Steps And Trash Don’t Slow Junk King Down

Whenever someone moves out of a home or apartment they have two choices: either take everything with them or leave stuff behind. Leaving stuff behind might be because they didn’t plan properly for packing. It also could be that they didn’t have room on whatever truck they were using to move out. There are also a few tenants that leave without even telling the landlord. They might think that they can avoid paying rent and use their security deposit as that last rent but in reality, the landlord could come after them for that rent. They can also sue them for cleaning charges. Those would be the irresponsible tenants.

A responsible tenant, would hire Junk King Monterey to help with the cleaning out of the property. This quick video is a perfect example of how Junk King operates in a home clean out assignment. When everything must go, no amount of trash or steps slow down junk King.

A Lot of Effort

A clean a job like the one demonstrated in the video was a lot of effort. You can imagine how many times the Junk King crew had to climb the stairs to get that property cleared out of all the unwanted rubbish and trash. It seems as though they were requested to take everything. That means clearing out all the cabinets and drawers. As long as that stuff is considered trash and doesn’t have to be sorted through, then junk King is happy to comply with that request. This is the type of job that you can set up with junk King and then return later and have the whole home cleared from top to bottom. What a relief that would be!

You don’t have to hire Junk King to clear out an entire home worth of unwanted clutter. They will be just as happy to combine your house to remove only a few pieces of furniture.

The goal should be never to live with trash and clutter that you don’t need. One session with Junk King Monterey can help with that goal.