Redesign Your Office With Help From Junk King

You won’t have to go far online to find inspiration on ways to redesign your office. Whether you are working in a loft space or a traditional office floor, there are ways to utilize that space that can add to the productivity of your staff. One popular trend is the open floor design. This is where you configure desks around a common space that provides better access and communication between the employees. That might seem like a radical redesign of your office especially if you have been using cubicles for a long time. However, this is something that will be easy to take on with the help from Junk King Monterey.

The Right Crew

Junk King has the right crew for this job. Actually, every crew working for junk King is the right crew for this job! That is because all the junking team members have experience with dismantling all types of structures. They can take apart shelving, desks and any other type of office furniture. That includes the cubicle walls. If you moved into the space with the walls already up, then you might not even know how to bring them down. There is no need to look for a manual. The team from Junk King will have the right tools and the experience to get his job done.

Clear Out the Stock Room

Hiring junk King to bring down your cubicle walls is also a chance to clear out your stockroom. You can finally get rid of all that old office equipment that is taking up valuable space. Why pay rent on storage space for things you know you’re never going to use? That office equipment also has to be handled properly. It can’t just be tossed into the landfill. Instead, the Junk King team will strive to make sure it gets placed at a certified recycling center that handles e-waste. That is all part of the exceptional service provided by Junk King.

To redesign your office, you want to start with bringing down the cubicle walls. Junk King Monterey can make that happen with a single appointment.