Make Smart Home Improvement Decisions

The money you invest in a home improvement project will be directly tied into your home’s value. That will come into play when you reach the point where you want to sell you home. Before that, you might refinance a mortgage and smart home improvement projects will help with the appraisal. Here are some home improvement projects that provide a decent return on your investment.


Bonus Room Updates

A bonus room is that area in your home that you’ve upgraded from its original condition. Maybe you finished the basement to make it into a family room. You could have converted your attic into a guest bedroom. Even a screened in deck on your patio would be considered a bonus room. Those are all going to be great selling features. Anytime you can add a bedroom or any room, you’ll be able to boost your home’s value.

Living Room Updates

Remember that the home improvements you make need to be the things you would “leave behind.” You can buy new furniture to make your living room nicer but you’ll be taking that furniture with you. However, you could redo the floors or replace carpeting, add crown molding and upgrade electrical outlets. Those are the kinds of details that won’t cost a lot but can ultimately provide a solid return on your investment.

Bedroom Updates

Again, think about what you’re going to leave behind. In the bedroom, you might opt for replacing lighting with dimmers or adding a ceiling fan. Here you might also consider redoing the floors as part of the improvement. If you can upgrade you closets with better storage shelving, then that could be very attractive to prospective buyers.

All of the improvements suggested above are minor fixes. You can also go for the bigger projects like a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Before diving into those, talk to a realtor to find out what is popular with the buyers.

Of course, one of the easiest home improvement projects you can undertake is to get rid of all the rubbish that is cluttering up cabinets, closets, the garage and attic. Do you really need all the stuff you’re holding onto? Junk King Monterey can help with that clean up. It will only take one appointment with Junk King Monterey to haul away all the stuff that is cluttering up your home. That is an improvement project that is always worth making.