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Reclaim The Space At Your Business

Is your office the type of place where you invite in a lot of clients in for meetings? If so, then what kind of decluttering do you do before they arrive? In other words, do you often find yourself scrambling to make a good appearance or do you avoid that altogether and never meet at your office? It seems a shame that if you’re paying premium price for space you should be able to entertain clients in your offices. Perhaps all you need is one junk removal session with Junk King Minneapolis to reclaim all that valuable office space.

office-1463743As with the home junk removal sessions, Junk King Minneapolis will provide you with two professional movers and a big truck to accomplish your task. The things that make these movers professional are that they are licensed, bonded and insured. Those are exactly the only type of workers you should be hiring. Junk King makes it easy to schedule your appointment. You can take care of that online or over the phone. They also understand the need not to be disruptive to your business. Thankfully, the Junk King crews move very quickly. Still if it works better for an early morning or weekend appointment Junk King Minneapolis will certainly accommodate your needs.

When you hire Junk King Minneapolis to clean out your office clutter you don’t have to limit yourself to furniture and files. This is the perfect team to turn over all your broken or outdated office equipment. You probably have been holding onto those ancient computers, monitors and printers because you know they can’t be thrown out in a dumpster. Instead, that kind of e-waste has to be recycled at a certified facility. Junk King Minneapolis can make sure all those items are dropped off at the right place. This lets you maintain your status as a green company with very little effort!

As for the bottom line, Junk King Minneapolis will charge a flat fee for the service that is based on how much space all your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. You’ll never be charged by the pound by Junk King and that is a very fair deal. Junk King Minneapolis is standing by with the crews and trucks to help free up space in your office. Put them to work today!

Fire Up Your Backyard Makeover

Backyards are made for summer. Will your yard be ready for all the fun? That might mean upgrading your grill to model with more cooking space. It could mean swapping out the rusty patio furniture for more comfortable seating. Perhaps this is the season you’ll finally get around to planting that veggie garden. All that can happen when you start by hiring Junk King Minneapolis. This is the squad who is going to clear away all the rubbish from your yard and help you fire up that makeover.


Just as with the inside of your home, your yard can often become a depository for all kinds of unwanted items. This is where all the leftover construction materials go from those home improvement projects. It’s also were you keep your lawnmower that hasn’t worked for years. You might even have piles of stones and pavers removed from a walkway. Obviously, you can’t throw this stuff out in the trash. It is either too heavy or too bulky. That is where Junk King Minneapolis can lend a hand. The same team that would be sent over to clean out your garage can also work wonders around your backyard.

In the past, the Junk King crews have been tapped to take down swing sets and tree forts. They’ve removed fencing and dismantled woodsheds. They even have taken down above ground pools and carted away hot tubs. Bottom line: Whatever you have in your backyard that you want gone, Junk King Minneapolis can take it away.

Of course, you can also put that same crew to work around the inside of your home. That moving crew can clear out your garage and take away all the clutter from your closets. Everything will be loaded onto the back of the truck and taken away for responsible disposal. That will often require Junk King to make extra stops at recycling center or charity organizations but that’s not a problem for them. They would much rather make those stops then drop stuff off at a dump. That is just how Junk King rolls. If this is the summer you want to transform your backyard and clear away all your home clutter, then put Junk King to work today.

Time To Get Serious About Junk Removal

You’ll find that working with Junk King Minneapolis to remove the clutter from your home is actually a lot of fun. That is not to say the crews working for Junk King don’t take their job serious. They do. You won’t find them pulling pranks on April Fool’s Day. Instead, they will be making the rounds from homes to apartments to businesses and helping your friends and neighbors move out all kinds of junk. If you’re ready to get serious about junk removal, then you’re ready to bring in Junk King Minneapolis.


The fun part of putting Junk King in charge of your junk removal is that you won’t have to do any lifting at all. You can literally sit back and point to the stuff you want removed and then watch how fast it flies out of the door. The two-man moving team who will be assigned to your junk removal chore are experts at moving heavy objects. They are also rather handy when it comes to taking apart something in order to fit it out the door. Remember all those hours you struggled building the IKEA thing? Forget about the struggle when it is time to take it away. Junk King will handle it all.

That hard work can extend to your yard as well. Now that spring has sprung, you might be in the mood for planting or a patio makeover. Junk King is the perfect team to take care of hauling away all kinds of yard waste, rusty grills and worn down patio furniture. Once you have that “blank” space, you’ll have a better idea of how to fill it all up again!

Customers also appreciate that Junk King is serious about protecting the environment. Since they began collecting junk back in 2005, Junk King has been dedicated to a green way of doing things. That means a lot of charity donations and recycling center drop offs. It’s all part of the normal routine for Junk King.

How much extra will all that recycling cost you? Zero. It is included in the affordable prices offered by Junk King. When you’re ready to get serious about junk removal, then Junk King Minneapolis will be ready for you.

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