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Use Junk King For Your Spring Cleaning

The essentials for spring cleaning aren’t complicated. You need a vacuum cleaner, mop, broom, dust cloths, bucket, rubber gloves and spray cleaners. Once assembled, you can put those items to work throughout the entire home. A few hours of hard work will result in a house that is sparkling and germ-free. But there is another essential for spring cleaning that you should consider activating. That would be a junk removal session from Junk King Boston.

What does removing junk have to do with spring cleaning? Everything! Think about all the things that you’d like to get rid of from your home that have been “trapped” there for a long time. You might have pieces of furniture that your eager to replace that need to be hauled out first. There might be boxes of dishes, pots and pans and other household goods that are still packed up from last move. Clearly, you don’t need any of those items but could you use the storage space? Junk King can help find that by getting all of those unwanted items removed once and for all.

Weight is never a factor for the Junk King team. Yes, it matters to them how heavy something is with regard to deciding the best way to do rid out of the house without damaging walls or the floor. However, when it comes to the fee weight isn’t a factor. There are some so-called professional junk hauling companies that charge by the pound. How they can determine what something will way without a scale remains unanswered. They might also charge extra for the really heavy items like construction waste. That is that can happen with Junk King. The pricing structure used by Junk King is based on how the truck packed up. Will your stuff fit into half of the truck bed or take up the whole truck bed? The answer to that question will be your fee and you will know that feet before the work begins.

When you use Junk King Boston to help with your spring cleaning, you will be guaranteed a home that is free of junk. Make that happen today.

Are You Ready For A Home Appraisal?

Is your home ready for an appraisal? This is the process you will have to go through in order to put it on to the market. The hope is that your home has increased in value since you bought it however many years ago. There are some things you can do to help boost your chances of an increased value. Here’s how to get ready for a home appraisal:


Pay Attention To Your Yards

Curb appeal matters. That begins with the first impression in your front yard. You should have your grass mowed and your trees and shrubbery trimmed. If there are any dead trees on the property, then they should be removed before the appraisal. You can also add a splash of color with flowers. If you are getting your home appraised in the winter, then be sure to clear out any snow or ice walkways and driveways.

Update Materials

You should update materials wherever you can such as countertops, cupboards and flooring. Try to keep things looking as neutral as possible. Keep in mind that anything that looks like it needs replacing could take a $500 hit on your home value. A dozen small issues can translate into several thousand dollars off the value of your home. Anything you can fix for less than $500 you’ll be ahead of the game.

Add In Your Neighborhood

What improvements have been made in your community since you moved in? Have there been new schools, stores and other public amenities? These should be pointed out to your appraiser might not be similarly with the area. They can all definitely add value to the home.

Clean Everything

Before the appraiser shows up you are going to want to clean your home from top to bottom. This is a thorough kind of scrubbing that might even require pulling out furniture to get into all the corners. As for your clutter and junk, you should consider getting that carted away as well. It will only take one session with Junk King Boston to handle that goal. These are the junk removal pros who have removed literally tons of furniture, appliances, clothing and other household goods all throughout the area. Put Junk King Boston to work today and your home will be ready for an appraisal tomorrow.