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Activate The Junk King Price Estimator

If you are thinking about hiring Junk King Minneapolis to get rid of your junk, then you might have to big questions. The first would be “what can they take?” The second would be “how much will it cost?” The answers would be “just about anything” and it depends on the volume. Junk King has a flat rate price policy that is based on how the truck gets packed up. You never get charge by the pound when you hire Junk King for this type of service. The way to determine what that cost might be is to activate the Junk King price estimator. This is a feature on the Junk King website that allows you to see an estimate for the price range for any size cleanup job.

One by One

The Junk King estimator lets you build a checklist of items that you are getting rid of. You can add to this list one by one of things like furniture, appliances, electronics and random bags and boxes. The more you add, the more you will see how the price range changes. The reason that this is a range instead of an exact price is because things can change when they get packed up.

The two-man crew who will be assigned to your removal task has a lot of experience with packing up the truck. They know exactly how everything will sit on to the truck. That is why there estimate could be significantly lower than the price you come up with online. That’s a good thing! This will all be worked out before anything gets loaded onto the truck. But you will discover if you shop around that Junk King offers a very fair and competitive price for this type of service.

Before your next rubbish removal session with Junk King Minneapolis be sure to activate the price estimator to get things started.

Hire Junk King For A Fall Cleanup Session

This is the time of year when everything changes. At least, everything changes in nature! The trees will start putting on their color show all across the state. Once that burst of color has been saturated, those same leaves will start falling off. That is when the rake squads get busy! This could also be a perfect time of year to take care of some cleanup around the house that you have been putting off. The reason for putting off this type of cleanup is because you need some outside help to make it happen. That help can come from a call to Junk King Minneapolis. These are the junk hauling pros that can be a big boost for your fall cleanup agenda.

Whatever Has To Go

The list of what Junk King can removed from the home is a long one. In fact, it is just a few random hazardous materials such as propane tanks and leftover paint that Junk King can’t transport. As for everything else, it can all go. That can make a big difference when you will be putting together your list of things you would like to clear out. Knowing that you have a team of two capable movers for this task can be another big boost. This is the crew that will go down into the basement or up into the attic if need be. All you have to do is show the Junk King crew what you want removed and they will pick it up right from the spot.

Some of the items that you are getting rid of might still be of practical use. Those are the kinds of things that the Junk King crew will be happy to drop off at a local charity. That is all part of the junk removal service. It also happens automatically; you don’t even have to sort your stuff!

A rubbish removal session with Junk King Minneapolis is the perfect way to kick off the fall season. Set up your session today.

Take Care Of Property Clean Up With One Call To Junk King

The goal for any type of real estate investment is for that property not to cause any “problems.” That starts with finding the right tenants to occupy the space. You never want to let a rental property go for long while waiting to be occupied. That means it should be ready to go as quickly as possible after the old occupants move out. To help make something like that happen you might need to engage in a thorough property clean up. That is the type of work that Junk King Minneapolis will be happy to take care of.

Inside and Outside

The property that you are getting ready might need cleaning up on the inside and outside. That will be a problem for the Junk King crew. When you’re Junk King team shows up for the session you can take them on a tour of all the objects that you need cleared out. As you point out the items, the Junk King team will be making a mental note of how everything is going to fit onto the back of the Junk King truck. That is how your price will be determined for the service. It all comes down to volume and not weight.  Not be in charge by the pound will make a huge difference to that final price!

You can schedule your session with Junk King online or over the phone. If you are flexible, then you might be able to take advantage of the same day pickup. That would certainly be advantageous for a quick turnaround of that property. Most Junk King sessions are completed within 24 hours of that first contact.

You won’t have to wait long to get your property cleaned out when Junk King Minneapolis is on the job. Book your session today.

Put Junk King To Work For A Back-To-School Cleanup

Once the kids are back in school, it is a lot quieter around the house. It is also easier to get a lot more things done. This makes back-to-school the perfect time to conduct a thorough cleanup of your home. When that cleanup involves getting rid of bulky items that can be tossed out into the trash, then you want to bring in outside help. The best company for that task is Junk King Minneapolis. These are the professional junk haulers who can help with any level of cleanup around your home.

Taking Stock

Over the summer, there might have been a few items in your home that you targeted for removal once the kids went back to school. Maybe this was a piece of furniture  or major appliance that is broken beyond repair. There are probably a lot of clothing that your kids have outgrown over the summer and you replaced as part of your back-to-school shopping. There might also be a few random objects that the kids have outgrown like a trampoline or swing set in the backyard. All of that can be cleared out in a single session with the team from Junk King.

That Junk King team will consist of a pair of movers who have a lot of experience with lifting and loading all types of objects. The Junk King crew also has a lot of experience with taking things apart. That will come in handy with some of those backyard structures that you would like to clear away.

Some of the things that you are getting rid of might still be usable. That would certainly be true of any old clothing or books. Those are the type of items that Junk King can drop off at a local charity. It’s all part of their complete service.

A back-to-school cleanup session with the team from Junk King Minneapolis is a great way to get the house in order. Set up your session today.

How To Deal With Extra Trash

Cleaning up is part of everyone’s day. It is just the “level” of that cleanup that changes. At a bare minimum, you will always clean up after making meals. That will generate a small amount of trash. Over the course of a week, that trash can add up. Thankfully, the weekly trash pickup will take care of that and you get to start all over again! However, there might come a time when you are dealing with an excessive amount of trash that can be cleared out in that we could take up. If you are dealing with a situation like that, then you need to bring in outside help. The perfect company to deal with that extra trash would be Junk King Minneapolis.

Moving Crew Dispatch

Every session that set up by Junk King will start with dispatching a team of movers to your location. This is the crew who will do all the lifting and loading work on your behalf. It doesn’t matter to the Junk King team how much you are getting rid of. All that they are focused on his clearing out all those unwanted items in a single session. The Junk King crew will be showing up in a truck big enough to hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks were to rubbish. That will certainly fit whatever extra trash you want to get rid of!

It is how the trash fits into the truck that will determine what your final price will be for the job. The Junk King crew will always strive to pack up their trucks as tightly as possible. The less space that your rubbish takes up, the less you will be paying. This is a fair and competitive pricing policy that has generated a lot of satisfied Junk King customers.

Getting rid of your extra trash won’t be a problem for the team from Junk King Minneapolis. Put them on that job today.

Junk King Team is Here to Help You With Moving Out Cleanout

Are you relocating? Let Junk King experts ease the stress of cleaning out the house as you move out. 


Moving out can be stressful, even more so if you don’t have the right team to help you out. You will need to pack your items safely, secure your fragile items, arrange moving, and toss any unwanted items. Since most tenancy agreements require you to leave the house clean, you must also clean your old place before you go.

From scrubbing the floors, cleaning the tough grime on the doors and walls, cleaning the appliances, and more, you can wear out quickly if you have to do it alone. However, you do not have to do all this; professional junk hauling experts from Junk King are ready to handle removing any and all unwanted clutter and junk for you. An empty space is a whole lot easier to clean!

What is Move-out Cleanout?

Several landlords require their old tenants to clean out the house when they are moving out. To protect your security deposit, you will need to ensure that you leave the house as clean as it was when you first moved in. 

Cleanout clauses on tenancy agreements vary depending on the property owner. However, most landlords may require you to:

  • Dust everything
  • Clean sinks and countertops
  • Clean the walls
  • Vacuum, sweep or scrub the floors
  • Clean kitchen appliances
  • Wipe down baseboards
  • Scrub shower and bathtub
  • Scrub toilets

Professional moving-out cleaning companies offer customized cleaning services depending on the type of cleaning you need and the size of the property. These companies will help you leave the house or apartment looking clean and ensure you get back your security deposit. 

How to Make Moving out Cleanout Easy by Hiring Junk King Experts

It is easy to miss a lot of mess if you are handling the move-out cleaning while the house is still full of clutter. After all, you have a lot of packing to do and since moving into a new apartment is also very time and attention-consuming, you can easily ignore your old residence.  Whether your lease agreement demands that you clean out the entire house or parts of it, our expert moving-out cleanout service providers here at Junk King will ensure that you get the job done. 

To make the task easier, you should:

  • – Pack your property in the right boxes
  • – De-clutter your garage, basement, and attic
  • – Ensure the rooms are empty or nearly empty
  • – Check to ensure that you do not leave any valuables behind

At Junk King, we offer a free estimate so that you know what to expect. If a moving day is coming, it is crucial to talk to our experts and find out more about our cleanout services. Regardless of the cleanout services you need, our professionals at Junk King are always ready to help. 

We can handle all types of cleanouts and junk removal, including hot tub disposal. Find out more about the kind of items we take and the junk removal services that we offer. 


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Junk King Process for Moving Out Cleanout

Our moving-out cleanout removal services are designed to give you an easy solution to clear out any clutter in the house and remove any unwanted junk. We show up with enough workforce and the right tools and materials needed to get the job done perfectly and quickly. 

We provide a very high level of professionalism and excellent customer care. Our upfront pricing, flexible scheduling, and fast service delivery will give you the peace of mind you need when moving out. 

When you hire us, our experts will call you at least 15 minutes before they arrive at your premises. Once there, we will clear out every inch of the property as per the estimate and use environmentally friendly and sustainable disposal methods.

Our fully trained and insured team of expert junk haulers always arrives on time and gets the work done as fast as possible. So you can be sure that the job will be done to your satisfaction. If we haul away your unwanted junk, we will recycle or dispose of it in an eco-friendly way. 

Hire Junk King for the Best Moving Out Cleanout Services

At Junk King, we offer one of the most professional moving-out cleanout services in the industry. Our services are also very affordable, and we guarantee to beat or meet any estimate you have. We recycle more than our competitors, and you can count on us as your green option for the cleanout and junk removal. If you have any unwanted or unused electronics or furniture, we can take these items as well, or even help you find the best place to donate them.

With us, you will get a no-hassle experience when moving out with easy scheduling, upfront pricing, and fast services. Our moving out cleanout services include:

  • – Appliances removal
  • – Hot tub disposal or removal
  • – General clearing out services
  • – Junk removal
  • – Recycling

We can handle any cleanout and junk removal that you need so that you can focus on your move.  If you are planning to move, say the work, and we will clear out your old house and haul all the junk away. For expert moving-out cleanout services, get in touch with us and schedule an appointment. 
Bigger Trucks

Old Computer Removal Done Right

How many computers do you think you have bought over the years? Of all the appliances that you acquire a computer is probably something that doesn’t last very long. If you get three or four years out of a computer, then you are ahead of the game. Beyond that your software and hardware will simply become obsolete. That is why it is not uncommon for households to have several old computers tucked away in various closets and storage spaces. That is actually very smart because it means those computers haven’t been tossed out into the trash. The last place that you want to computer to go is into a landfill. Instead, it has to be disposed of in a responsible manner. That involves dropping it off at a certified recycling center. That is the exact kind of service that the team from Junk King Minneapolis can provide for you.

Easy Lifting

The very first computers that ever came into being weighed several tons and took up an entire floor of an office building. Today, you can carry your computers around all by yourself. That makes them easy to load onto the back of the junk truck. But don’t worry, you won’t be doing any of that loading. That will be left to the two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your session by Junk King. Even if you are just getting rid of one or two old computers, you will still be assigned those two movers.

Perhaps you could put those movers to another task. This is a great opportunity to get rid of any other unwanted from your home whether that is furniture or clothing. Just think of how much better it will feel to have all of that unwanted rubbish. One call to Junk King can make it happen.

The most efficient way to get rid of your old computers and unwanted rubbish is to give that job Junk King Minneapolis. Book your removal session today.

Decluttering Leads To Organizing

The path to getting your home organized from top to bottom has to go through an intense amount of decluttering. That means going through every room and pulling out those items that are taking up space. That clutter can be things like old shoes or clothing that simply have to be put away in a bedroom. It can also be stacks of magazines and newspapers that have long since been read. But that clutter can also be bigger objects like entire pieces of furniture. When you get to those clutter items that are too big for the trash can, you need to bring in outside help. That clutter removal help can be found with one call to Junk King Minneapolis.

Room to Room

Every Junk King removal session is staffed by a pair of very capable and friendly movers. This is the team who is going to do all the lifting and loading. That essentially means picking up whatever you want removed right from the spot. You can take your Junk King team on a room-to-room tour of your home pointing to all the things that you want cleared out. They will take note of all of the objects and present you with an estimate for the cost. That cost will be based on how they intend to pack up the truck with all your unwanted rubbish. The less space that your stuff takes up, the less you will be paid.

Included in that flat rate will be their disposal of your stuff. That might actually mean making several drop-offs. Junk King strives to keep as much rubbish at of local landfills as possible. To accomplish that they might need to make drop-offs at a charity or recycling center. That is work that Junk King is happy to do as part of their complete service.

Once the clutter is gone from your home, you will be able to get it organized. Let a rubbish removal session with Junk King Minneapolis help with that goal.

How To Get Your Attic Cleaned Out

Cleaning out your attic might be one of those jobs that you off for a long time. Just the thought of climbing up and down those stairs or ladder would put anyone off on the task. This is the type of job that you would benefit with outside help and that help can be found with the crew from Junk King Minneapolis. These are the professional junk haulers who can make quick work out of getting your attic cleaned out from top to bottom.

Your One Trip

Your one trip up into the attic should be to determine exactly what items you want to have the Junk King team  haul away. Once you have made the decision, you can leave everything right where it is. The Junk King crew will pick up everything right on the spot regardless of how many trips up in to the attic that might take. This is the type of work that they do on a regular basis. There is nothing that you can ask them to carry that will be a challenge for them.

Although you might be getting rid of some heavy objects, you are never going to be charge by the pound by Junk King. Junk King always charges a flat rate based on how everything fits on to the back of the truck. The less room that your stuff takes up, the less you will be paying.

You should also remember that Junk King has established partnerships with many charities in the area. They know exactly what these organizations take in on a regular basis. A lot of the stuff that you are getting rid of from your attic could still be useful to other people. Junk King will always strive to make those drop-offs as part of their complete removal service.

Hiring Junk King Minneapolis is the quickest and easiest way to get your attic cleaned out. Put them on the job today.

Bring In Junk King To Clear Out Your Backyard Toolshed

Having a nice backyard to relax in takes effort. It means tending to her garden, mowing lawns and keeping the area clean. To accomplish that task, you need tools and those tools are often stored in a shed in the backyard for convenience. Backyard toolsheds are often prefabricated and don’t take up a lot of space. That means the storage area inside the sheds is limited. As you get your backyard ready for the summer season, it might be time to clear out the unwanted stuff from your toolshed to make room for the things that matter. That is the kind of clearing job at the team from Junk King Minneapolis can be a big help.

Bring The Stuff Out

The best way to assess what you can keep in your toolshed is to bring everything out. That will also provide you with an opportunity to give the inside of shed a thorough cleaning. Once everything is spread out on the yard, then you can see what can be kept and what can be turned over to junk. Once you have made that determination, you can leave everything right on the spot. Team from Junk King will pick it all up and swiftly loaded onto the back of the truck. You just have to point to what you want taken away. When Junk King says they do all the work, they literally mean that!

The cost for clearing out your toolshed will be determined by just how much space the stuff you are getting rid of takes up on the back truck. The Junk King crews have the experience to know just by looking at Apollo rubbish how much room it will fill on the truck. Once that price is agree to it will be locked down. Even if your stuff and that taking up more space, you will still pay the original price. That is what makes Junk King a fair and affordable operation to work with.

When you need to bring out the rubbish from your backyard toolshed, you need to bring in the crew from Junk King Minneapolis. Book your session today.

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