Is Your Monterey Office Too Cluttered? Clear It Out For The Holidays

First impressions matter a lot in business. If you meet a client outside of your office, then you’ll want to take him to some place that is befitting of what you’re trying to get from him. In other words, a food truck by the park won’t cut it unless you’re selling food trucks! When they client comes to check out your operation, what is the first impression they’ll have of your office? Could it be too cluttered? Before you ruin that first impression, bring in the team from Junk King. They’ll help remove all kinds of office clutter.


Junk King has been in the professional junk hauling industry since 2005. From that first company, they were able to franchise their business model in over twenty-two major cities all across America and up into Canada. Clearly, they must be doing something right!

Customers appreciate the fact that when Junk King says they do all the work, they really mean that. The two man moving crew who will be assigned to your junk removal session will be able to lift and load any heavy piece of office furniture or equipment. They will also be equipped with the right tools to dismantle a desk, cubicle or anything else that needs to be take apart before it can go into the service elevator.

The goal is to get everything remove without disrupting your business. If you prefer to have Junk King come in before the work day starts or on the weekend, that can be arranged, too! Scheduling is easy with Junk King’s online appointment calendar.

With regard to the cost, you’ll find that Junk King offers the most reasonable fees for this type of service in Monterey. The fee structure is based on volume. It all comes down to how much space your junk will need to fill on the back of the truck. Once the crew presents you with that estimate, it won’t change. You can depend on Junk King to provide a fair price every time.

You can also arrange for that same crew to help declutter your home and yards. This is a great opportunity to tackle that big junk removal chore around your home and you won’t have to lift a finger! A cluttered office is no way to impress a client. Get Junk King to remove all your office junk ASAP!