How To Give Your Basement A Makeover In Monterey, CA

A basement in California is a rare thing but they do exist. As with any other home in the country, the basement is also the perfect spot to turn into a storage area. We all have stuff we need to keep but that doesn’t mean we need to keep everything. Family keepsakes, holiday decorations, kid stuff… those are all things we don’t use every day but want to hold onto. However, there might be a lot of other items you’re keeping in the basement like duplicate appliances, outdated computers or worn out furniture that you don’t need to hold onto. When you’re ready to finally let go of all the unwanted stuff, give Junk King a call. They’ll know what to do with that junk!


When you set up an appointment for junk removal with Junk King, you’ll be made a temporary supervisor of a two-man moving crew. Once they step onto your property, you’re in charge of telling them exactly what you want removed. That can include making several trips down into a basement or up on the second floor. The goal is for you to avoid straining your back. That is what you’re hiring Junk King for, right?

You could also direct your crew to take about something that won’t fit out the door. The Junk King crews have been called on to take apart pool tables, exercise equipment and all kinds of furniture in order to get it loaded onto the truck. That also includes anything you’ve got in your yards that you want to see taken away. It’s all in a day’s work for Junk King.

Before any of that work begins, you’ll want to be clear about your fee. After sizing up all the items you want to get rid of, Junk King is going to present you with an estimate price based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. Although it is an estimate, it’s not going to change once the job is done. Even if your junk fills up the entire truck but the estimate was only for half, you’ll still pay for half. That is a fair deal you won’t get with other so-called professional junk haulers. From the basement to the attic, Junk King can clear your house of clutter in no time at all.