Minneapolis Junk Recycling

Right now residential recycling in Minneapolis is a little like color coordinating outfits. There are certain bags required for certain recyclable materials. These are considered “multi-sort”  collection systems that puts the onus on the recycler to figure out which trash goes in which bag. While everyone around the Twin Cities was doing their part, it can lend to some confusion about what is supposed to go where. All of that is about to change as Minneapolis is going to switch over from “multi-sort” to “single-sort.”  Now everything that is deemed recyclable can be placed into one bin for an easy pickup. The objective of this switch is to increase the rate of recyclables from its current 18% to 32%. This is a completely obtainable goal as it has been reached in other cities that also made the switch.

A report by the Department of Public Works is what started this whole ball rolling. Even though the city already has a decent participation rates this new method should kick that up by several notches. The new plan won’t go into effect until sometime next year which will give the city plenty of time to gear up and get ready.

Once in place, folks will still have the opportunity to recycle the same items they’ve been recycling all along such as plastics, newspapers, magazines, cardboard and aluminum soda cans. What’s not included in that list would be all the bulkier items you might have laying around your home that can’t fit into the recycle bin. This would be things like old furniture, an unused mattress, broken down kitchen appliances or pretty much anything else that is cluttering up your garages, attics, basements and closets. To get rid of that kind of recyclable junk you need to bring in the pros. In this case that would mean a professional junk hauling team like Junk King Minneapolis.

These professional junk haulers who are working around the Twin Cities are every bit as dedicated to recycling as everyone else. The major difference is that their efforts might take them beyond the average recycling centers and into those facilities that handle bigger projects. This would be recycling centers that are grinding up wood to turn into pulp which can become recycled paper. Or facilities that can melt down scrap metal and repurpose that for other uses. There is even a special place that just handles tire recycling. You won’t have to worry about tracking down any of those centers because Junk King Minneapolis will do all the work. Not only will they remove your junk from any room but it they need to make several drop-offs to different facilities then so be it. It’s all part of what you get when you hire the right person for this type of job. Keep doing your part and let the professionals handle the rest.