Smart Approach To The Toddler Bed Switch

Kids like surprises but that really only with presents. As for everything else, consistency works best to keep children calm. That is why when it is time to make the switch to the toddler bed you have to take the smart approach. Here’s how to make it happen.


Introduce the Concept

You don’t just want to swap out a crib with a toddler bed without telling your little one what is happening. Start with their nighttime reading material. There are some great books out there that introduce children to sleeping in the “big beds.” Hopefully, they’ll starting asking about their own bed and if they can make the switch. That’s a good place to be in.

Make Sure You Have a Routine

Before you bring in a toddler bed, you’ll want to make sure two major milestones have been worked out: Potty time and nighttime. Making sure your kids are potty trained is going to be a big help in the new bed. This doesn’t mean they’re going to be able to wander off and go to the bathroom on their own but they should be able to call out for help in the middle of the night if needed.

You also want to make sure you’ve locked down that nighttime routine. You should be putting your kid to sleep at the same time with the same routines. Those routines can stay intact with the new toddler bed. The only thing that should change is where they’re sleeping.

Let Them Get Involved

A toddler likes to get involved with everything. They’re always up for an “assignment.” The best assignment for them during this transition is to let them pick out their bedding. Whatever cartoon or Disney show they’re currently obsessed with there will no doubt be a set of sheets and pillowcases with those characters. When they pick that, they’ll feel like they’ve “made their own bed.” Smart move.

On the day of the big switch, you want to make it as seamless a possible. That should start with a call to Junk King Boston. These professional junk haulers will be able to show up in the morning and remove the old baby furniture in anticipation of the delivery of your toddler bed. While they’re at your home, you can tap the Junk King team to clear out the rest of your unwanted items. Let Junk King Boston help you make a smooth transition to a toddler bed by clearing out the old furniture first.