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Great Ways To Go Green Around Your House

Miami is a town known for its beauty. It earns that reputation thanks to the residents who take pride in their homes and in the city. When given the chance to recycle, Miami residents always step up. That ensures that the beaches stay clean and the skies stay blue. You may be actively recycling around your house but there are many ways to go even greener. Here are some great ways to step up your green plan:


Grow Your Own Food

This isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds. It also isn’t as time-consuming as you might think. It’s not as though you are going to suddenly start plowing acres of land and plant crops. Instead, you can set up a small garden in the corner of a backyard for things like cherry tomatoes, salad greens, green beans, herbs, peppers and cucumbers. No dirt in your yard? All of those fresh vegetables can be grown in containers. Think of how great it would be if you could pick your own salad!

Start a Compost Pile

As long as you’re growing your own food, you should also fertilize it. All those food scraps you are tossing out can be part of your compost pile. This would make you growing food and then you fertilizing food all part of the same circle. That’s the epitome of eco-friendly!

Ditch Disposable Items

How many times during a typical day do you use paper plates, plastic knives, forks or bowls? It makes a lot of sense not have anything to wash up after meal. But what is actually happening is that you are creating a lot of garbage that could be minimized. Maybe cut back on the throw away plates and utensils for at least two days a week and switch over to cloth napkins.

Use Your Toaster Oven and Microwave More

A smart investment would be a decent sized toaster oven. This is something that you can cook a lot of meals and without cranking up the stove. The same can be said for your microwave. You probably already use it a lot but there’s a whole range of meals you can discover that are all microwavable and taste delicious.

Get Your Junk Recycled

Anytime you throw something out you should always ask yourself, “Can this be recycled?” That might be easy to consider with small things but what about something like a recliner for an old futon that you want to get rid of? Actually, those things can be recycled to if you hire Junk King Miami to haul them away. Junk King Miami has been dedicated to a green way of doing business ever since they started operations. They’ll make sure whatever recyclable material you toss out will get to the right facility. Most of everything else can be donated and put back into circulation. That’s just as good as recycling. If you want a great green partner for junk recycling look no further than Junk King Miami.

Handyman Skills Every Homeowner Should Know

One of the many roles a new homeowner takes on is that of handyman. While you might not be remodeling your kitchen on your own, there are some simple skills you can learn to help with upkeep and minor repairs. Here are the handyman skills every homeowner should know:


Change Your Air Filters

Miami is one of those cities with air conditioning operating in homes sometimes around the clock. It is essential that air duct filters are replaced on a regular basis. You won’t have any trouble finding the right filter size at a local hardware store. It might even be a smart move to buy filters in bulk by the case for easy replacement.

Drain AC Line

Your central AC system has a drain line that drains the condensation from the inside air condition unit. If this line gets clogged, then it could cause water damage inside the house. That’s why you should periodically drain the line and flush it out.

Shut Off Your Water Main Line

Before you can fix any leak in your plumbing, you need to shut off your water. It’s important that you know where the shut off valve is not only for these kinds of repairs but also the case of any emergency. It’s not a bad idea to shut your water off if you going on an extended vacation.

Stopping a Toilet From Running

A toilet that is running is not the same as a toilet that is clogged. When water is running inside a tank, it’s usually because something is out of alignment. A quick peek inside the tank is all you would need to know what needs to be fixed or replaced. Once you get familiar with the workings of your toilet you’ll see how easy it is to make these repairs.

Unclogging a Drain

The remedy for a clogged drain isn’t always chemicals from the hardware store. In fact, those clean as can be very corrosive. A plunger will often get the job done. You can also buy your own hand crank drain snake for a quick attempt at unclogging a drain. Just note that a plunger for a sink is a different size of the plunger for a toilet. It’s a good idea to have both sizes on hand.

The handyman skills mentioned above are very easy to take on. When it comes to a bigger job like hauling junk from your home that is something you might want to bring in professional help with. Junk King Miami is the perfect company for this type of work. They have a lot of experience removing all kinds of rubbish from homes and businesses. Whatever you want taken away will be quickly loaded by the crew assigned to your task. Don’t make junk hauling a DIY job. Turn that task over the Junk King Miami. You’ll be glad you did.

How To Win At Being A Landlord

A rental property is a smart investment. When all goes according to plan, this can be a positive influx of revenue. The ultimate goal is to find a tenant that will keep the place clean and pay the rent on time. However, there are some challenges that you need to be aware of as a landlord. You can mitigate trouble by making sure your tenants understand your rules. Here’s how you can win it being a landlord:


Set Overnight Guest Restrictions

You don’t want to feel like you are being someone’s parent but at the same time you don’t want to be taken advantage of. That is a factor when it becomes apparent someone is moving into the apartment that is on the lease. If this is important to, then you need to establish restriction policies with regards to overnight guests. Perhaps you can say no more than 10 days in any six month period. If someone is staying longer than that, then you need to provide permission in writing. The reason for this is that an extended guest is not legally responsible for anything that goes on the apartment because they’re not on the lease. That puts you at a huge disadvantage.

Be Careful With Tenants Personal Information

You are going to be getting a lot of personal information about your tenant during the screening process. This is not information that shouldn’t be shared with anyone. The only exceptions are when a landlord asked to share the residence rental payment history. The other exception would be if someone from law enforcement or public safety asks for that information. Of course, if that were to happen you can always ask for a subpoena.

Respond Quickly To Repair Requests

Even though you are not living in the rental property, this is still a kind of extension of your own home. That is why any repair request should happen in a prompt manner just as you would around your own house. That doesn’t mean you need to go over at 1 o’clock in the morning to fix a leaky pipe. But instead, you should have vendors ready to respond to any type of repair situation.

You also want to maintain the property as it pertains to any kind of rubbish and debris left behind by previous tenant. It only benefits you to get that cleaned up as quickly as possible. That’s where Junk King Miami can make a big difference. These junk hauling experts have a lot of experience cleaning out apartments of all kind of abandoned rubbish. Though gladly climb as many stairs the takes to get it all that stuff cleared away. Partnering up with Junk King Miami for rubbish removal is a great way to win as a landlord.

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