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Category Archives: Monterey Furniture Disposal

Monterey Patio Furniture Disposal

As the summer begins to wind down hopefully you had a good season outdoors on your patio. Nothing can be spending a cool evening with a glass of wine and some good friends. Or a lazy Sunday afternoon curled up in the shade with a good book. This summer season could have given you the opportunity to assess the status of your patio furniture especially if that became a hub for you and your family. Did your patio furniture hold up? Did it get baked in the sun? Did a surprise rain storm soak it? The answer to any one of those question could determine if you should be in the market for new patio furniture. If so then you’re in luck because this is the perfect time of the year to make a purchase like that.

At the end of summer, retailers know you’ll be thinking about the fall and upcoming holidays. Don’t be surprised to find Halloween decorations already on display. To make room for the fall merchandise, retailers are going to need to clear the floor of their summer stock. That means the patio furniture has got to go. Translation?  You’re going to find some amazing deals.

Before you head out to score some new patio furniture take a moment to consider how you want to use this space. Did you end up spending having a lot of dinners out there? Maybe it’s time for a bigger table? Would a table with an umbrella stand in the middle be a benefit? Now would be the time for that kind of upgrade. If you want to make that kind of change make sure to measure the space you have to work with. A table in a showroom can look deceptively smaller or bigger than what you might be used to.

Depending on the circumstances, your patio furniture could be outdoors year round. This means you need to make sure your new furniture will be of the durable variety. Did you notice that your cushions pick up too much dirt? Might be time to change the color scheme of your furniture. Even if you get an indestructible model made of wrought iron you still want to keep it clean. Hosing it down every couple of weeks is a good way to go. One material to be leery of is wicker. Although it looks great it doesn’t hold up to the elements. Wicker patio furniture is best used when it can remain in the shade like on a porch and protected from the elements.

As for getting rid of that old furniture that won’t be a problem as long as you hire Junk King Monterey. They’re the local business who specializes in all kinds of junk removal. You won’t be able to throw out your patio furniture. Let Junk King Monterey cart it off. While they are at it they can cart off any other junk you want gotten rid of. It’s the perfect way to end the summer.

Alternate to Monterey Dumpster Rentals

Over the course of a recent weekend, there were a string of dumpster fires occurring in and around Salinas that had police and fire departments scrambling to put out. Fortunately, nobody was hurt and the only property damage was the scorched dumpsters but it could have been a lot worse. Incidents like that prove that there is something about dumpsters that brings out the worse in people. This doesn’t mean that every dumpster is going to be set on fire but for a budding arsonist a dumpster can certainly become a tempting target. For the rest of us a dumpster is a great opportunity to get rid of all of our trash. However, if you are the one who is renting the dumpster, the last thing you want is to provide a receptacle for everyone else in your neighborhood but that’s just what you’ll be doing. You might as well put up a sign that says, “Dump your trash here!”

Most folks rent dumpsters for a specific purpose and for a specific amount of time. For instance, they might be undertaking a kitchen remodel project and will need to tear down all the old cabinets. Tossing them out in the dumpster would make sense but then you’ve got to contend with all the other headaches of dumpster rental like those neighbors and their trash. There is also the space requirement for renting a dumpster. Is your driveway flat and big enough to accommodate the dumpster? That’s probably the only place where your dumpster can go. To put it on the street would mean you’d need permits. Now that great idea isn’t so great. What’s the alternative? You could accomplish the same goal of getting rid of piles of trash by hiring a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Monterey.

When you schedule a pickup with professional junk haulers they’ll show up at the appointed hour, take away your junk and that’s that. You don’t have to worry about anything else like who might be poking around in the dumpster in your driveway. In many cases, a professional junk hauler will also be able to take away more stuff than what you can stuff into a dumpster. Try putting a sofa into a dumpster. You can’t do it but that couch can certainly go on the back of a junk hauler’s truck.

In terms of time frames, Junk King can get the job done in under a couple of hours (at the most!). You might be stuck with that dumpster for the entire weekend or even longer. And if it’s a hot summer day, just imagine what might be “baking”  in that dumpster. Not pretty! Stick with the professionals and you’ll have the same goal of getting rid of trash and junk without the stress.

Monterey Foreclosure Clean Out

While there have been some signs that the foreclosure crisis is easing in certain parts of the country, California is still feeling the pain especially when it comes to Federal Housing Administration insured home loans. Even the homeowners that were offered relief with some refinancing options have slipped back into default. This has resulted in an increase of foreclosures in the state in the last several months. While this is obviously bad news for those homeowners, this could be turned into a “plus” especially in areas such as Monterey where housing is at a premium. If you are thinking about investing in the real estate market don’t discount the foreclosed home to provide you with a bunch of viable listings.

There are many online services which claim to offer complete listings of all the foreclosed homes in the Monterey area. Even though you have to pay a monthly fee for these listings you might think this is a good resource. While that might be true in certain instances, there is no guarantee that these listings will be up to date. One of the best resources for foreclosed home listings would be the banks themselves who now have to take charge of these types of properties. It’s the banks that will be scheduling any auctions for these properties and that is where you might be able to pick up a really decent home for an incredible price.

However, with an auction, you might not always have the opportunity to closely inspect the house. Yes, the bank will have to provide a truthful representation of that home’s value with regard to its structure but you might not have any idea what you’ll find when you get the keys and open the door. Inside could be a ton of garbage left behind by the previous occupant. If that person was foreclosed on then they might not care what state the house is in. It could also be the case that they were leaving to a smaller home or apartment and forced to abandon a lot of furniture or other appliances. As the new owner, you’ve now inherited all of this garbage. The good news is you can clear it all out in a matter of hours with the right crew of professional junk haulers – Junk King Monterey.

These professional junk haulers won’t be put off by the garbage left behind; they’ve seen it all! While you’re arranging for painters, new carpets or anything else for the home, the junk haulers will be tossing all the garbage onto the back of their truck for removal. This is important because the faster you can clear out the junk, the quicker you’ll be able to make that home habitable. Whether you’ll be moving in or you’ll be renting out the space, you’ll definitely want Junk King Monterey to remove all traces of the previous occupant.

Monterey Mattress Disposal

While it might be true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, whether or not that day will turn out to be any good could come down to whether or not you had a good night’s sleep. Most doctors recommend at least 7 to 8 hours of rest per night. While that is certainly a noble goal to strive for, it is often out of the reach for many folks. However, there are some helpful steps you could take to increase your chances of getting that good night’s rest.

One of the most important things you can do is to train your body to get ready for bedtime. This means setting a regular time for you to go to bed every night. Obviously there will be exceptions to this bedtime rule but you should pick the time when you feel normally tired. It’s important that you stick to the schedule especially during the weekend when you might be tempted to stay up late. This rule also applies when it comes to waking up in the morning. You should try to be consistent with your alarm clock setting every day. A perfect way to judge whether or not you’re getting the right amount arrest is if your body will naturally wake itself up without the need for the snooze button.

If there is an occasion where you might have your sleep hours cut back it’s better to grab a quick power nap to recharge your batteries then to sleep in late. This goes back to the above mentioned theory of setting regular times for going to bed and waking up. You just have to make sure you don’t turn a nap into slumber. This often happens after a heavy meal when you feel drowsiness come over you. The challenge is to stay awake until your normal bedtime our as opposed to drifting off during “Jeopardy.”

Often people will use their television as a kind of night light to help them drift off to sleep. Actually this has the opposite effect because the light coming from the television can actually decrease your body’s ability to produce melatonin which is the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle. If you like to read before going to sleep try to avoid bright lights and instead screw in a low wattage bulb. Essentially you want to create that darkened cave-like atmosphere for your bedroom when you’re ready to drift off.

Although these tips are certainly helpful nothing can beat a decent mattress to help with a good night sleep. If you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s at least five years old or older it’s time for a new model. A great way to shop for a mattress is to go to a showroom and try one on for size then head back to the Internet to find bargain prices. As soon as you arrange for delivery you should also schedule a pickup for the old mattress. You can get help with this task by hiring professional junk haulers like Junk King Monterey who make it their business to help you get rid of bulky items. When that new mattress has arrived and you set your sleep schedule sweet dreams await!

Monterey Hot Tub Disposal

If there is one thing that Monterey residents enjoy it is spending time outside. Fortunately there are many community organizations that are happy to create fun activities throughout the year. These activities cover all the bases from intense physical exertion to mellow Zen like relaxation. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with engaging in both ends of that spectrum!

On the physical exertion side, you could sign up for the reservoir triathlon which begins with a 1.5 km swim followed by a 40 km rolling bike course and then a flat-out 10 km running race. This is a serious competition that you’ll need to do some serious training for. A more mellow time that is perfect for the whole family is a walk through history at the Maritime Museum of Monterey. Here local historian and storyteller Captain Randy offers guided walk-throughs of all the museums artifacts. For a more cerebral event you might sign up for the full Moon vision quest held at the Henry Coe State Park. The goal with this activity is to find inner peace by marveling at the beauty of a Monterey night.

Even with a long list of great outdoor activities to be found around Monterey, nothing can really beat the simple pleasures of relaxing in your own backyard. That relaxation can be enhanced by slipping into the soothing waters of an outdoor hot tub. The hot tub experience is a lot like eating a delicious piece of chocolate; you can’t have just one. Most folks who have a hot tub fall into a routine of taking a quick soak after a hard day’s work or just before bedtime. Either way they are guaranteed to be immersed with a total sensation of bliss.

As you look out across your own backyard there might be an old hot tub that has been there for years left over from the previous owner. Or it could be a hot tub that you installed that has now simply worn out. If that’s the case, then clearly you need to get rid of that old hot tub and make way for a new one. Disposing of a hot tub shouldn’t be a complicated process especially when you can call upon the services of some professional junk haulers who are well versed in this type of procedure.

If you were trying to do this type of job by yourself you might find that you’ve gotten in over your head. That’s because there are many bulky parts to a hot tub that have to be properly dismantled and disposed of. Even if you could break down all those parts do you have a car or SUV big enough to haul them away? Suppose you do; would you know where to take all that junk?

None of this has to be a hassle when you bring in a professional team of junk haulers like Junk King Monterey. They’ll be able to break down a hot tub in no time and they know exactly where to cart the pieces off to. What you’ll be left with is a clean space for your new hot tub. Make the switch today and you could be relaxing in no time!

Monterey and Santa Cruz Furniture Disposal & Buying Guide

Whether you call it a swap meet, a flea market or yard sale there are plenty bargains to be had outside of the traditional brick and mortar type of retail stores. There have been many stories in the press about treasures found at a yard sale that turn out to be priceless objects of art or pieces of history. Most of us are just looking for good deal. Spending the weekend touring through the idyllic Monterey and Santa Cruz neighborhoods could have you overwhelmed with the opportunities of all the flea markets available to bargain hunt. One of the most popular in the Santa Cruz area is the Skyview flea market. No matter where you end up you should keep these helpful hints in mind especially if you’re shopping for a big item like furniture.
Don’t be afraid to haggle. Just because someone has a price tag on an object like a dining room table or sofa doesn’t mean that’s the price they’ll accept. Part of the fun shopping at yard sale is negotiating for a price. You might also find that the later in the day the better bargain you’ll have. That’s because these vendors don’t want to go home without cash in the pocket. And if they have a piece of furniture or other items they are selling on their front yard then they probably don’t want to drag them back into the house.
This brings up the issue of transportation. Many of these flea markets are a kind of cash and carry type of business. When you buy something you’re expected to take it away. However, you might also be able to bargain with the vendor to have them deliver the large item you just bought. Obviously they brought that piece in a truck and since you can’t take it home in your SUV you need to make other arrangements otherwise you can find that. Walking away from the sale gives you a lot of power!
Although you might be able to get a flea market vendor to drop off a big item chances are they’re not going to take away your old furniture. That’s why you need to have a professional team of junk haulers like Junk King Monterey standing by. While it’s true that you don’t know what you’re going to find when you go out on a flea market tour that doesn’t mean you can’t be proactive when it comes to setting up the removal of your old junk. Of course, you could always flip that idea as well. For instance, you could make an appointment with Junk King’s professional team of junk haulers to come by your home on a Saturday and take away all your unwanted furniture. They can also haul off any other kind of junk you might want to get rid of in the same trip. That could free up plenty of space for you to fill up the next day during your flea markets scavenger hunt!

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