a vacation home or guest house could certainly use your unwanted appliances. Find a charity or non-profit group that resells or gifts items and arrange for pick-up or drop-off if possible.
  • Sell it in classifieds. Advertise unwanted appliances in working condition on Craigslist, eBay, local newspapers. Pin a note on the bulletin at your favorite coffee shop. You might put some cash in your pocket or at least find someone with a truck who will take it away.
  • Call junk haulers. Professional hauling services from Junk King ensure proper appliance disposal. We will recycle or donate the item if we can—and if we can’t, the appliance will be disposed of in an eco-friendly way whenever possible. You don’t lift a finger and the appliance disappears.

How Junk King Makes Appliance Disposal Easy

When you make an appointment for appliance disposal through Junk King, you get professionals to come do the heavy lifting and haul away your items. From start to finish, there’s no stress on you.

We know the proper disposal regulations by California law. We have resources for donation, recycling, and disposal around Sonoma and Marin County. When Junk King hauls away your appliances, you know that every item will donated or recycled in the best way possible.

Haul Junk Away: Wait! Share It First

Haul Junk Away MarinBefore we haul junk away for you, consider ways to donate, sell, or give away your unwanted items. Junk King proudly participates in a number of recycling programs and can bring some good quality items to donation centers, as well. However, you can actually reduce the load for us to haul away and feel good about sharing your collection of “junk” before we get there.

Finding new homes for things before we haul junk away has several benefits:

  • Donate items to a non-profit organization of your choice
  • Help the environment by sorting and recycling things
  • Make some money by selling decent quality items
  • Let your friends have things you no longer need
  • Engage your community through a garage sale or yard sale

Here’s a look at the many ways you can reduce your load of trash and make the process greener by sharing your junk with others before we haul junk away for good.

Sell what you can on Craigslist and eBay

Before we haul junk away, why not make a little money by selling your usable goods? You might never want to see that old couch again, but chances are good that a local college student wouldn’t mind the stains. You can offer virtually anything up for sale on Craigslist from furniture and appliances to paintings, magazine collections, baseball cards, you name it. You can also sell things on eBay and require that the buyer is local and can pick up the item themselves.

Tell friends on social media about what’s up for grabs

When you’re planning your cleaning project, it can’t hurt to announce to friends on social media that you need to get rid of some things. Perhaps a friend has always admired your collection of souvenir cups from Giants games and they’d be happy to come take them away. We haul junk frequently that could surely be used by someone else, so why not see if your friends are interested?

Junk King recycles everything we can, but many items are better off being re-purposed rather than recycled. If you can send some items off to new homes before we haul junk away, you can help your friends and reduce the amount of junk being taken away.

Hold a garage sale or yard sale

Good old-fashioned garage sales and yard sales are another way to prevent things from going to landfill and make a few bucks while you’re at it. Sell anything in good condition that would otherwise be junk for us to handle and clean up your home even further by selling other things that are just sitting around. We haul junk to donation centers and recycle what we can, but it’s even more efficient for you to sell some things beforehand.

Let Junk King recycle or dispose of the rest

You may not be able to find a new home for all your belongings, and that’s okay. Junk King recycles up to 60% of everything when we haul junk. We can look for charitable organizations that would accept items as donations, and we can take scraps and debris like wood and metal to industrial recycling centers.

We’re happy to help make the whole process more environmentally friendly and provide good quality items to people in need. If you can give away or repurpose things before we haul junk away in our trucks, you’re helping the community and the environment even more.

Haul Away Junk: Tiburon and Belvedere

Haul Away Junk Tiburon BelvedereHaul away junk in Tiburon and Belvedere

Junk King can help with all of your clean-ups, renovations, and construction projects around Tiburon and Belvedere by disposing of virtually any size and kind of junk. Let us haul away junk and take a huge burden off of your shoulders!

Call in the pros at Junk King for a wide variety of junk disposal jobs:

  • Construction and renovation debris
  • Large appliances and electronics
  • Landscaping and yard waste
  • Moving out of a home
  • Disposing of a renter’s junk left behind
  • Recycling all items and materials possible

Enjoy your free time, let us do the work

Tiburon and Belvedere have plenty of things to do that are a lot more fun that sorting through junk. Let us haul away junk for you! We can do it extremely fast and efficiently so you can go take care other business, or better yet, get back to your weekend fun.

From heavy lifting to getting things in a truck to finding a destination for the stuff, you would need to give up a lot of time and energy to dispose of your junk yourself. As professional junk haulers, Junk King comes with the experience and resources to quickly gather everything up and haul away junk in no time—so you can enjoy more free time.

Jumpstart your renovation or cleaning project

If you’re moving into a home, performing renovations, or preparing to move out, chances are that some point in the process will generate too much trash and debris to simply throw away. Think of Junk King as a helpful partner to make your next project get going and move along quickly.

You’ll need to haul away junk in order to clean things up, paint a room, install new fixtures, or prepare a home for renters. We help homeowners in Tiburon and Belvedere take care of all clean-out and debris removal needs during construction and renovation. Give yourself the opportunity to focus on the other aspects of your project and let Junk King haul away junk.

Recycle and responsibly dispose of trash

We’re proud of recycling everything we possibly can at Junk King. From taking construction debris to recycling centers to finding charitable donation centers for unwanted belongings, we make sure that nothing goes to waste if it can find a new home.

Driving from Tiburon peninsula to recycling centers all over Marin County would be a major chore for you, but it’s easy for professional junk haulers to make it happen. We have resources throughout the Bay Area to help us responsibly haul away junk from Tiburon and Belvedere and help everything avoid the landfill.

Think of Junk King when you need to haul away junk from Tiburon, Belvedere, or anywhere in Marin County!

Hiring a Junk Hauling Service | Junk Hauling Service Marin County

Junk Hauling Service MarinDon’t fall into the trap of thinking that junk hauling is something you can do by yourself. Many people tell themselves that getting rid of something must be easy and simple, but it quickly becomes a major headache and backache to try a big DIY junk removal task. If you want proof of why it’s better to bring in hired guns, consider these important benefits of hiring a professional junk hauling service:

1. Get the job done fast.

A professional junk hauling service let you check something off your to-do list in a hurry. Instead of taking up a day or a weekend, you can just schedule the removal and go about your business. A team of trained and experienced junk haulers can make short work of the job, efficiently and swiftly picking up large objects, collecting debris, and sweeping up messes. Instead of scratching your head and strategizing, Junk King can get rid of your trash at blazing speed.

2. You have plenty of other stuff to do.

When you’re considering hiring a junk hauling service to take care of your unwanted stuff, chances are good that you have other things to worry about, too. Whether you’re in the middle of moving homes, cleaning out an estate property or a foreclosed home, or relocating a business, you have other things on your plate besides figuring out how to safely and responsibly take care of junk.

3. Don’t abuse your family or employees.

Nobody wants to get roped into a favor like cleaning out a bunch of trash. Your employees probably don’t consider it part of their job description, and your friends and family will be really put out if you make them take care of your trash. A junk hauling company like Junk King exists to ease this burden on your behalf.

4. Avoid ice packs and painkillers.

Many junk hauling jobs are physically exhausting and potentially unsafe for amateurs. It’s better to have strong, able, and fully insured junk haulers do the tough jobs. We have the staff and resources to take care of heavy and awkward items as well as junk with sharp edges, broken glass, and protruding nails. Save yourself the trouble!

5. Don’t dirty up your car or truck.

Just like you don’t want to throw out your back hauling garbage, you can also hire a junk hauling service to avoid messing up your car, truck, or van. Lots of debris can end up ripping auto upholstery and scratching glass, and you may end up needing a costly detail cleaning.

6. Dispose of everything the best way and recycle everything possible.

Trash disposal has more regulations than you might realize. Junk King knows the specifics of Marin County and California laws and the best methods of disposing all sorts of materials. From glass and wood to electronic waste and more, junk hauling pros take care of everything in one fell swoop so you don’t have to contact all the recycling centers, junkyards, and dumpster companies.

7. You’ll end up spending money on the DIY project anyway.

If you think you’ll save money by doing it yourself instead of hiring a junk hauling service, think about all the little costs that will add up. Trash bags, boxes, truck and van rental, and other resources can make the DIY method unnecessarily costly. Add in the potential for injury and medical bills, as well as the value of your own time, and suddenly the junk hauling company can end up saving you money.

Tiburon Junk Removal: How Recycling Has a Positive Impact

Tiburon Junk RemovalIf you look into how exactly recycling helps the environment, you can learn a lot about the different materials that should be recycled. It also helps reveal why it’s important to repurpose things when you no longer need them instead of just throwing them in the regular trash.

At Junk King, our approach to junk removal is tied to how we find ways of recycling tons of stuff that might otherwise be headed to the dump. We prefer to have a positive impact instead of contributing to that giant island of garbage building up in the Pacific Ocean. We also like finding new homes for old clothing and belongings by donating them to local charities, too. In Marin County from the Bay to Tiburon junk removal through Junk King ensures maximum recycling efforts.

Junk Removal + Recycling efforts help all of us:

  • reduce the amount of garbage sent to landfills.
  • reduce the emissions created by manufacturing.
  • protect ecosystems from being destroyed for resources.
  • slow down climate change by cutting back on burning fuels.
  • help businesses re-use materials efficiently.
  • Recycling residential items as much as possible

We often think of recycling as a thing to do with aluminum cans, glass bottles, and paper. It’s great to recycle those things on a daily basis, but what about the junk filling up your attic or basement? Your neighborhood recycling program probably only handles a certain few types of items, but there are many more things that can be recycled. Using a junk removal specialist like Junk-King will help you to ensure that we are doing as much as possible to help in these efforts.

Lots of unwanted home items can be recycled such as wooden, metal, or plastic furniture; electronics (which really shouldn’t be thrown in the garbage); and many fabrics and other materials. This means chopping down fewer trees, using less petroleum to make virgin plastics, and mining for less virgin metals. And the whole process burns fewer emissions than making brand new goods from scratch.

If your property needs clearing out, Junk King offers Tiburon junk removal and services throughout the rest of Marin County to make your cleaning efforts greener.

Recycling efforts at Junk King

When we headed out to a big Tiburon junk removal job at a neighborhood development site, we we were able to take massive amounts of wood debris to a recycling service. When we clean out office buildings, we often end up with a variety of metal and plastics that can all be recycled. And when we clean out homes, basements, and attics, we find recyclables as well as unwanted goods that can be given away to non-profits.

We’ve handled large-scale commercial recycling efforts when cleaning out business offices. This includes heavy metals and industrial items as well as things like large amounts of wood from our recent Tiburon junk removal project. We made sure 100% of the wood debris from a construction site were recycled. That sort of thing helps reduce the impact of deforestation.

All of this recycling activity goes toward reducing the need for burning fossil fuels and destroying habitats. Getting rid of junk doesn’t have to mean trashing the earth; it’s actually one of the greenest things you can do when you need Tiburon junk removal and debris clearing throughout the Sonoma and Marin Counties.