Santa Cruz Drywall Removal

Taking down a wall is not that complicated. You have to make sure it is not load bearing and there aren’t any wires or plumbing running through there. Once that has been cleared, all it takes is a little sledgehammer and crowbar action. That’s the kind of “action” that can be provided by Junk King. Although it might be fun to poke a few holes into a wall, it is probably better to let the Junk King crews handle all the work. Yes, in additional to all kinds of junk hauling, Junk King can also take care of your drywall removal with very little effort.


Any type of remodeling job is going to generate huge amounts of debris. No matter what you’re tearing down, you’ve got to toss it out. Most folks like to build up a pile of waste and then remove it all at once. That can work unless you have young kids around. They see a pile of anything and they want to climb through it. You can keep things safe by having Junk King remove the waste on the same day it is created. If you hire them for your drywall removal, then all that plaster will go right into the truck as it comes down from the wall. Talk about efficient!

In additional to all the help Junk King can provide on your next remodeling project, they will also be standing by to make sure your home is clutter free all year long. A single junk pickup appointment with Junk King can have your garage completely empty of rubbish. Isn’t it time you get to park your car in there again?

Whether it is drywall removal or general junk hauling, you can always count on Junk King to dispose of your trash in a responsible manner. They are dedicated to keeping the Santa Cruz environment as green as possible. That means avoiding the landfill. If something can be recycled or donated, then that is where Junk King would like to drop it off.

Drywall removal will probably take up a bit more time than merely loading up your stuff. The good news is that Junk King isn’t going to add on labor costs. You only pay a flat fee depending on how much space your junk will take up on the truck. You focus on picking the paint color and let Junk King handle the drywall removal and junk hauling.