For A Special Gift, Hire Junk King For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is dad’s special day. If he is lucky, he’ll get to sleep in. When he wakes up, he’ll be treated to a great pancake breakfast and plans to fill up his day. That could mean a trip to a golf course or time in a backyard hammock. The last thing dad should do on his special day is any work. It will be easy to let him slide and skip those chores that might have been stacking up but it would be even better if you can take care of them once and for all. Consider the job of rubbish removal from the house. There might be a bunch of things like old furniture or appliances that your dad needs to get rid of from his home. That is the kind of job that requires movers and a truck and that is exactly what Junk King Monterey can provide. That would make an amazing Father’s Day gift.

Dad’s Picks

Before the Junk King team shows up for the appointment, dad will get to pick out all the things he wants to get rid of. Remember, he won’t be doing any of the actual work. That means anything that might have been too heavy for him to move on his own can now be easily picked up by the team from Junk King. That includes any item that might be up on the second floor.

Your dad can also go through the garage, cabinets and closets to pull out all the things he has no more use for. That could mean anything from clothing to books to other household items. It can all go in a single session and that will free up a lot of valuable storage space.

No Waste

Your dad will probably appreciate the fact that Junk King isn’t going to throw everything onto a trash pile in the landfill. Instead, they will make every effort to drop items off at charities. Junk King has great working relationships with these organizations and knows exactly what items that accept and in what condition they can be in. There is never waste when Junk King is on the job.

This year make Father’s Day a special one for dad by hiring Junk King to help him clear out all the rubbish.