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Salinas CA Junk Removal

If you live in Salinas you’ve got a lot to do. The National Steinbeck Center is open all year round and allows visitors to immerse themselves into a bygone era made popular through one of America’s greatest writers. You can also embrace how Steinbeck lived at the Steinbeck House Museum. For a thrill like no other, check out the Monterey Bay Equestrian Center. There you could hire out a horse for a ride along the beach. For more close encounters with animals try out the Wild Things exotic animal facility. It’s the next best thing to going on a safari! Then there are all the great restaurants and bistros to try out (if you haven’t already). Simply put, Salinas is a terrific place to enjoy the summer. On the other hand, if you feel guilty about stepping out because you’re house is in disarray then help is just a phone call away. That would be a call to Junk King Monterey the junk removal specialists.

Coming home from work every day could have tripping over all kinds of clutter as you make your way from the front door to your bedroom. How many times have you said to yourself, “I’ve got to get rid of this junk?” It’s frustrating that your home always seems to be full of clutter. It doesn’t have to be that way when you hire Junk King to help with the cleanup.

Take a walk through your home. What are you ready to get rid of? Some furniture? An old TV? Outdated computers? Kitchen appliances that have been replaced? Those are all perfectly acceptable items that can find their way onto the back of the Junk King Monterey truck. Continue going through the home. What kind of shape are your closets in? Can you easily find something or are you force to pull out box after box until everything falls on your head? What about out in the garage? Is this where the rest of the junk has landed like a kayak with a hole in it? A ping-pong table nobody uses? Rusty car parts? Again, those are all perfect items for the back of the Junk King truck.

Remember that you only have to designate what you want thrown away. The Junk King crew will be doing all the heavy lifting and loading. They will also be the ones who are going to make the final delivery of those items at a recycling center. Junk King is dedicated to keeping Salinas clean and they’re accomplishing that one truckload at a time. Give them a call today to get the clutter out of your home then go and enjoy all that Salinas has to offer!

Spring Cleaning Tips in Monterey California

As you set out to tackle your spring cleaning project, you’ll want to get yourself organize. First, make sure you’ve got all of your cleaning supplies at the ready. You should also have a handy carrying bucket that you can take from room to room. As you step into that first room to clean you have a choice to make: De-clutter as you go or de-clutter first and then clean. One thing is for sure, you’re going to need to get rid of that clutter to really consider your home clean.

In the clutter arena there are trashcan worthy items and all the rest. The trashcan is anything you can simply toss out like junk mail, magazines, newspapers, pens that don’t work and all the small stuff. The “all the rest” would be those oversized items that aren’t so easily tossed out. We’re talking about things like furniture, appliances or mattresses. In other words, things that need two people to move. If you de-clutter these objects first then you’ve going to open up some floor space that will need cleaning. It makes sense to move out those big objects and to get that done you need to hire Junk King Monterey.

Junk King of Monterey is part of the same national franchise of professional junk removers which has been around for over eight years. Here in Monterey they’ve created a strong following of happy customers.

“Outstanding! Mario’s team of professionals were punctual, courteous, efficient and all around a pleasure to deal with,” writes Tristan on his Yelp review. “Removed the debris from a kitchen demolition and price very fair. Highly recommended.”

Frank, another Yelp reviewer, proclaims, “I had them come to home in Aptos this last weekend and things went as planned. They were fast and gave me a fair price. I would definitely recommend them if you need some junk hauled away.”

Tamara needed her hot tub taken away. Who did she call? Junk King Monterey, of course, “I had the Junk King crew come out and haul away my large old hot tub. It became a bit more of a job than expected,” she writes on her Yelp review. “Apparently the person who installed it, intended for it to never move. I want to express my thanks and appreciation for how professional, personal and what a great job was done getting that big piece of junk off my deck. The price was very fare and I will recommend The Junk King to all of my family and friends. You have one very satisfied customer.”

Are you ready to add your review? You will when you hire Junk King Monterey to help you with your spring-cleaning de-cluttering!

New Year’s Resolution 2013 Junk King Monterey California

If you want proof of the power of the New Year’s resolution check out your neighborhood gym. You’ll find that memberships have spiked as they always do in January and February. Everyone makes a resolution to lose weight and get into shape. Check back in June and see how many folks are still at it! A New Year’s resolution doesn’t just have to be about personal physical improvement. You could also make a resolution about your living environment. A terrific resolution would be to finally clear out all that clutter.

Whether it’s in a spare room, closet, garage or attic you’ve probably done a good job of collecting mountains of useless things. Sure these items have a purpose at one time otherwise you never would have brought them into your home. But know they’re just in the way. To honor this clutter free resolution you should conduct a room-by-room survey. Take along a roll of stickers or stack of Post-It notes. Every item you see that you want to get rid of, slap a sticker on it. If you’re sharing the house with family or roommates give them a chance to “dispute” the sticker because you don’t want to get caught in a situation where you’re throwing out something you shouldn’t.

You might find a lot of “loose” items that you want to keep such as DVDs, CDs or video games. If so find a storage bin for them. Either on a shelf or in a decorative basket. If you have items on kitchen counters or tables that aren’t being used get rid of them. The idea is to contain your loose items and not have them scattered all over the house. That’s what creates clutter.

Naturally, you don’t want to just sweep everything into a closet, cabinet or drawer. Really think about getting rid of the useless stuff. All the busted sporting equipment, appliances you’ve replaced or outdated computers should be gotten rid of. You want to make room for the important items.

If this seems like a resolution that is too overwhelming it doesn’t have to be that way. Junk King Monterey can be your resolution partner by providing the manpower and truck space to take away just about anything you want to get rid of in your home or yard. Junk King has already taken away such diverse items as pool tables, pianos, hot tubs, fenders and complete rooms full of rain soaked furniture. Working with Junk King Monterey will have you honoring your clutter free resolution in less time than it would take for a strenuous workout. You can’t beat that!

Santa Cruz Bulk Item Pickup

The caves situated along West Cliff Drive aren’t just for bats and spelunkers. It turns out these caves seem to be a kind of party destination for an undesirable element. That’s why you might stumble upon all kinds of nasty items like garbage, needles, drugs and medical gloves messing up the environment. You can look at something like that and merely shake your head in disgust or you can take action. Lynn Robinson, the vice mayor of Santa Cruz, decided to take action.

“The problem is how do you sustain it over the long haul, so that’s really where it’s a community effort,” she recently told a local paper. “If we see a problem and the community knows people are going in there they need to let us know and that’s when we can put all of our resources to it on a routine basis.”

That’s to Ms. Robinson’s leadership, the non-profit organization Save Our Shores was brought in for a little extreme cleanup. This particular group is in the best position for this type of work because of all their previous experience cleaning up the shores up and down the west coast.

“The long term is getting everyone together in the same room and looking how we can sustain that both environmentally and really resource wise,” Robinson said. “That’s what’s going to keep us in the long run and keep them up.” Volunteers are also being asked to pitch in for the effort and you can get more information from the City of Santa Cruz’s official website.

A cleanup job like that requires plenty of helping hands. You might just have your own cleanup job that also would be best served with a little assistance in the form of a dedicated crew from Junk King Monterey.  Junk King is the professional junk removal service that has been helping a lot of your Santa Cruz and Monterey neighbors with getting rid of bulky items. If you can’t shove something into the trashcan than it’s an official bulky item.

With Junk King working on your side, you’ll be able to direct one of their crews to pickup any item from your home or property that you want taken away. That same crew will also climb any stairs or head out to any garage where you junk has been piled up. All you have to do to put this plan of action into effect is call up Junk King for a free removal estimate. Every junk removal job is different but you’re guaranteed complete customer satisfaction because Junk King Monterey gets every junk removal job done right!

Monterey Old Washing Machine and Dryer Disposal

Are you ready for a new washing machine and dryer? If you’ve noticed that your current model is spending more spin cycles not spinning or the clothes aren’t coming out as clean as they should then perhaps this is the season when you’ll be making the upgrade. Before heading out to the appliance store you’ll want to consider the three main factors for picking the perfect washer/dryer combo for you: Space, convenience and cost.

When it comes to the question of space, your choices are really “stacked” or “side-by-side.” If you’re going with stacked then your only option would be a front-loading washer. Even if you have the space for side-by-side units you might find that stacking them can open up an area for shelves or a mini pantry. With regard to convenience, a top loading machine works best for someone who doesn’t want to be kneeling. Also, if you’ve been using a top loading washer and plan to make the switch you’ll find that you might also have to switch your detergent because you need to go for a low suds variety. Then there is the issue of cost. Most front or top loading washers cost the same but when you find a model that is more energy efficient you could find yourself spending a few extra bucks. However, that is money which will come back to you down the road in the form of lower energy bills.

Speaking of energy bills, you’ll also have the option between a gas or electric dryer. The gas choice could be a benefit if natural gas is readily available in your neck of the woods. They might cost more but are cheaper to operate than an electric dryer which could require you to run the machine longer.

To keep your washer running a peak performance levels you’ll want to clean out the water inlet screen at least once a year and replace all the rubber hoses every five years. With dryers it’s all about the lint as in cleaning up the lint trap after every couple of cycles.

Once you’ve settle on your new washer dryer combo you’ll also want to settle on the best method for removing and disposing of your old models. Hands down the best choice has got to be Junk King.

Junk King is relatively new to the Monterey area but certainly not new to the junk removal business. That’s because they’re part of a national franchise of professional haulers who excel in proper methods of recycling and disposal and customer service. Not only can Junk King Monterey remove your washer and dryer with little effort but you can use the same service call for them to haul off any other oversized junk item you’ve been itching to get rid of. Make the most out of Junk King be clearing out all your clutter at once.

Monterey Grill Disposal and Recycling

There is an offshoot of the recycling philosophy that you might be using and not even know it. This is “upcycling”  which basically means repurposing a disposable item. With true recycling items like paper, plastic or aluminum are grinded down into pulp and then mixed into a slurry the reconstitutes them as raw material to be used again. Upcycling is repurposing without the grinding.

A prime example is any glass jar with a lid that you wash out and use for the storage of things like buttons, screws or nails. An old tire that is turned into a planter for the garden is another good upcycling trick. You can upcycle copy paper by flipping it over and printing on the blank side. These are all very prudent and practical examples of this practice but there are some things that simply won’t fit like you old backyard barbeque grill. After many summer seasons of grilling that probably barbeque is ready to be replaced but what can you do with the old one? Tuck it behind the garage and hope no one will notice? It can’t be thrown out onto the curb because it will just stay there until you’re fined and ordered by the city to get rid of it. The best course of action is to reach out to Junk King Monterey and let them handle the removal and recycling for you.

Junk King Monterey is part of a national franchise of junk removal professionals. They might be relatively new to the Monterey area but they’re not new to this kind of business. Junk King specializes in eco-friendly practices which divert as much collected junk away from local landfills. That would include your barbeque grill. Yes, even that can be recycled. It’s basically all metal which is perfect to be melted down and converted into raw bars of steel. But you don’t have to stop with the grill. Junk King can remove all your oversized items. Things like furniture, sports equipment, exercise machines and mattresses could all end up at the local recycling facility for repurposing. By getting rid of all that junk you’ll find yourself with more work to put to better use.

Is a home office in your future? What about an arts and craft work station? Have your eye on a home theatre? This can all happen when you get rid of the junk and reclaim your space. Junk King can also remove any debris from your yard. Perhaps you want to make room for a new garden this spring or you want to replace the old patio furniture to match you new grill. No matter what you want gone, Junk King Monterey will cart it away. Give them a call today to see how they can help reduce your carbon footprint and give you space!

Santa Cruz Debris Removal

The researchers over at National Geographic aren’t just about going on safari or finding a long lost tribe in the jungle. They also delve into topics concerning our environment. Recently a team of scientists were helped by a group of volunteer students to examine the kind of trash left behind along the Santa Cruz beaches. One particular Saturday found 107 students from Bellarmine College Prep scouring the beaches to pick up anything that didn’t belong. What they collected will shock you.

Among the dozens of bags of cigarette butts, soda cans, fast food containers, chunks of plastic and beer bottles were dozens of bikes, two old televisions and a complete mattress and box spring. Think about that for a minute. Someone had the nerve to load a mattress, box spring and two TVs onto their truck. They then drove around looking for a dump spot and decided, “Hey, let’s dump them at the beach.” That is a lot of effort for such a careless act. All of that could have been avoided with a single call to Junk King Monterey.

Junk King is the professional service of experienced junk haulers. These are the guys who know how to do the heavy lifting and loading of all kinds of junk. Responsible homeowners have been using Junk King ever since they set up their operation in Santa Cruz. So far, Junk King has helped clean out tons of junk from homes, garages, sheds, backyards, businesses, storage lockers and apartments. They also do this the right way. This means collecting the junk and properly disposing of it at a recycling center of landfill. They certainly aren’t taking it to the beach!

How can Junk King Motnerey help you? When you’ve got clutter in your home that is crowding you out then it’s time for your own debris cleanup project. You won’t need a squad of volunteers when you can have a Junk King crew doing all the work for you.

The way that Junk King works is simple. You’ll call up for an appointment for a supervisor to come out to your home an access the volume of the junk you’re getting rid of. They’ll use that assessment to determine the price you’ll pay based on the volume of space your junk takes up on the truck. Keep in mind that you don’t have to pull junk out of the garage or haul it down from the attic. The Junk King crew will handle that on the day of the removal. All you need to do is be clear about what you want removed.

On the day of the removal, the Junk King Monterey crew will show up on time. They’re not going to keep you waiting like the phone company! Within a short time of their arrival you’ll find all that clutter out of your home once and for all. Set a great example for your kids and the neighborhood: Hire Junk King for bulky debris removal today!

Monterey Junk Removal Prices

Have you heard of the vampyroteuthis infernalis? The literal translation would be “vampire squid from hell” and according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute this underwater creature can be classified as a “living fossil that harmlessly subsists primarily on the ocean’s waste products, including fecal matter and discarded shells.” This particular squid lives 3,000 feet below the surface where there is very little oxygen. The researchers found out about the habits of this critter after studying underwater tapes. They also managed to snag one of the beasties and put it under the microscope. What they found was that this squid is kind of like an underwater goat eating up the garbage of the ocean.

That would certainly be a new approach to cleaning up your own kitchen mess. “Honey, can you pull out the squid to clean up the sink?” Even if you went full on goat mode that four legged fella could only consume so much. Try getting a goat to eat an old sofa you want tossed out. For the big junk removal jobs forget about the squids or the goats and focus on the king – as in Junk King Monterey.

Junk King is a proud member of the Monterey business community who has been helping the local homeowners, apartment renters and business owners clean up their property by removing all the unnecessary clutter. How can Junk King Monterey work for you? First figure out what you want to get rid of. This doesn’t have to be exact because even with a first pass through your house you might not find all the items you finally want to toss out. Once you have a good sense of what needs to go, give Junk King a call. They’ll send a supervisor out to your home to survey the junk. This is so they can create an estimate based on the amount of space your junk will take up in the Junk King truck. That’s how you’ll be charged by the truck space. There will be no hidden fees, landfill charges or labor costs. One price. The only way that price would change if your junk ends up taking less room than the estimate. In that case, you’ll be given a refund. If it takes up more space you won’t pay any extra.

As soon as you agree on this estimate, you’ll make an appointment for the removal. This will be based on your schedule. Whatever works for you is when Junk King Monterey will show up. On the appointed day at the appointed hour expect a truck and crew to roll up into your driveway. Show them the junk you want carted off and they’ll take care of the rest. You don’t have to move the junk or pull it out to the driveway. In no time that junk will be loaded up and driven away. Then it’s off to dinner for some fried calamari… just don’t tell the vampire squid!

Monterey Patio Furniture Disposal

As the summer begins to wind down hopefully you had a good season outdoors on your patio. Nothing can be spending a cool evening with a glass of wine and some good friends. Or a lazy Sunday afternoon curled up in the shade with a good book. This summer season could have given you the opportunity to assess the status of your patio furniture especially if that became a hub for you and your family. Did your patio furniture hold up? Did it get baked in the sun? Did a surprise rain storm soak it? The answer to any one of those question could determine if you should be in the market for new patio furniture. If so then you’re in luck because this is the perfect time of the year to make a purchase like that.

At the end of summer, retailers know you’ll be thinking about the fall and upcoming holidays. Don’t be surprised to find Halloween decorations already on display. To make room for the fall merchandise, retailers are going to need to clear the floor of their summer stock. That means the patio furniture has got to go. Translation?  You’re going to find some amazing deals.

Before you head out to score some new patio furniture take a moment to consider how you want to use this space. Did you end up spending having a lot of dinners out there? Maybe it’s time for a bigger table? Would a table with an umbrella stand in the middle be a benefit? Now would be the time for that kind of upgrade. If you want to make that kind of change make sure to measure the space you have to work with. A table in a showroom can look deceptively smaller or bigger than what you might be used to.

Depending on the circumstances, your patio furniture could be outdoors year round. This means you need to make sure your new furniture will be of the durable variety. Did you notice that your cushions pick up too much dirt? Might be time to change the color scheme of your furniture. Even if you get an indestructible model made of wrought iron you still want to keep it clean. Hosing it down every couple of weeks is a good way to go. One material to be leery of is wicker. Although it looks great it doesn’t hold up to the elements. Wicker patio furniture is best used when it can remain in the shade like on a porch and protected from the elements.

As for getting rid of that old furniture that won’t be a problem as long as you hire Junk King Monterey. They’re the local business who specializes in all kinds of junk removal. You won’t be able to throw out your patio furniture. Let Junk King Monterey cart it off. While they are at it they can cart off any other junk you want gotten rid of. It’s the perfect way to end the summer.

Monterey Dirt Removal and Hauling

Looking for a new plant to grow in your Monterey garden? Have you thought about dahlias? Perhaps you should. Dahlias are an extremely popular ornamental plant that grows easily and blooms for an extended period of time throughout the years. As you might expect, the Monterey Bay Dahlia Society takes their dahlia growing very seriously. They happily provide advice for the three phases of dahlia-growing. These are: “selecting the plants, planting the tubers, and enjoying the blossoms. The planting season begins after the last frost (after April 1 for the Monterey Bay area, conservatively) and ends mid-June (earlier is better).”

According to the American Dahlia Society there are 18 forms of the dahlia, 15 colors or color combinations, and nine blossom size categories. That is a lot of dahlias to pick from. Fortunately, you can take in the Monterey Dahlia Society’s Annual Dahlia Show to get inspiration. Before you begin any planting you might have to make way in your garden by clearing out some old dirt and replace with enriched top soil. If you’ve got piles of dirt that need removing then your only call should be to Junk King Monterey.

Junk King makes it their business to help folks clear out the clutter in their lives. In some cases that clutter involves yard work. Sure you can toss out the occasional stack of tree trimmings in your weekly garbage but for bigger piles of yard waste you’re going to need Junk King. The Junk King loves a good pile of dirt. They’ll have the containers to fill with that dirt and know just where to dump it. They also enjoy piles of other junk like furniture, construction waste, appliances or old computers. Technically, you don’t even have to put things into a pile for Junk King to cart it off. You can just point to an item and tell the crew to take it away. That’s the big plus with hiring Junk King Monterey: you don’t have to do any lifting.

The other benefit is that Junk King Monterey isn’t going to surprise you with extra fees or hidden charges. The price you pay will be based on the amount of space you take up in their truck. That amount will be determined by a supervisor who will make a pre-pickup visit to your home. Once that price is locked in it won’t change. Actually, it might change if the amount of stuff the ends up in the truck takes up less space than what was estimated. In that case, you’ll be given a refund! You just can’t beat that kind of pricing policy. Start with dirt removal and finish with a junk free home thanks to Junk King Monterey and get those dahlias growing.