Get Your Home Back To Normal

If you are somebody who celebrates Halloween then you probably get into the spirit by decorating your home. You can distinguish trick-or-treat friendly homes based on the types of decorations in the front lawn. If there are a lot of giant spiders, ghosts hanging from trees and plastic tombstones then you know that is the house that is going to be handing out treats! The moment the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, those decorations feel out of place. It’s hard to think about Thanksgiving when there’s still plastic bones on the front lawn! Although you may pack up a lot of those decorations for next year the still could be a lot of yard debris left over that needs to be tossed out. That’s where Junk King Minneapolis will be a huge help.


Most people who hire Junk King Minneapolis do so to help remove big items like a sofa or old refrigerator. In reality, the two-man crew who will be working with you for your junk removal task will be able to take away just about anything short of hazardous material. That means a lot of old lumber, scrap metal, spare tires, auto-parts, patio furniture and planters that you might have in your front and back yards can all be loaded onto the truck. This is the kind of work that could put a big strain on your back but you don’t have to worry about that as long as Junk King Minneapolis is on the scene. They’re going to do all the heavy lifting for you and that’s a promise!

Not everything that is collected by Junk King Minneapolis will be haunting a landfill. Instead, the bulk of what they load onto the truck’s find its way to recycling centers or charities. This is one of the many ways that Junk King Minneapolis honors its valve to keep the environment as green as possible.

All of that hard work is included in the flat fee that you’ll be paying. This is a price that is always based upon how much space your junk will occupy on the back of a Junk King Minneapolis truck. It’s a fair price that can’t be beat. Junk King Minneapolis will make sure your junk removal isn’t scary at all. Put them to the task today.