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Junk Hauling Is Easy For Junk King

Taking out the trash is a time-honored tradition in every household. For some kids, taking out the trash is the first chore that they do in exchange for an allowance. It is also something that needs to happen almost daily to keep the kitchen clean. Taking out the trash is also a comparatively easy task. As long as the bag holds it can make its way from inside the kitchen to the trash can outside without any spillage. Of course, there are other trash removal tasks that aren’t as easy. Essentially, anything that doesn’t fit into the trash can becomes a challenge to get rid of. There might also be some objects like computers and DVD players that should be thrown out at all. All of that accumulated rubbish adds up and can have an impact on the living environment. If you have reached the point where you are feeling the effects of having unwanted rubbish around the house, then you are ready to bring in the crew from Junk King Miami

Easy Removal

The Junk King team is all about making rubbish removal easy. That starts with scheduling. You can book a session online or over the phone. Either way, that session will most likely be taken care of within 24 hours of that first contact. There are also some instances where it you could benefit from the same day pickup. All that means is being a little flexible with your schedule and knowing exactly what you want to get rid of.

When the Junk King crew eventually shows up at your home for the appointment you will show them all the things that you want to get rid of. Those things can be left right where they are. In other words, you don’t have to bring anything down from upstairs. The Junk King crew will have no problem carrying objects down any number of stairs. After they’ve looked over everything the present you with the price based on how all that stuff will fit on to the back of the truck. The less space that is used by your rubbish, the less you will be paying. That is a simple pricing policy that everyone appreciates.

Junk hauling is easy when you turn that job over to Junk King Miami. Book your session today.

Start Off The New Year Without Any Rubbish

The start of the new year is a perfect time to get rid of rubbish. Not only does that include some bad habits like smoking but also actual rubbish like the kind that might be scattered throughout your home and property. Breaking the bad personal habits takes willpower. Getting rid of the rubbish around your house just takes a call to Junk King Miami. You might find after clearing out the rubbish that it is a lot easier to focus on improving all the rest of your life!

Make the Identification

Getting rid of the rubbish from your home starts with you making the identification as to what exactly can be considered rubbish. Start with the premise of anything that is no longer being used by you or your family. If there is an item that you haven’t put to use in over a year, then it is a safe bet you might not ever use that item again. That would certainly apply to things like clothing that you don’t want to wear anymore or electronics that you have upgraded. There is no sense hanging on to those things and less you just don’t want them to end up in the trash.

Thankfully, when you hire Junk King that doesn’t have to happen. That is because junk King has dedicated itself to making responsible disposals of everything it collects. Often that will mean making drop-offs at a charity of those things that can still be put to use. This is all part of the service. In the Junk King crews have been trained to spot those items that can make charity drop-offs. You don’t have to do any of the sorting.

If you are ready to get rid of your rubbish, then call into Junk King today. You might be able to take advantage of the same day pickup. That could put you just hours away from getting rid of all that unnecessary junk. Just think of how your living environment will be improve once it is all gone.

If you want to start off the new year without any rubbish house, then you want to make a call to Junk King Miami today to make it happen.

Less Rubbish Means More Storage Space In The Home

Every homeowner knows exactly how much square footage their home is. Over the years, that square footage could change with room additions. What you might not know off the top of your head is how much that square footage is currently being occupied by all the stuff. You might have a sense that you have run out of storage space every time you open the garage door or look into a closet. The square footage hasn’t changed; but the volume has. That is why you want to decrease the amount of stuff you have in your home in order to create more storage space. That is a task that can be greatly aided by the team from Junk King Miami.

Volume Matters

As mentioned, your home’s square footage is filled by the volume of stuff that you have inside. It is that same principle of volume that provides Junk King with the means to come up with your service fee. When the Junk King crew arrives for the scheduled appointment, you will show them all of the items that you want removed. They will make a quick assessment as to how all of those objects will fit onto the back of the Junk King truck. These are crews who have a lot of experience when it comes to packing up the truck. They know exactly how much volume your items will take up on the truck. The less amount, the less you pay.  It is always the goal of the Junk King crew to pack in as much as they can into is little space as possible. That will allow you to pay the low-end price scale.

You can set up your session with Junk King online or over the phone. If you know exactly what you want removed when you make that call, then you might be able to take friends of the same day pickup. In most cases, Junk King completes the removal within 24 hours of that first contact.

The more rubbish Junk King Miami can remove from your home means the more storage space you can open up. Put that plan into action today.

Put Junk King On The Bulk Rubbish Removal Task

The bigger an object is, the harder it is to move. That is often why when a large piece of furniture “lands” in your home that is where it stays unto you moved again. It is also why you want to be very specific when you first move into a home to direct your movers where you want those large objects placed. However, there may come a time when you have decided to replace those big pieces of furniture. There might be other bulky items like an old water heater or washing machine that also need to be removed from the house. Those are the kinds of two-man moving operations that the team from Junk King Miami excel at. That makes them the best company to hire when you need any type of bulk rubbish removal task taken care of.

On the Spot Pick Up

When you hire Junk King for bulk rubbish removal you are hiring a capable team that is going to do all the work from start to finish. That means picking up those bulk items right on the spot. It makes no sense to hire a company that requires you to drag something down to occur especially if you don’t have the means to take care of that task. Even when the Junk King crew comes into your home they will continue to follow COVID safety protocols of mask and gloves and social distancing.

No doubt, the bulk item that you are getting rid of will be particularly heavy. That is not something that you need to be concerned about either for how it will be removed or how much it will cost. The Junk King teams excel at bulk rubbish removal so they will find the best way to get that item out of your home without damaging your property or injuring their backs!

And Junk King never charges by the pound for the things that it collects. The flat fee offered by Junk King is based solely on how everything fits on to the truck. The less space that your bulk items take up, the less you will be paying.

For any level of bulk rubbish removal, you want to put Junk King Miami on the job. Book your session today.

How To Get More Room In Your Closet

When you take on a kitchen remodeling project, there is often an opportunity to make more room by knocking down the wall. This creates an open floor plan that has become extremely popular in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, not every spatial problem in your home can be solved by knocking down a wall. That is especially true when it comes to making more room in your closet. If you wanted a walk-in closet, then you would probably have to sacrifice an existing room in your home for that purpose. However, there is an easy way to make more room in your current closet configuration. That would mean simply getting rid of all the unwanted items. For that to happen, you will definitely want to set up an appointment with Junk King Miami.

A Big Pile Up

In order to make more room in your closet you are going to have to let go of some things. This is in so much as sacrificing as it is simply deciding what you want to wear in the future. They could be a lot of articles of clothing in your closet right now that you have no intention of ever where it! Those are all the things that should go into a big pile for pickup from the Junk King team. There might be some additional non-clothing items such as electronics and other household goods. If you put all of that in to the closet just to get it out of sight, then again you have to decide if you ever going to use it again. If not, then it should all go into the junk pile.

When the Junk King squad shows up for your appointment, they will take one look at your closet pile and know exactly how much room that will take up truck. This is how they will be able to provide you with an estimate for the service. You might be able to text a photo of the stuff to the crew to get a rough estimate but that can be locked down until the crew is able to look over everything in person. That actually works to your advantage because often they can get things into a small space than you ever would imagine.

Making more room in your closet requires sorting and a clutter removal session with Junk King Miami. Book your session today.

Make Your Rental Tenant Ready With Help From Junk King

Real estate is big business in Miami. Even with the recent COVID crisis, properties have remained in demand in the area. That includes rental properties. It is why that when a tenant moves out, you want to be able to get that rental ready ASAP. Before painters and handymen can come in to make renovations and repairs, there might need to be some rubbish clearing taking place first. That is when Junk King Miami can be a big help. It will only take one session with these pro junk haulers to get your rental property cleared of any amount of left behind debris.

Home or Apartment

A rental property can be a home or apartment. It can also fill up with a lot of stuff during a tenant’s occupancy. When that tenant moves out, they are supposed to take everything with them. Sadly, that is not always the case. Any tenant who leaves things behind understands that they are abandoning their property. They are also abandoning a portion of their security deposit.

When you do a walkthrough and discover left behind items, you should get on the phone with Junk King right away. You might be able to have all that stuff cleared out literally within a few hours. That can happen if the Junk King squad is close to your rental and they have room on their truck. At a minimum, you can expect to have the stuff cleared out within 24-hours. That is the goal that Junk King strives for.

Junk King also strives to make a rubbish removal session affordable. The cost is always based on how the Junk King team will pack up the stuff on the back of their truck. The less room that they use, the less you will pay. All of this will be worked out before the loading begins. That flat rate also includes the disposal which could mean dropping off at charities or recycling centers. It’s all part of the total removal package offered by Junk King.

With Junk King Miami on the job of rubbish removal, your rental property can be market ready in no time at all.

Positive Reviews Demonstrate How Junk King Miami Works

“They had scheduled me for 11 AM to 1 PM. These guys called at 9 AM to let me know that they were on the way. They were responsible and respectful towards my property and reasonable in pricing. I will definitely use them again.” – Briseis, Hialeah

That is just one of the many positive reviews uploaded recently by Junk King Miami customers. It is also a good demonstration of just how Junk King operates. When you set up an appointment with Junk King you will be asked to pick a day and a two-hour window that works best on that day for your time.  Those two hours are often taken up in traffic getting from one side of Miami to the next. You can certainly appreciate that challenge! Because the Junk King crews work fast and efficiently they are often ahead of schedule. Not only will that work for your scheduled appointment but it could also benefit you if you want to same day pickup.

“I called to get a quote to have some junk hauled away. A very nice person on the phone was able to give me a time the same day. Not only were they on time they were early. They were very professional and gave me a fair quote. Kind, courteous and professional. Very rare to get this level of service in Miami. Will use them again and highly recommend!” – Matthew, Miami

As far as Junk King is concerned, it shouldn’t be a challenge to make a customer satisfied. It takes dedication to the job and a friendly attitude. That is exactly what you will be getting with the Junk King crew assigned to your removal session. You don’t have to feel guilty about asking these crews to lift and carry heavy objects. This is the kind of work they do day in and day out. Not only can you get all the unwanted items cleared from the inside of your home but also on the outside of your home. That can certainly have a positive impact on your entire living space.

When you need junk hauled from your property, you need to put Junk King Miami on that job. Call for your session today.

Clear Out An Old Mattress With Help From Junk King

How restless is your sleep? There could be a lot of contributing factors that cause you to toss and turn throughout the night. It will help if you can create a sleeping environment that can promote a good night’s rest. That begins with the right mattress.

If you have been sleeping on your mattress for more than eight years, then that could be the cause of many sleepless nights. It might be time to replace that old mattress with a mattress that is more supportive. This will require you going to a mattress dealership and trying out the mattresses to see which would be the perfect fit. Once you have selected your mattress you want to arrange for the removal of the old mattress. That is a task that is best suited for Junk King Miami. Disposing of old mattresses is a daily task for the Junk King crews!

Leftover Room

Junk King assigns two movers for every removal appointment. That is exactly what you need to navigate mattress from your bedroom out the front door. Once placed on the junk King truck there will be plenty of leftover room for some other items that you might want to get rid of. This is your chance to finally toss out any unwanted furniture, unused household goods or clothing that you are no longer interested in wearing. All of those items can find their way on the back of the Junk King truck.

How those things will get packed on the truck will determine just what your price will be. Junk King’s goal is always to pack as much as they can into as little space as possible. The reason for that is that it allows them make another pickup appointment before emptying the truck. It also allows them to charge customers the low end of the price scale. Junk King’s pricing policy is always based on volume and not how heavy an object be.

If you are ready to clear out your old mattress and the rest of your unwanted items, then you are ready to call Junk King Miami.

Turn Over Your Old TVs To Junk King

When the first television sets were sold the screens were rather small. The most common size was between 10 to 12 inches. That is the same size as a portable TV that was manufactured decades later. However, can you imagine the entire family gathering around the 12 inch television set? The flatscreen TVs sold today come in a variety of sizes. It seems as though each year there is some manufacturer who tries to go even bigger than the year before. That only means that you have to create more wall space!

Do you have any television sets that you aren’t using your home? Those are the kinds of things that take up valuable storage space and become part of the clutter of a house. But you don’t have to hold onto that TV. The team from Junk King Miami is standing by to help you clear out your old television sets once and for all.

Fast Removal

Hiring Junk King to remove an old TV would definitely be one of their quicker jobs. You will probably already have the TV unhooked from the cable wires. That means it just becomes a matter of lifting the set and carrying it out the door. With the two-man moving team that will happen in just a few minutes. Could that be the end of your Junk King session? Technically, it can. You can hire Junk King to get rid of just a single item.

However, as long as you do have use of the two-man team and that big truck you might as well take full advantage of. How many other items from your home would you like removed? You can also think beyond the inside of your house to the outside. This could be your chance to finally clear out all the unwanted items from your patio and outdoor storage sheds. One session with Junk King can make a huge difference around the house!

When you hire Junk King Miami to get rid of your old TV, you can end up with a totally junk free home. It all starts with one phone call to Junk King.

Get Your Remodel Debris Cleaned Up By Junk King

Are you pulling plans together for a remodel project? That has become a very popular agenda for a lot of homeowners in the past couple of months. It might be that spending so much time in their homes finally inspired them to get things “perfect.” As you put together the plans for your remodel you can do a lot of research online.

There are endless ideas for whatever room you want to makeover but especially with the kitchen. You can borrow elements from different designs to incorporate into what your new kitchen might look like. You might also stumble across a few “before” and “after” photos of these remodel projects. What they rarely show is the “in between.” That is when all the work gets done. It is also when all the debris is created. When that debris starts piling up, you can count on Junk King Miami to help clear it all away.

Everything Must Go

When you hire Junk King for your remodel debris cleanup, they will be approaching the project with one mission: everything must go. You can start a pile of debris in your yard or in your driveway. That pile can be a big as it has to be. Once the Junk King team shows up for the removal, they’ll give that pile the once over and decide just how it will all fit onto the back of the Junk King truck. After making that estimate, they will be able to assign you a price. That price will always be based on the volume and not the weights. That will be a big deal with this kind of debris.

After everything is loaded onto the truck, the Junk King team will sweep up the spot that just cleaned and you can call the job “finished!”

Be sure to plan for Junk King Miami to take care of your remodel debris cleanup. You’ll be glad you did.

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