Easy Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s hard to imagine getting living anywhere in Miami and not having to deal with sand at some point. Even if you live high up or far from the beach, you’re still going to occasionally track the grains in. You want proof? As you start your spring cleaning, take the time to notice what you’re sweeping up or what’s in the vacuum cleaner bag. You’ll find the sand. To make the rest of your spring cleaning go smooth, consider applying the items on this check list.


Clear Out the Closets

This might be a second weekend project. First week, do all the dusting, moping and vacuuming. Second weekend, go at the closets. To really get them clean, you’re going to have to take everything out. But that’s a good thing because it will help you get organized. When you create a pile of stuff to get rid of, just leave it right on the floor. You’ll see why in a bit.

Don’t Forget Outdoors

Whether you have a balcony, deck or patio you probably have outdoor furniture. All of those pieces will need some TLC, too. Because they’re outside, they’re actually easier to clean. A good scrubbing with a brush and soapy water followed by a total hose down. Done.

Car Cleaning

You might enjoy spending time washing and vacuuming your car. It can be rather Zen-like. However, it might be more efficient to take the car to a professional carwash and let them do it. Better yet, hire someone to come over and detail while you’re doing the rest of the house.

Let Go of Rubbish

Spring cleaning is all about tossing out. In the kitchen, that is expired food. In the bathroom, that is medications and makeup. All of that stuff can be tossed in the trash but what about pile of stuff from your closets? Do you have furniture to get rid of? Maybe some items from outside. All of that can be turned over to Junk King Miami. These are the leading junk haulers in the city who have been keeping homes and business clear of rubbish for a long time. If something is too heavy for you to move, then give it to Junk King. Your spring cleaning task just got taken to a whole other level thanks to a little help from Junk King Miami.

How To Be A Smart New Car Shopper

Car salespeople have a bad reputation. The sense is that they are looking to put one over on you and charge you more than a car is worth or you can pay. There might be some truth to that with certain dealers but overall, they’re just in the business to make money like everyone else. That’s why you need to be a smart car shopper and recognize the kind of pressure they’re under to make a deal. The strongest shopping “tool” you have is the ability to say, “No.” Walking away from a deal that isn’t right for you doesn’t mean you won’t get a car. The next dealer might be the one willing to deal! Here are some other ways you can be a smart car shopper.


Watch the Market

The worst time to buy a car is when everyone else is buying a car. When a popular model hits the showroom and supplies are in short demand, the prices are going to go up. That’s when you want to avoid shopping for a car. Instead, think about buying out-of-season cars like a convertible in the middle of winter.

You can also shop for a car late in the year. This is when the dealers need to make room for the new model inventory and will do anything to get those “old” cars off the lot. Take that approach one-step further: Buy a car at the end of the month. This is when the salespeople are scrambling to make their sales quotas. They’ll move some cars then for sure!

Beware of Optional Equipment

Most cars come in various packages. Same make and model but just different options. Some of these are trim packages that spruce up the exterior. Others have amenities for the inside of your car that look great on paper but often don’t make a bit of difference to your driving experience. There are some things that you should consider as options like power windows and power seats but you probably can do away with a cargo net for the trunk. You can always upgrade things like going from a single CD player to a multi-disc. Of course, if your car has satellite radio or interface with your Smartphone, then you might not even need a CD player.

Nothing beats that feeling of driving a new car off the lot. And that new car smell is pretty great, too. Part of your prep at home should include clearing out the garage to make room for the ride. That’s where a session with Junk King Miami can make a big difference. They’re going to dispatch a crew and a truck to your home to get that garage clear of all kinds of unwanted rubbish. Junk King Miami will make sure your garage is cleaned out and ready for the new car.

How To Get Your Family To Help With Cleaning

The rule of any house is that everybody pitches in. However, sometimes that rule is ignored or not enforced. When that happens, you can get angry and that leads to stress. A better approach is to get everyone onboard with helping out. Here are some ways to motivate your family to help with the cleaning.


Explain the Job

You might have been cleaning for a lifetime but these tasks will be new to the kids. Yes, they’ve watched you clean but until they snap on the rubber gloves and experience it for themselves, they won’t really know what is expected. When you assign them a task, it might help to work alongside them for the first few attempts. The older kids would probably prefer a checklist of instructions. Be specific because kids are famous for looking for ways out of doing something on a “technicality.”

Don’t Over Schedule

Between school, after school activities, homework and hanging out with friends your kids have a busy schedule. Now you want to add to that schedule with some cleaning. No wonder they’re grumbling. The goal would be to leave the scheduling to you. Find some time when they’re not doing those things like on Saturday or Sunday morning. Part of the scheduling is also setting the allotted time. If they know they only have to clean for an hour, then it might take the “sting” off the task.

Praise Accomplishments

There is nothing wrong with rewarding your kids for a job well done but that doesn’t mean a trip to the toy story every time they pick up their room. You could make some fresh cookies or brownies as a treat or let them pick what’s for dinner. Above all, praise them for a job well done. Let them see how much you appreciate the help by spending more time with them. That’s when they’ll understand the concept of pitching in for the great good.

Remove Rubbish

It will also help to start with a proverbial clean slate. That means getting rid of all the things you complain about that are cluttering up the house. This is a perfect job to Junk King Miami. Your kids won’t be able to load up an old sofa and get it disposed of but Junk King certainly can. Help your family keep the house clean with a junk clearing session from Junk King Miami.

Where To Find Professional Junk Removal In Coral Gables

Do you miss plastic bags? Last year, Coral Gables became the first city in Florida to ban their use. A ban has already been in effect in the entire state of California for over a year. After some initial grumbling, Coral Gables residents got used to the idea of not using plastic bags. Those hardest hit were dog owners who had to come up with other solutions for their clean up. Despite the minor inconvenience, this is actually a very good move for the environment. Too many of those bags were ending up in the ocean where they caused serious harm to the sea life.


The hope is that the ban in Coral Gables will catch on throughout the rest of the state. To achieve a goal of zero waste everyone needs to be on the same page. That starts with the approach for getting rid of trash. Recycling programs are very robust around the state but they can only go so far. It is up to the individual home and business owners to pitch in. That doesn’t mean they have to do all the work. This is where a company like Junk King Miami is going to be huge boost. They’ve been taking a green approach to junk disposal since 2005.

The crews who will be doing all the lifting and loading for you are the same crews that have been trained to identify those items that can be repurposed. You might not think you old recliner or futon would be of any more use but there are plenty of charities that can fix up furniture and appliances to make them as good as new. They can then be turned over to families in need. Anything that keeps things out of a landfill is a good way to go.

How can Junk King Miami work for you? Once you’ve decided on all the things you want to get rid of, give them a call. Within 24 hours, that old rubbish could be out of your life for good. It is just that simple. For fast junk removal in Coral Gables that is good for the environment, Junk King Miami gets it done.

A Junk Removal Option That Always Works

City services are vital to Miami. These are the services that keep the streets clean, repaired and well light. They also help with garbage removal from homes and businesses. Without that, trash would pile up and that isn’t something anyone wants to deal with. Although city crews are always working, it is a challenge to get everything fixed in what most folks consider to be a timely fashion. You can report a pothole but it might take weeks to get it filled. The same thing happens with streetlight repair and so on. As for garbage pickup, that does happen on a regular basis but just for the basics. You’ll also be waiting for a long time if you want the city to take away an old couch or television. However, this is one junk removal option that always works on your schedule. That would be Junk King Miami.


A day and a two-hour window. That is what Junk King Miami needs from you to set up your junk removal session. That day and time is entirely up to you. If you’re flexible, then Junk King can present options but most folks prefer an early morning pickup or first one on a Saturday. That way the job can get done and there is plenty of time left in the day to do what is important to you.

That two-hour window isn’t typically how long it takes for a Junk King crew to operate. When they arrive, they’ll look over what you want hauled away, provide you with an estimate for the job and then get to work. All of that is often accomplished in under 30 minutes. You might have been staring at some eyesore piece of furniture in your home for years but it can be gone in a matter of minutes thanks to Junk King Miami.

What does take time for the crews is the disposal of what they collect. They need to sort through everything to make appropriate piles for charity or recycling drop offs. But this is work that is included in your affordable fee. To take care of junk removal on your terms, count on Junk King Miami to handle the job.

Getting Your Toddler Ready For The Big Bed

One clear sign that your toddler is ready to make the switch from a crib to a bed is their climbing abilities. If they’ve already discovered a way to get out of the crib, then there is no reason to hold onto that crib any longer. That doesn’t mean you can make the switch overnight. You want to ease your toddler into this transition so there won’t be any major disruptions. Here’s how to get your toddler ready for their big bed.


Comfort Items

If you have a bed, then you need bedding. This is something your toddler can oversee picking out. They’ll feel a sense of ownership when they get to choose what fun sheets and blankets they’ll be sleeping with. Whatever other comfort items that had in the crib can also be transferred to the big bed. That will put them in familiar surroundings.

Safety Items

Toddlers tend to roll around in bed just like their parents but they’re not as aware of the boundaries yet. That’s why you might want to consider safety railings for the sides of the bed. It is also important to have nightlights (if you don’t already) so your little one can see in the dark and realize things aren’t as strange as they might feel. For added protection, you can put a fluffy sleeping bag or rug at the side of the bed just in case they still manage to take a tumble.


By now you have established a firm bedtime routine. Whatever that involves, stick to it. Nothing should change regarding the time they go to sleep or how many books you read before turning off the lights. The only difference is the actual bed and they’ll get used to that rather quickly.

To make room for the big bed, you’ll have to pull out the crib and other baby furniture that is no longer appropriate. That is where a call to Junk King Miami will be a big help. They’ll send over a team of movers who will quickly take out all that old furniture. While they’re at it, they can also remove any other unwanted items you’ve been keeping in your closets or garage. It can be a total decluttering. Getting your toddler ready for their big bed begins with old furniture removal help from Junk King Miami.

Ways To Increase Your Home Appraisal Value

There is no way to escape a home appraisal if you are putting your home on the market or looking to refinance your loan. The appraiser’s job is to provide a subjective value of your home based on common factors like square footage, number of rooms and location. That doesn’t mean you can’t influence the result of your home appraisal. Even small improvements can make a big difference. Here’s what you need to consider:


Fixing Cosmetic Problems

A lot of your home’s value will be related to appearance. Paint colors on the wall might not matter as much as holes in the wall. This is why you want to make as many cosmetic fixes as you can. Patch up holes and retouch paint. If you are planning to sell, then repainting everything with a neutral color can help the selling process and the appraisal.

Writing Up Renovations

The longer you’ve lived in your home, the greater the chance that some renovations have been made. These could come in the form of a kitchen remodel, a bathroom addition or a brand-new patio deck. You need to write up all the renovations going back to the time when you first moved in. It matters more that improvements have been made versus a home that hasn’t changed in ten or fifteen years.

Selling Your Neighborhood

Just as your appraiser won’t know the renovations you’ve made, they probably won’t know about changes in your neighborhood. Any new business is a good business especially retail and restaurants. A list of your neighborhood “amenities” will be helpful. Don’t forget to include things like dog parks and bike trails. All good selling features for a home.

Elevate Your Curb Appeal

Take a good look at the exterior of your home. What do you see? Are you missing flowers in the garden? Are some bushes and trees in need of pruning? These are easy improvements you can make that will go a long way towards achieving a high value for your home.

Remove Debris

It will also help to clean your home thoroughly as if you were throwing a party. You should also get rid of any debris in the yards. Your closets and garage need to be clear of clutter. A lot of this cleaning might require movers and a truck. That is exactly what Junk King Miami is going to provide to you. One call puts a plan into action that can have your entire home clear of rubbish in a single appointment. Increase your chances of a positive home appraisal with help from Junk King Miami.

Jumpstart Your Home Business

Is it time to become your own boss? You might not be able to go from “clever idea” to “factory full of workers” in a month but you can take some proactive steps towards jumpstarting your home business this year. Here’s what you need to incorporate for your action plan:


Write Out Your Business Plan

The main purpose of a business plan is to attract investors. However, even if you are self-funding your home business, you would still benefit from writing out a business plan. This helps you set up goals and put down a checklist of all the things to need to accomplish for maintaining your business. Think of it as your road map.

Set a Schedule

Many people hear “working at home” and think that it is like a vacation. Although there is something nice about walking down the hall to your office and staying in your pajamas all day, you still have to set a schedule. Your home business will only be a success when you apply the time towards that goal. That means setting a schedule and sticking to it. It could be early morning or late at night. Whatever works best for your life.

Devote Time to Marketing

No one is going to know about your great idea unless you get the word out. That means you’re going to have to devote time to marketing your business. Fortunately, a large portion of that marketing can happen online. You need to set up accounts for your business across all the popular social media sites and keep them updated throughout the day and week. You want to finds ways to engage with your customers while searching for new ones.

Set Up a Dedicated Office Space

It is important that your home business has a dedicated office space. This is the area where you can be free of household distractions and be able to focus on the work at hand. This might mean clearing out a guest room or garage and converting it into an office. This is a job that can benefit from a call to Junk King Miami. These junk removal professionals can quickly clear out any space in your house. All you have to do is tell the crew what you want gone and they’ll take care of the rest. Think about the difference it can make having two movers clearing out junk. Your home business will get off to an amazing start with a junk clearing session from Junk King Miami.

Take Care Of Heavy Yard Debris Removal Today

You’ve got a lot going on this time of the year. That makes every day off precious. Even if you just need to take that day to regroup, then you don’t want to have it bogged down by an endless list of chores. Yes, some things need to get done in order to make your home ready for the holidays but it doesn’t mean you have to do it all. That is especially true when it comes to heavy yard debris removal. That is a task that the best turned over to a company like Junk King Miami. One call to these junk hauling experts and that heavy yard debris can be gone today.


Junk King Miami always leaves room in their schedule for same day pickups. Sometimes customers aren’t always ready to get their stuff removed in the same day. Junk King can make accommodations to schedule for weekend pickups or late in the evening. It’s all about what works best for your schedule. Of course, if you are dealing with heavy yard debris removal, then it’s a good idea to try and schedule your appointment during the day so everyone can see exactly what needs to be cleared out.

The truck that Junk King will send over will be big enough to hold whatever you want to get rid of. The goal is to get everything loaded and carted away in a single session. Once the crew arrives they’ll size up all the things you want to get rid of and provide you with an estimate on how they going to pack up that stuff. It could take up one-third, one-half or the whole truck bed. Whatever they determine will become your fee. It will never be a charge by the pound. That really isn’t a fair way to handle this type of work. And it would cost a small fortune if you were getting rid of things like chunks of concrete, bricks and pavers.

Along with all the heavy yard debris you want to get rid of, Junk King can also make fast work of clearing out things like an old couch, television or washing machine. Take care of your heavy yard debris removal and junk hauling needs by turning that job over the Junk King Miami to day.

Fun Facts About Recycling

There are recycling program set up in every major city across the country and Miami is no exception. The goal with any recycling program is to keep as much stuff out of local landfills as possible. When garbage is left to decompose it’s when it releases toxic compounds. Of course, not everything that’s thrown out in the landfill would be considered toxic. That’s even more reason to recycle. Here are some fun recycling facts that might inspire you to recycle even more.


Glass is one of those recyclable materials that can be reused hundreds, if not thousands, of times without losing any integrity. Each year Americans throw away around 9 million tons of glass. That’s enough glass to fill a line of tractor-trailers from LA to New York and back again. What about plastic bottles? We toss out around 25 million bottles each year.

As for recycling programs, 90% of all Americans have access to either a drop-off recycling facility or a curbside pickup. Since 1990, recycling paper has increased and 90%. Those are all good numbers but you might be surprised to realize that 75% of all the trash that we throw out is recyclable. However, we only recycled 30% of that number. When you consider that we make over 200 million tons of trash each year it becomes very significant.

Why is recycling important? One recycled aluminum can save enough energy to power TV for night of binge watching. A single recycle glass bottle can save enough energy to power up your computer for 25 minutes. A plastic bottle that’s been recycled can save enough power to light a light bulb for three hours. And when 1 ton of paper is recycled it saves up to 682 gallons of oil, 7000 gallons of water and 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space. In fact, 27,000 trees are cut down each day just for all the toilet paper that we use.

Your recycling doesn’t have to stop at the recycling bin. You should think about recycling anytime you get rid of a piece of furniture, appliance or electronic device. Those can all be recycled as well even if it means donating them to a charity. This is where company like Junk King Miami comes into play. They make recycling the number one priority. You don’t even have to ask for this service. It will happen automatically.  Junk King Miami is your perfect recycling partner for all your unwanted junk.

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