Fight The Drought In Monterey – Get More Efficient Appliances

It’s hard to imagine that Monterey is in the middle of a drought with so much water nearby. Although efforts are being made to develop a cost effective salination process, the technology isn’t quite there yet. That means we can’t solve our drought problem with the water in the ocean anytime soon. However, we can take proactive measures around our home and that can start with bringing in more efficient appliances that use water such as your washing machine or dishwasher. With gallons of water being wasted with every cycle, it makes sense to find newer models designed to cut back on waste. Before you get those machines delivered, you’ll need to clear out the space by removing the old units. One call to Junk King will take care of that task.


When it comes to scheduling, Junk King really is the king. Most calls are handled within 24 hours. There are many customers who call early in the morning and can benefit from a same-day appointment. If you’re getting your new appliances delivered in the afternoon, then you could easily set up your removal with Junk King for the morning.

As long as you’ll have a two-man crew and big truck, what else could you toss out? Is there anything taking up space in your closets or garage that could be loaded up onto the Junk King truck? What about any piece of furniture that is worn out? Perhaps your spare room has been turned into a storage locker loaded with old computers and televisions. All of that can be turned over to Junk King for removal in a single session.

Part of the complete Junk King junk removal package includes recycling. The crews have all been trained to spot any item that could be dropped off to a recycling facility. Even if something can be donated to a charity, which counts as repurposing. You won’t even have to ask for this service; it will happen automatically.

As for the cost, you’ll be charged a flat rate based on volume. It all comes down to how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. This is a fee that once agreed upon will be locked down. You won’t be hit with any surprise charges at the end of the job. For fast and efficient appliance and junk removal, Junk King is your best option in Monterey.