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Set Up Back-To-School Clutter Removal With Junk King

A question that every parent begins to ask at this time of year is “where did all this stuff come from?” That stuff would be the appearance of all kinds of clutter in the home. The answer would be “it’s back-to-school.” Any household with kids in school will face all new levels of clutter. That will come from all the books, backpacks, sporting equipment and other things that the kids bring home. This is why getting rid of the normal household clutter is so important. You don’t want to be overwhelmed! Most of the clutter in your home can be cleared away with some targeted trash collecting. However, there could be some objects that are too big to toss out into the trash. That is the kind of clutter that only Junk King Miami can remove for you.

Make the Call

Before you make the call to book your junk King session you have to make the call to determine just what kind of clutter you can get rid of. An obvious place to start would be in the bedroom closets. This is where you will no doubt find plenty of outfits that your kids have outgrown. You have probably bought new outfits for the school year. To make room for them something has to go. That should be all the clothing that no one is ever going to wear again.

When you turn over those kinds of items to Junk King you can rest assure that they won’t be tossed into the trash. Junk King will take every effort to drop off those items a charitable organization that can put them to use again. The same goes for any furniture or other household goods that you want to clear out. It’s all part of Junk King’s removal service.

Getting rid of the bulky clutter from your home is a perfect way to start the school year. Set up your removal session with Junk King Miami today.

How To Clean Up Old Flooring Debris

A remodeling project that is starting with in the next couple of weeks can definitely be finished in time for the holidays. That would certainly be terrific especially if you are remodeling your kitchen. Part of every remodeling job is a new floor. You can go from a tile in your kitchen to a hardwood floor. Whatever flooring you choose will certainly add value to your home. New flooring also means that you will be tearing up the old floor and that is can create a heaping pile of debris. That is something that needs to be cleaned up immediately so that your floor installers can work in a clean environment. The best approach for cleaning up old floor debris is to turn that job over to the team from Junk King Miami. One session with these professional junk haulers is all it will take to have all the flooring debris removed at once.

Lightning Quick

A review of comments made by Junk King customers will have common words pop up. One word that is always used is “fast.” The Junk King teams appreciate how valuable your kindness. They don’t want to waste it. That is why they like to get in and get out as quickly as possible while maintaining safety protocols to protect your property. Clearing up flooring debris is a job that can go lightning quick when Junk King is handling it.

That debris will be packed onto the back of the Junk King truck in tight space. The reason for that is so that they will be room for the next pickup appointment. But it is also so that you will get a great deal on the service. Junk King always charges a flat rate based on volume and not weight. That is important when you are clearing away flooring. You definitely don’t want to put any of that scale!

For a fair, fast and affordable approach for cleaning up flooring debris, turn to the pros at Junk King Miami.

The Responsible Approach For Computer Disposal

Is not uncommon for a household to have more computers than televisions. If there is a home office along with a few students in the household, then there could be 4 to 5 computers in use. They could also be several old computers that have been put into storage. The reason for that is that computers can’t be tossed out into the trash. That is being responsible. However, it doesn’t mean that you now have to hold onto those old computers for the rest of your life. They can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way provided you contract with the right will company. That would be Junk King Miami. These are professional junk haulers who have dedicated themselves to a responsible approach for the disposal of everything they collect.

An Easy Task

As far as the Junk King crew is concerned, removing old computers from your home will be an extremely easy task. It might just be the lightest object they carry out! The real work happens long after the Junk King crew has left your home. That is when they have to make the drop off at a certified recycling center. Junk King has identified which of the centers handles e-waste and is set up working partnerships with them to take in all the collected computers, monitors, printers and fax machines.

Even if you were getting rid of a dozen all computers they still wouldn’t take up a lot of room on the Junk King truck. If that was all that you were removing, then you would pay the minimum for the service. However, this could also be an opportunity for you to clear out a lot more unwanted items from your home and yard. As long as you have the two-man moving crew and that big truck you should take full advantage of them!

The responsible approach for computer disposal is to turn that job over to Junk King Miami. Set up your appointment today.

Hire Junk King To Clear Out Your Old Washing Machine

According to surveys, the average family does between 8 to 10 loads of laundry each week. That would certainly qualify as a lot of laundry! It also points out how important your washing machine is. If that were to break down, then imagine those 10 loads of laundry not getting done. What would everyone wear?! If your washing machine has seen better days, then you might be in the market to replace it before it goes completely up. You will find that in the time since you bought that machine there have been great strides made in the development of washers. They are all energy efficient and much easier to use. Before your new washing machine can be hooked up you want to make sure that the old washing machine is cleared out. That is the job to give to the team from Junk King Miami.


Removing an old washing machine involves unhooking it from the plumbing. That is a task that your junk King team will be able to take care of. That same crew will make sure that the washing machine does not scratch up your walls and floors as it is being carried out of the house. The only way that Junk King can build its base of satisfied customers is to make sure they treat those homes with respect. Based on the positive reviews that keep getting posted for Junk King, it is clear the crews are making it happen!

Along with your old wash machine you can take advantage of that same Junk King crew and that big truck to get rid of a lot of other unwanted items from your home or yard. Just take a moment to look around and think about all the things that you would be happy to have cleared out. Junk King can make that happen in no time at all.

The best approach for getting rid of your old washing machine is to hire Junk King Miami from the start. Set up your appointment today.

Don’t Pack Rubbish For Your Next Move

The closer you get to your moving day, the more anxious you might become. That is because there are a lot of details that have to fall into place in order for it to be a smooth move. Obviously, the biggest issue is making sure that your professional movers will be able to fit everything that you are moving on to the truck. There are actually plenty of “horror stories” about folks needing to bring in a second truck for make two trips because the estimation was off about what can fit into the truck. It might help if you can reduce the amount the stuff that you are taking with you. That would mean getting rid of all the rubbish before your next move. That is a task that the team from Junk King Miami can be a big help with.

Remove Replacements

As you pack up all of your belongings move, you will no doubt find plenty of things that you no longer need. A lot of those items can be found in your closets and cabinets. But there could be some other items that you are thinking about replacing once you do make the move. It would be a better approach to turn those kinds of items over to Junk King instead of packing them onto the moving truck. Even if it means going without a sofa or recliner for a few days you will be better off. That’s because your movers won’t be taking up time to move that large object.

The Junk King team can pick up any object regardless of size or weight and get it safely loaded onto the back of their truck. As part of Junk King’s service, a lot of the things that you are getting rid of could be donated to charity. That way you don’t have to consider tossing things out into the trash. Nothing has to go to waste when you have Junk King disposing of your unwanted items.

The only way to make sure that you’re not moving with old rubbish into your new home is to turn that rubbish over to Junk King Miami.

Get Your Business Clean With Help From Junk King

The one industry that thrived during the pandemic were cleaning services. The need for disinfecting homes and workspaces hasn’t let up. In fact, workers will probably only feel safe about going back to the office once they have guarantees of regular disinfecting. But that is not the only cleaning that you should do around your office. You also need to handle all the removal of unwanted clutter and rubbish that would be all the things that can be tossed out into a dumpster. Instead, it can all be turned over to the team from Junk King Miami for a very comprehensive cleanup of your business.

Fast In and Out

The goal for Junk King with your business cleanup is to minimize any potential disruption. They will always strive for a “fast in the now” with all your unwanted items. It helps if you know exactly what you need removed before the crew shows up. Keep in mind that Junk King is going to provide you with a pair of movers and a big truck. That will provide you with the opportunity to get rid of just about anything regardless of size or weight. You can clear out old cubicle walls, a huge printer or random computers and monitors. You can even get rid of storage files.

Once the Junk King team has looked over all of the things that you want to clear out, they will provide you with a written estimate. This estimate will be based on how everything will be packed onto the truck. The goal is to get as much as they can into as little space as possible. That translates into you pain the low end of the price scale. You will know that prices before the work begins and there won’t be any extra charges at the end of the job. This is the fair and competitive approach for the service that has been Junk King the leading junk hauler in the Miami area.

Get your business clean today with help from Junk King Miami. Call to book your session.

The Easy Approach To Junk Recycling

Everyone who recycles doesn’t actually recycle. Yes, folks sort their plastic, paper, cardboard and soda cans in order to deposit them into a recycling bin. But that is the extent of their responsibility. After that, those recycled materials are taking to a facility where they are ground up and formed into a component that becomes the foundation for new material. That is where the real recycling work takes place. Of course, without those drop-offs there would be nothing to recycle!

This part of recycling can be extended beyond those common recyclable materials. There may be a lot of things that you would like to get rid of from your home that can also be recycled provided they are collected by the right company. In this area, that company would be Junk King Miami. They are part of a nationwide professional junk hauling service that has always been dedicated to junk recycling. That makes them the perfect junk recycling partners.

The Junk King Sorting Process

Junk King has a sorting process that involves pulling out all the recyclable materials that they collect from each property. This sorting process happens at the junk King depot. When enough of those particular materials can fill up a truck load, then junk King will make the drop off at the appropriate recycling center. That can mean building up a truck load of scrap metal or concrete. It can also mean a truck load of old clothing and other household goods that would be dropped off at a charity. Yes, charity drop-offs count as recycling to because the end goal is the same: nothing goes to a landfill!

All of this extra work happens as part of Junk King’s regular service. That service is always charged at a flat rate based on volume and not weight. This is the kind of approach to junk hauling that has made Junk King the number one service provider in the area.

The easiest approach to junk recycling is to let Junk King Miami handle everything. Set up your rubbish removal session today.

Set Up A Removal Session With Junk King For Father’s Day

The best gift to give any dad for Father’s Day is a “day off.” That is probably why Father’s Day has always been on a Sunday. It’s the closest you can get to having a day off! Of course, most dads feel obligated to take care of what needs to be done around the house even on their day off. Unfortunately, some of those tasks require outside help which is why they might end up being put off. This year you can provide a big boost dad by setting up a junk removal session with Junk King Miami. This is a terrific way to clear out all the unwanted stuff that dad has been meaning to get rid of.

Dad’s Private Work Crew

When you book a session with Junk King you will be assigned a two-man moving to handle all the lifting and loading. This can become dad’s private work crew under his direct supervision. He can tell the team from Junk King exactly what needs to be loaded onto the truck. It doesn’t matter if that object is on the second floor or is extremely heavy. The Junk King team will find a way to get it packed onto the back of the truck in a very efficient manner.

It is how that stuff will be packed that will also determine what your final price will be. Junk King has a flat fee price policy that is based on volume and not weight. You will never be charge by the pound by Junk King. You will also know what that price is before the work begins. It is also guaranteed price. Junk King will match any competitors fee for the removal of the same amount of objects.

This Father’s Day, help your dad clear his “to do list” by setting up a rubbish removal session with Junk King Miami. Book your gift today.

Replace Your Old Grill With Help From Junk

How serious are you about grilling? A backyard grill is a terrific way to cook up some delicious meals. That can mean anything from a main dish barbecue to grilled vegetable side dishes. You can even create some fantastic desserts on your grill! It helps if the grill is in good working order. Over time, a grill can start to fail just like any other appliance. In fact, after spending several seasons exposed to the elements, it is not uncommon for a grill to simply stop working. That means you have a chance to go shopping for new grill. That’s a great shopping trip because new grills have a lot of terrific features like flat grilling services and smoker attachments. Before you get the new grill fired up, you will want to get rid of the old grill. That is where Junk King Miami is going to be a big help. One call to these junk hauling pros will have your old grill cleared away in no time at all and your backyard looking great!

What Else Can Go?

What else can go? You should be asking yourself that before the Junk King team shows up to remove the old grill. You will have two capable movers assigned to this task. They will be showing up in a truck big enough to hold whatever it is that you are getting rid of. All of this means that you can tap the Junk King squad to remove any other unwanted items from your backyard. It can be something as big as an old family or as small as several old planters. You owe it to yourself to create a comfortable outdoor oasis for entertaining or just relaxing. One removal session with Junk King can make it happen.

When you need to get rid of your old grill and the rest of unwanted items, you need to put Junk King Miami on the job. Book your session today.

Bring In Junk King After Your Yard Sale

The goal for any yard sale is not to have any item “left over.” You have decided that whatever you put out the sale is something that you can do without. There is no reason why those items should make their way back into your home. It is not as if you are going to have a follow-up yard sale! If you are having a yard sale and there are leftover items, then you should plan to have a rubbish removal session set up with Junk King Miami. These of the junk hauling pros that can provide exceptional junk removal for all the things you want to get rid of.

All the Rest of The Stuff

The left-over items that you would have the Junk King team haul away would obviously be all the things that can fit into the trash can. But you can take full advantage of work crew and their big truck to get rid of all the rest of the stuff around your home that you couldn’t put for sale. There might be some pieces of furniture that were too difficult to get out of the house. There could also be some items in the backyard like an old grill or even a hot tub that you want removed. The Junk King crew will gladly add that to the truck load.

How big that truck load will be is how the price for this job will be determined. The Junk King team will provide you with a written estimate before the work to get started. That estimate is also guaranteed to match any price of another service to haul away the same items. Junk King wants to make rubbish removal fast and affordable. That is certainly what they accomplish on every trip!

Getting rid of your yard sale leftovers and the rest of your unwanted items can happen with one session from Junk King Miami. Set up that session today.

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