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Junk Removal Blog

Junk King Can Help With Your Home Gym Set Up

If you are planning to set up a home gym, then you might want to visit a real gym on a guest pass. That could give you an opportunity to try out some equipment and weights to see exactly what you would prefer working with at home. One session in a professional gym, will also remind you that setting up a home gym is a smart move. You can avoid all the crowds and loud noises in your home gym and instead just focus on your work out.

Before you can bring in any gym equipment to your home, you might need to clear out some unwanted rubbish. That is where Junk King Miami to be a big help. These are the junk hauling pros that will make quick work out of getting rid of any clutter in your home.

Move Out The Big Stuff

Making room for your home gym could require moving out some big stuff. That will not be a problem for the team from Junk King. This is a moving crew that has a lot of experience lifting and loading all kinds of objects regardless of size weight. Weight will not be a factor when it comes to pricing. The Junk King flat rate is always determined by how everything fits on to the back of the truck. One price covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. And that prices never charge by the pound.

When you are ready to get your rubbish cleared out, you can book your session with junk King online or over the phone. All you need to do is set aside a two-hour window on a day that works best for your calendar. You might also benefit from the same day pickup. You won’t have to wait long to get rid of your rubbish when Junk King Miami is on the job.

Customers Share Positive Reviews For Junk King Miami

You can tell a lot about a business by the way their customers review them. And those reviews should never be hard to find. When it comes to junk hauling, Junk King Miami has no problem putting those reviews right on their website. That is because they are confident that their customers are completely satisfied with the work. Here is some proof of that:

“The guys at Junk King were extremely professional and efficient. I will continue to use them. Thank you for your service!” – Malenys, Hialeah

“Showed up within their appointment window and were fully prepared for old furniture removal. Like quick service.” – Andrew, Miami Beach

“Very pleasant, easy to do business with, professional!” – Bryn, Miami

“Very professional and they always were available to speak to or contact the text message. they were also able to come and pick up the items for me in a timely manner. Great prices. I would use them again.” – Victoria, Miami

These reviews are a perfect summation of just how Junk King operates. Every Junk King session step two capable movers. This is the team that is going to do all the work on your behalf. All you have to do is point to the things that you want cleared out and the Junk King crew will do all the work.

The cost for this service is determined by how that Junk King team will pack up the truck. One cost covers all the disposal, transportation and labor. And the cost is never based on weight. You will never be charge by the pound when you hire junk King for rubbish removal. Keep in mind, that the work the Junk King does also extends to your backyard. This is the company to help clean up any storm debris when it occurs.

Getting rid of your rubbish has never been easier. Just call Junk King Miami and watch how fast it gets done.

Hire Junk King To Clear Out The Clutter

When it comes to the possible “range” of home clutter, you can either be “total hoarder” or Marie Kondo. Perhaps you fall somewhere in between. That would mean you still have a lot of clutter to get rid of you just need a little bit of help to make it happen. That help can come in the form of one rubbish removal session with Junk King Miami. These are the professional junk haulers that can help you get rid of the bulky clutter items that are taking up valuable space in your home. That will certainly make a huge difference around the house.

You Make The Call

You are the only one who can decide what is defined as “clutter.” When you hire Junk King you will benefit from having to capable movers and a huge truck for the appointment. That can help you make the decision as to what is clutter. With that team and truck, you can get rid of anything from a sectional sofa to a hot tub. Yes, the Junk King crew can remove something as bulky as a hot tub. They have done it dozens of times over!

When the Junk King team shows up at your apartment, you will show them all the things that you want to clear out. Before they start lifting and loading, they will work out what the price should be. That price is based on how everything fits on the back the Junk King truck. One flat fee covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. You will find that this is a very fair and competitive price for professional junk hauling services.

Don’t live with your clutter. Give it all to the team from Junk King Miami today.

The Best Approach For Television Disposal

There might be plenty of times when you would like to have “smashed” your television in frustration. That is certainly true when the hometown team loses a big game! Of course, smashing a television never accomplishes anything other than compelling you to go buy a new TV. Of course, upgrading to a new television is not uncommon especially when you consider all the features that have been incorporated into the modern television set. That can make television viewing a lot more fun! The issue then becomes how to get rid of the old TV without smashing it. That is easily taken care of with one call to Junk King Miami.

The Right Kind Of Carry

A large flatscreen TV has to be carried by two movers. That will ensure that it won’t fall and break on the way out the door. Every Junk King session is staffed by two capable movers. This is the team that has plenty of lifting and loading experience. It is also team that will show up on the truck big enough to hold what you want to get rid of. If all you were having Junk King dispose for you is a single TV, then it wouldn’t take up a lot of space on the back of the truck. That means you would pay the low end of the price scale. The Junk King price scale is always based on how much space your stuff takes up on the back of the truck. Of course, that also means there will be plenty of room left over for anything else you want to get rid of.

Junk King will be dropping off your old television at a certified recycling center. That’s the same place where all your other outdated electronics should end up. When you need to get rid of an old television, you need to put Junk King Miami on that job. Book your session today.

Clean Out Your Storage Unit With Help From Junk King

A rental storage unit has become a very popular option for many folks who need to deal with keeping things in storage that they can’t fit in their home. However, the longer something stays in storage, the more likely it is that you don’t need that item. Do you want to keep paying a monthly rental fee for something that you don’t need? If you have reached that point with your storage unit, then you’ll want to get it cleaned up and close out the account. That can happen with help from the team from Junk King Miami.

Coordinated Scheduling

Whenever you book a session with Junk King, you will be asked to pick a two-hour window on a day that works best for your calendar. That two-hour window is usually taken up in traffic time. However, the Junk King team will always keep you apprised of their progress. That will allow you to coordinate meeting them over at the storage facility. If you unit happens to be access by the outside, then the Junk King team can roll up in the truck. It will only take them a matter of minutes to get everything removed from the unit.

Before the loading work begins, you will want to work out what the cost of the service will be. That cost will always be based on how much space your stuff will occupy on the back of the truck. The less space that is used, the less you will be paying. Junk King always want to make this type of work fast and affordable. You can schedule your session with Junk King online or over the phone.

Getting your storage unit close down can be helped with one removal session with Junk King Miami. Set up that session today.

Junk King Helps Get Your Guestroom Ready For The Holidays

Miami is a very popular holiday destination. That is doubly so when you’ve got friends and family living in a “cold” state. That means it is time once again to get the guestroom ready in the house. For that task, you might want to start with a thorough rubbish removal session with Junk King Miami. These are the junk hauling pros who can be a big help when it comes to getting rid of the rubbish and clutter from your home.

Total or Partial Makeover?

Wil you be conducting a total or partial makeover in your guestroom? With either scenario, there is sure to be plenty of things that you can turn over to the Junk King team. You’ll be assigned two movers for this task. Those movers will be showing up in a truck big enough to haul away whatever you want to get rid of. Knowing that you have that big truck and the movers at your disposal, will mean you can get rid of a lot of stuff that is taking up valuable space in your guestroom.

You can also extend that removal work to the rest of the house. Maybe there are items out in the garage or down in the basement that have to be cleared out as well. They can all find their way onto the back of the Junk King truck. How all that stuff will fit on the truck will determine how much you’ll be paying for the job. The Junk King team always wants to pack up their trucks as tightly as possible. The less space they use, the less you will be paying. It is just that simple.

Getting your guestroom ready for the holidays should start with a rubbish clearing session from Junk King Miami. Book that session today.

How To Use The Junk King Price Estimator

Junk King Miami offers professional junk hauling services for homes, businesses and apartments. That service provides for two movers to be assigned to each session. Those movers will do all the lifting and loading work for the session. You don’t have to move a single object. That is a huge help especially when you want to get rid of bulky items that you could remove on your own. The cost for these services is based on a flat rate. One price covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. That flat rate is always based on by. It all comes down to how the truck gets packed up. You can get a good sense of exactly what price might be by using the Junk King price estimator. This is a feature on the website that provide you with an estimated price range for anything that you want to clear out.

Packing is Key

Packing up the truck is key to the entire operation. Thankfully the Junk King crews that will be working for you have a lot of packing experience. They know exactly how a group of random items will fit onto the back of the truck. To get a sense of that, the price estimator allows you to prepare an itemized list of all the things that you want to get rid of. You can go through every room in your home and check off the things that you would like to Junk King team to carry out. You can also add in miscellaneous items like boxes and bags of stuff. Remember, weight will never be an issue. You will never be charge by the pound with Junk King on the job.

The final price won’t be lockdown until the Junk King team has had a chance to look over all the things that you want to get rid of. You might find that they will come in at an estimate lower than the price estimator. That’s because they can pack things up tighter!

The best approach for getting rid of your rubbish is to hire Junk King Miami for the job. Start with the price estimator and go from there!

Junk King Makes Junk Hauling Simple

Do you have a particular object in your home that has you wondering “how am I ever going to get rid of that?” That is the exact type of job that Junk King Miami excels at. These are professional junk haulers who make this kind of work look simple. Are you ready to get rid of your unwanted bulky items? Then you are ready to put in a call to Junk King Miami.

Just Pointing

Junk King prides itself on doing all the work for its customers. That might seem like a no-brainer but you would be surprised how many so-called professional junk haulers need you to bring the stuff out of the house and down to the curb. That kind of defeats the purpose of hiring a junk hauling team. With the Junk King crew on the job all you have to do is point to what you want removed. That team will pick it up right from the spot. It doesn’t matter if there is a single item in every room in your house. It doesn’t matter if there are things in the backyard that you need to clear way. Whatever you point to will be gone!

Before any loading starts, the Junk King team will present you with a written estimate. This will be a cost based on how everything is going to fit onto the back of the truck. One price covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. Part of that disposal might also include making extra drop off at a charity or recycling center. Those drop-offs are part of Junk King’s operating philosophy. They happen automatically as well!

Getting rid of the unwanted rubbish from your home will be easy when you give that job to the crew from Junk King Miami. Call to book your session today.

Set Up Back-To-School Clutter Removal With Junk King

A question that every parent begins to ask at this time of year is “where did all this stuff come from?” That stuff would be the appearance of all kinds of clutter in the home. The answer would be “it’s back-to-school.” Any household with kids in school will face all new levels of clutter. That will come from all the books, backpacks, sporting equipment and other things that the kids bring home. This is why getting rid of the normal household clutter is so important. You don’t want to be overwhelmed! Most of the clutter in your home can be cleared away with some targeted trash collecting. However, there could be some objects that are too big to toss out into the trash. That is the kind of clutter that only Junk King Miami can remove for you.

Make the Call

Before you make the call to book your junk King session you have to make the call to determine just what kind of clutter you can get rid of. An obvious place to start would be in the bedroom closets. This is where you will no doubt find plenty of outfits that your kids have outgrown. You have probably bought new outfits for the school year. To make room for them something has to go. That should be all the clothing that no one is ever going to wear again.

When you turn over those kinds of items to Junk King you can rest assure that they won’t be tossed into the trash. Junk King will take every effort to drop off those items a charitable organization that can put them to use again. The same goes for any furniture or other household goods that you want to clear out. It’s all part of Junk King’s removal service.

Getting rid of the bulky clutter from your home is a perfect way to start the school year. Set up your removal session with Junk King Miami today.

How To Clean Up Old Flooring Debris

A remodeling project that is starting with in the next couple of weeks can definitely be finished in time for the holidays. That would certainly be terrific especially if you are remodeling your kitchen. Part of every remodeling job is a new floor. You can go from a tile in your kitchen to a hardwood floor. Whatever flooring you choose will certainly add value to your home. New flooring also means that you will be tearing up the old floor and that is can create a heaping pile of debris. That is something that needs to be cleaned up immediately so that your floor installers can work in a clean environment. The best approach for cleaning up old floor debris is to turn that job over to the team from Junk King Miami. One session with these professional junk haulers is all it will take to have all the flooring debris removed at once.

Lightning Quick

A review of comments made by Junk King customers will have common words pop up. One word that is always used is “fast.” The Junk King teams appreciate how valuable your kindness. They don’t want to waste it. That is why they like to get in and get out as quickly as possible while maintaining safety protocols to protect your property. Clearing up flooring debris is a job that can go lightning quick when Junk King is handling it.

That debris will be packed onto the back of the Junk King truck in tight space. The reason for that is so that they will be room for the next pickup appointment. But it is also so that you will get a great deal on the service. Junk King always charges a flat rate based on volume and not weight. That is important when you are clearing away flooring. You definitely don’t want to put any of that scale!

For a fair, fast and affordable approach for cleaning up flooring debris, turn to the pros at Junk King Miami.

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