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Call In Junk King For Full-Service Rubbish Removal

There was a time when most of the gas stations across the country were strictly full-service. That meant you pulled up, and an attendant would come out and ask you what you wanted and then take care of pumping your gas and wiping your windshields. Now, most of us pump our own gas. But some tasks do require full service. That would undoubtedly include having rubbish removed from your home.

This kind of rubbish is too big for the trash can. Instead, it needs to be picked up by movers and loaded onto the back of a truck. That is exactly what you will get when you hire Junk King Minneapolis for a rubbish removal plan. This full-service professional junk hauling company takes care of this task the right way.

Get Rid of It All

When you set up a full-service rubbish removal session with Junk King, you will be assigned to movers and a big truck. This is exactly what you need to get rid of all your unwanted stuff, regardless of size or weight. You might even have some objects that need to be removed before they can be carried out of the house. The Junk King crews will quickly dismantle things like an entertainment center or even a pool table.

Before anything gets loaded onto the truck, the Junk King team will present you with a written estimate. That estimate will be determined by how they plan on packing up the truck with all your unwanted stuff. The Junk King flat rate is all about volume. The less space your junk takes up on the back of the truck, the less you will pay. This is a fair and competitive approach for this work that Junk King customers appreciate.

Full-service rubbish removal is a phone call away to Junk King Minneapolis. Make that call today.

Call For A Junk Removal Estimate Today

You probably have something you need to get rid of from your home that requires movers in a big truck. That means hiring an outside company to handle the task. For junk removal, the best company for the job is Junk King Minneapolis. Of course, anytime you hire a company for a task, the cost will be a factor. That is why you can get a free estimate from Junk King that will convince you to hire them for your junk removal needs.

Start With a Phone Call

Hiring Junk King for rubbish removal begins with a phone call. That is where you can get a rough estimate for the services. Junk King uses a flat rate price policy that is based on volume. That means you will not be charged by the pound. Instead, the flat rate is determined by how everything will fit onto the back truck. Because of the many years that Junk King has of doing this type of work, they know how things fit onto the truck. So if you were getting rid of a single sofa or mattress, you would pay the low end of the price scale. Of course, the more you add to the truck, the more you pay. But that will always be a price that is fair and competitive.

The final estimate cannot be determined until the Junk King crew sees all the rubbish in person. It might be that the in-person estimate will be even lower than what was quoted over the phone. Once you agree to the price, the work can begin. In no time at all, every bit of your unwanted stuff will be gone for good.

You can always count on Junk King Minneapolis to remove your rubbish at a fair and competitive price. Book that session today.

Set Up A Back-To-School Decluttering Session With Junk King

Back-to-school time is exciting and every house. It can also be a bit of an upheaval. Gone are the lazy days of summer is where everyone got to sleep in. Now the early morning scrambles are back in fact. That means racing around to pack lunches, finish homework and find the perfect thing to wear. Everyone needs to work together in order to make it to school on time. It helps when things are organized. That is where a decluttering session with Junk King Minneapolis can be a big help. This isn’t just about getting rid of a stack of old newspapers and junk mail. Instead it’s about doing a deep dive in all the closets, dresser drawers and even out in the garage to get rid of the clutter and make the home completely organized.

Avoid The Closet Slow Down

One area that always causes a slowdown on a school morning is picking out what to wear. New outfits were probably added over the summer. That makes now the perfect time to get rid of all those things that will never be want again. By making more room in the closet it will be easy to find the things that are being looked for.

Getting rid of clutter can also help kids focus on homework. That is especially true if you can set up a designated area for them to focus on their work assignments. That might mean getting rid of some furniture to bring in a desk. All that clutter that has now has been designated for removal can be cleared away by the Junk King team in a single session.

You can book your appointment Junk King online or over the phone. Either way you can anticipate a proper response with most sessions being completed within 24 hours of that first contact.

A decluttering session with Junk King Minneapolis is a terrific way to start off the school year. Set up your session today.

Hire Junk King For Complete Junk Recycling

For many folks, recycling has become second nature. It is easy to separate papers and plastics and toss them into recycling bin that kind of effort results in a lot of trash being kept out of landfills that is always the preferred option when it comes to disposing of garbage.

What about all those recyclable items that can’t fit into the trash can to recycle those they need to be dropped off at a certified facility that might seem like extra work and a might be why a lot of folks opt out of that task. However, if you hire Junk King Minneapolis for junk removal you can count on all of the viable rubbish to be recycled. This is how Junk King has been getting rid of stuff they collect for over 17 years. Best of all it happens automatically! You do not have to sort out your recyclables. Junk King crews will do it all as part of the complete service.

Different Facilities

What you are getting rid of might be recycled a different facilities. Your old electronic to go to one place while your old appliances would go to another. There are also recycling centers for phone and mattresses as well as lumber and other construction materials. Junk King has relationships with all of them.

All of this lifting and loading work will be handled by the two men junk King crew who will be assigned to your task. This is the team that always shows up with a positive attitude. That makes him the exact type of workers you should have in your home.

Regarding the cost, Junk King charges a flat rate that is always determined by how much space your stuff will take up on the back of the truck. You know that prices before the work begins and will always be a fair competitive price for this type of service.

Are you ready to get your unwanted junk hauled away and recycled? Then you are ready to call in the team from Junk King Minneapolis.

Fast Old Dryer Pick Up In Minneapolis

When it is time to replace a dryer that is broken down that is something you want to take care of immediately. One missed long recycle can up and an entire household especially when the kids are back in school. Picking out a new dryer might also have you picking on a new washer. You’ll find that new dryers are more energy efficient and easier to use. All you have to contend with is having the old dryer picked up and disposed of in a responsible manner. That can happen with one call to Junk King Minneapolis.

The Removal Team

Junk King is going to dispatch a removal team for your old dryer. This team will consist of two experience movers who not only have a license and are fully insured but they also show up with a positive attitude. That means any challenge that you present them will be met with a smile and a “no problem” response. That can be a benefit especially if you have to remove an old dryer from down the basement. This is the kind of work that the Junk King team does on a regular basis. You will be amazed at how quickly and efficiently they get this task done.

As for the cost, junk King offers a flat rate that is determined by how everything fits onto the back of the truck. One price covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. With an old dryer that disposal could mean dropping off at a recycling center. Junk King would much rather make that kind of drop off then going to a landfill. This the type of responsible disposal that Junk King is proud to be a part of.

Getting rid of your old dryer will be easy when you turn the job over the Junk King Minneapolis. Book your session today.


Hire Junk King For A Big Clean Out

There are two phases for a big clean out at your home. The first phase is identifying all the objects that you want gone for good. The second phase is getting those objects all the way and disposed of. It sounds simple but it could end up being complicated if you try to do that kind of work on your own. It’s not easy to bring up old furniture from down the basement. Plus, you might not have access to a truck big enough to hold all the things you want to get rid of. And would you even know where to take all that stuff? This is why you need to involve Junk King Minneapolis in your clean out agenda. These are the junk hauling professionals that can make a big difference by doing all the work for you.

You Are Just Pointing

Hiring Junk King means hiring to capable movers for this project. This is the team that is going to do all the heavy lifting for you. The only thing you need to do is point to what you want cleared away. The Junk King team will pick it up right from the spot. That includes anything down the basement or up on the second floor. Even all the little things that you want to clear out don’t have to be moved from their present location. When the Junk King team shows up, you can take them on a tour of the house and point out everything from all the rooms that you want cleared away.

Once the Junk King crew has had a chance to look over all of your unwanted stuff, they will be able to provide you with. That estimate will be a flat rate that covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. That disposal can also include dropping items off at a local charity. Nothing has to go to waste when Junk King is on job.

Your next big clean out will go a lot smoother when you put Junk King Minneapolis on the job. Book your session today.

The Right Approach For Junk Removal

Do you have some junk items that you would like to clear from your home or yard? The bigger the item the more the need for outside help. If you were trying to do this kind of task in your own, then you still might need to bring in extra “muscle.” You might also need to rent a truck and devote a lot of time driving around for the proper disposal destination. All of this means that hiring a professional junk hauler makes a lot more sense. The best company for that job would be Junk King Minneapolis. They will always take the right approach for junk removal.

Home, Apartment or Business

Junk King is dedicated to removing any amount of unwanted items from any type of property. Every Junk King session is staffed by two movers who will be doing all the work. This team can carry out furniture from homes, apartments or businesses. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you want to get rid of. The only focus for the Junk King crew is to get it all cleared out in a single session.

The cost to junk King service is determined by how everything will sit on to the back of the Junk King truck. One flat rate covers all the work, transportation and disposal. With Junk King on the job that disposal could include making drop-offs to recycling centers or charities. It all depends on what you are getting rid of. This disposal work will happen automatically as part of Junk King’s complete service.

With regard to scheduling, you can book a session online or over the phone. Often Junk King would have same day pickups available. It all depends on when you call in and where the crews are located at that time. Add it all up, and it is clear that the right approach for junk removal remains giving the job to Junk King Minneapolis.

Bring In Junk King For A Bedroom Makeover

Are you thinking about taking on and bedroom makeover project? That can be an exciting way to elevate your current bedroom and create a truly relaxing and comfortable environment. Creating that type of environment is essential for promoting quality sleep. It might be that choosing the right color for your walls can also help. And you certainly should give consideration to replacing your old mattress if it is older than 10 years. That will go a long way to improving your sleep.

Whether you are replacing the old mattress or swapping out your bedroom furniture, those bulky items need to be cleared out of the way promptly. It would also help to get them removed if you are painting the bedroom. That is where you can activate the team from Junk King Minneapolis. These are the professional junk haulers that can be a big help with your bedroom makeover project.

Two Movers Get It Done

Every Junk King appointment is staffed with two movers. This is the team that does all the work on your behalf. That work includes lifting and loading all that heavy furniture and carrying it down the stairs and out the front door. This has to be done safely to prevent damage to walls and floor. It is why experience with moving matters and that is what you will get with the Junk King crew in abundance.

The Junk King crews know exactly how everything they collect will fit onto their truck. That is important to know because that is how they determine the cost for the service. Junk King charges a flat rate based on volume and not about weight. You will not be charge by the pound for your bedroom furniture removal and that will make a huge difference for the bottom line.

Getting rid of all bedroom furniture is a job for Junk King Minneapolis. Book your removal session today.

Get Rid Of Bulky Clutter Today

Household clutter falls into two simple categories. There’s the clutter you can toss out in the trash or the clutter you are “stuck” with. Getting rid of the trash clutter is easy. It literally only takes a few minutes to swoop up all the random items and toss it into the can. Everything else can be deposited back in the room where it belongs to be put away. As for the clutter you are stuck with, that would be all the bulky items like furniture, appliances and electronics that end up being tucked away out into the garage or down in the basement. You are reminded of those clutter items every time you walk past them. And every time you wish they could just be gone for good. That can actually happen with one call to Junk King Minneapolis. These are the junk hauling pros that make getting rid of bulky clutter look easy.

All The Lifting and Loading

Bulky clutter usually requires to movers to carry out of the house. That is exactly what will be provided to you by Junk King. Every session is staffed with two movers who have a lot of experience lifting and loading all kinds of objects. Sometimes, those objects need to be taken apart before they can fit out the door. That is also something that the Junk King team can take care of. All you have to do is point out the things you want cleared away. At that point you can sit back and relax and watch how fast Junk King gets the job done.

You can schedule your appointment with Junk King online or over the phone. When you are waiting for your appointment, you will not weight all day. Junk King just need you to set aside a two-hour window for the session. It certainly won’t take two hours to get the job done. But it might take that time to get from one appointment to the next. Junk King will always keep you informed of their progress so you will know exactly when to expect them.

The best way to get rid of bulky clutter items on your home is to bring in the squad from Junk King Minneapolis.

Junk King Minneapolis Real Estate Partnerships

Step Up Your Real Estate Game: Partner with Junk King Minneapolis!

If you’re a real estate agent in Minneapolis, you may be looking for ways to improve your overall sales and grow your business. Even if you’re working for an established office, you can still find new ways to bring in more clients or improve how quickly your homes sell once they hit the market. One way of boosting your turn-around rate is by reducing the time it takes to get a home listed. Many homes need small repairs or changes before they can be listed in order to get top dollar. Others may be full of junk and need to be fully cleaned out.

That’s where Junk King Minneapolis comes into play. While we don’t do renovations, our junk hauling services can help you get homes ready for updates so they can get listed faster. We work with several real estate professionals as well as house flippers in the Minneapolis area, and we’re ready to help you. Here are some of the ways working with Junk King can boost your real estate game.

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We Can Haul Away Unwanted Rubbish from Listings

Before you can list a home, it needs to be in great shape. The sellers may need to clean out their garage, get rid of some old furniture, or tear down a shed that’s about to collapse in the backyard. They need to get rid of these things now, so they may not have time to wait for the next bulk garbage pickup day. The city also only takes two large items each week, and there are some items they will not accept.

As a company that specializes in junk hauling in Minneapolis, however, we will haul away large amounts of garbage. Junk King’s large trucks can typically handle almost any job in a single load, and we take anything as long as it doesn’t contain hazardous waste. Your clients can tear down a deck, toss a large sectional sofa, and add in a broken chest freezer—we’ll haul away all of that and more. We can even take apart that old hot tub and get it off the back porch before you have the property professionally photographed.

Minneapolis real estate agents need to have homes ready for staging and photography quickly. The longer it takes to get these photos done, the more time your clients may struggle. Some may be paying for two homes, while others may be unable to get into a new home. They also have to pay for the utilities and other services at a home they may no longer be living in. Whether your clients need us to get rid of a few items or have an entire basement full of stuff to trash, Junk King will take care of it quickly and safely.

 Learn More About Items We Take

We Also Remove Construction and Renovation Debris

Preparing a home for sale often means putting in new flooring, making small repairs, and repainting. All of this creates debris that must go somewhere. Junk King of Minneapolis takes many types of DIY construction and renovation debris, though again, we don’t deal with anything hazardous. Whether your clients need to get rid of some old carpet or plan on doing a full kitchen remodel before listing the home, we’ll be here to haul off the debris.

We also rent dumpsters. Our MINI dumpster is designed to fit perfectly in a driveway while still holding more than four truckloads of debris. While our junk hauling services are often perfect for those cleaning out their home, renting a dumpster is more often the right solution for a renovation. If you have clients who want to do some renovations and repairs to their home that will create a lot of trash, they may want to consider the benefits of having a dumpster on-site. 

 Bigger Trucks

We Handle Foreclosures and Hoarder Homes, Too

Some real estate agents work for mortgage companies or other lenders that have had to foreclose on a home. When this occurs, you may be tasked with selling a property that’s full of stuff the previous owner didn’t take with them. You’ll need to clear the house out before you can get it listed. Junk King provides foreclosure clean out services to real estate agents, lenders, and anyone else who has inherited a home full of stuff they may want to get rid of. We’ll handle everything from moving the items out of the house to loading them into the truck. 

If you have a client who has inherited a home or has hoarding tendencies, we can help them, too. Our team is trained to know how to remove large, bulky, heavy furniture and appliances safely. Many people who try to move large chest freezers or sleeper sofas hurt themselves while doing so because they don’t have the right safety equipment. We have everything necessary to keep everyone safe during the process. During every removal, we will also be very careful of doorways, flooring, and everything else in the home. We’ll get the garbage out without doing any damage.


Preparing Rental Homes

Some real estate agents simply work with buyers and sellers. Others, however, also purchase a few properties here and there for themselves. They may flip these homes and sell them, or they may renovate them and use them as rental properties. There are a number of houses for rent in Minneapolis that are owned by real estate professionals. Having rental properties ensures that you have some form of steady income during those times the housing market isn’t doing as well as you’d like.

Renovating these properties can be a pain, however. You will need to have a trustworthy contractor to handle that task, plus you may need to hire someone to handle maintenance if you’re managing multiple properties. Junk King of Minneapolis can help you with property clean-out in between tenants. Renting one of our dumpsters may also be very helpful during renovation projects. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

Junk King Real Estate Minneapolis

Flipping Homes

If you’ve seen any HGTV programs about house flipping, you may have a good idea of both the money you can make and the work such a project takes. Flipping isn’t as easy as some of these shows make it seem. You’re going to be making a lot of choices, even if you have a contractor handling most of the work. Flipping houses can be rewarding, but it’s going to be a lot of work.

Junk King will assist you with hauling away anything left in these properties. We’ll haul away any yard debris as well as the old flooring, cabinets, and other furnishings you need to get rid of. Again, renting one of our dumpsters may be the best way to go when flipping a home.


We Do Commercial Properties, Too

Many Realtors in Minneapolis, MN, list commercial properties. If you’re one of them, you can still partner with Junk King. We will assist you with cleaning out storefronts, stock rooms, or other spaces so you can get the property listed. Once a new owner is in the building, we can help them with regular cleaning or remodels.

 junk removal service recycling

Why Junk King?

Why do Minneapolis real estate professionals turn to Junk King? We’re known as one of the most trusted names in junk removal. Our team is made up of trained experts who will quickly and professionally load up any garbage you need to get rid of. Our estimates are always easy to read and fully transparent. We list every charge and fee, so neither you nor your clients will be hit with any surprises.

On top of that, we take great pride in the fact that we recycle a lot of what we get on our trucks. We bring items to a sorting facility and take out anything that can be recycled. Then, we take only the items leftover to the local transfer station to be burned for energy. This can keep the vast majority of each item from hitting landfills, reducing the footprint of any of these items.

Plus, we also rent dumpsters. We can help you determine the right option for your clients or your own project. If you’re flipping a home, a dumpster may be perfect. If your clients need to get rid of a few things before they move out of their home so you can list it, junk removal is likely better. Every situation is unique, though, so we’re more than happy to discuss your options since we can help with such a wide variety of tasks.

 Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

What Do We Haul Away?

We will haul away anything as long as it doesn’t contain hazardous chemicals. For that type of waste, we can often refer you to experts who know how to handle hazardous materials safely. Junk King, meanwhile, will haul away appliances, refrigerators, furniture, old hot tubs, televisions, electronic waste, yard waste, and much more. If it’s trash, we can get rid of it. If you’re preparing multiple houses for sale in Minneapolis, we know you don’t have time to wait on junk removal. We’ll get you scheduled as soon as possible. If you have us do an in-person estimate, we may even be able to do the work right away.


Contact Junk King of Minneapolis Today

Do your clients need someone to help them with junk removal? Do you have a rental or a house flipping project and need a dumpster? Junk King is here to assist you in whatever way you need. Contact us today at 1-888-888-JUNK, text us at 1-737-888-5865, or book online to receive a free, no-obligation estimate. 

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