Clean out at homes & offices is easy with Junk King

It is quite common to see a heap of junk when homes are foreclosed, being vacated or being renovated. Sometimes, the previous residents do not take the time to clean the scrap they leave behind. At other times, some people want to leave a clean home. Often, the responsibility of cleaning homes falls on the shoulders of banks or realtors. They have a lot of properties to clear and therefore they need to hire a clean out service provider.

This is when Junk King comes into the picture. We are a team of skilled junk haulers in Monterey, California and provide all kinds of trash removal services.

Whether it is old appliances, furniture, useless items or any other debris, we are there to take all of these away. We are proud to say that our customers find us the most efficient junk haulers and rely on us forclearing services repeatedly. We also have the shortest turn-around-time because we understand the level of urgency of cleaning up.

With an expert team of people for junk hauling, we always meet expectations. All costs are told to your before we start working. Also, we take a maximum of two hours or less to reach the location from the moment we receive a call.
We also charge based on the amount of junk needed to be removed with no hidden charges.