Taking Care Of Big Garbage Removal The Right Way

Are you the type of person who likes to clean their home before a cleaning service comes over? It’s actually a very common habit among a lot of folks. It’s a bit like washing off the dishes before putting them into the dishwasher. When it comes to getting your big garbage items removed you won’t need to do any preparation if you hire Junk King Monterey. They know how to handle a job like this the right way from the start.


The Junk King process is based on one simple philosophy: They do all the work. Removing big garbage items like construction debris, yard waste, furniture or appliances takes a bit of muscle and that’s what Junk King provides in the form of two dedicate movers. This is a team who is going to show up at your home with a friendly attitude and the experience to make your big garbage problems go away.

Regardless of shape or size, the crew from Junk King is dedicated to loading up anything you want removed. That includes some items that might have to be taken apart first. You could have a playground set in the backyard that has long been outgrown. They might even be a hot tub or tool shed that you want hauled away. Big jobs but not a problem for the Junk King team. They do this kind of work every day.

They Junk King squad also knows how to pack a truck. If there was an Olympic event for getting as much junk into as little space as possible, then they would be bringing home the gold medal! Why does that matter? Because Junk King uses that packing to determine how much you’ll be paying. The crew will look over all the things you’re getting rid of an know right away how they’re going to fit on the truck. It could be half of the truck space, one-third or the whole truck bed. When you agree to this price, the crew will start loading and in no time at all, your home will be clear. For big garbage removal handled the right way, bring in Junk King Monterey today.