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Clear The Clutter Before Your Summer Vacation In Monterey

It is hard to imagine anyone needing to leave Monterey in order to have a vacation. With the miles of beautiful beaches, the quaint shops and fabulous restaurants, this is the place that folks flock to for a vacation. That might mean you’ll be inviting guests to spend a little time getting to know Monterey this summer. If that happens, then you’ll want to get your home ready. That will mean you’ll have to clear the clutter before the guests show up. Picking up the small stuff will be easy but when you need to have the bulky and heavy objects removed you’ll want to bring in the pros from Junk King.


When it comes to cleaning up your home, it always helps to have a few extra hands pitching in. With Junk King you’ll be getting at least four extra hands from the two-man crew who will be assigned to your junk removal session. This will be a crew that has a lot of training in the proper lifting techniques. Yes, lifting with your legs instead of your back really does matter! The Junk King crews will also have experience with dismantling things. They’ve taken apart plenty of pool tables, play sets, office furniture and other pieces that require disassembly before being loaded. This further supports that idea that when you hire Junk King, there is no limit to what you can get rid of.

Hiring Junk King to help clear the clutter around your home also means you’ll be hiring a partner that cares about the environment. This is an issue that is of great importance to Monterey. The goal of this community is the same for any city that wants to take a “zero waste” approach to garbage. That means keeping as much waste out of local landfills and instead finding a way to recycle, repurpose and reuse everything that is thrown away. Junk King has maintained a very respectable 60% diversion rate in this regard. That translates into tons of junk being prevented from decomposing in a dump.

Best of all, Junk King’s pricing policy will make sure you get rid of all your junk without breaking the bank. Check out the Junk King website price estimator for a simple way to gage your junk removal job. When you’re ready to clear the clutter, Junk King will be ready to lend a hand or two!

Make Room for Presents In your Monterey Home – Clear the Clutter!

If you want to know what your neighbors got for Christmas, you only have to go for a stroll around the block on trash pickup day. That is when you’re sure to see all the empty boxes from the new computers, flatscreen televisions and other gadgets that were opened on Christmas morning. Ironically, putting all those empty boxes out on the curb could be an invitation to a thief. You’re basically telling them what you have to steal! It’s always better to break up those boxes and stuff the in your recycling bin. If they can’t fit, then it might be time to call in the pros from Junk King.


When you do call Junk King, you’ll be setting up an appointment with a two man moving crew who will be assigned to your clear the clutter task. This is the crew who is going to be doing all the actual lifting and loading. You should never feel guilty about having the Junk King team pick up a heavy object. If you want something gone, just tell them what it is and they’ll make sure it gets onto the back of the truck. That includes any piece of furniture, kitchen appliance or other household goods.

You can also use Junk King to clear the clutter from your closets. If you got some new outfits for Christmas, then you want to put them into rotation. How many article of clothing do you have in your closet that you’re never going to wear again? Time to let it go. Just because you’re turning over old clothes to Junk King doesn’t mean they’re going to be trash. Often, Junk King will be able to drop those kinds of items off at a local charity who can then distribute them to those in need.

Other things you might be throwing out could end up at recycling center. You don’t have to do your own sorting. That’s another part of the complete Junk King junk removal package. All you have to do is point to what you want removed and the crew will handle the rest.

You’ll find out exactly what the cost is for the junk pickup before the work begins. Once you agree to the estimate, it won’t change. The only way to make room for your presents is to clear the clutter with the help of Junk King.

Getting Ready For Your Monterey Guests – Clear the Clutter

Do you have your Christmas present hiding places picked out? If you’re living with a couple of “present spies,” then you have to be extremely creative when it comes to keeping the secret of the gifts. A popular place is tucked away in a bedroom closet. If you’ve already deemed your closet to be off-limits then it makes for the perfect hiding place. Of course, if your closet is jammed pack with clutter then you might not have any room for the presents. You could also put something in there and have it get lost in the mess. Before you put your gifts at risk, call on Junk King to help you clear the clutter.


The other benefit of hiring Junk King for a junk removal appointment is that it is going to help you get your home ready for guests. If you know you’re having family fly in for the holidays, then they’ll need room in that closet too! They might also need room on the spare bed that has become a dumping ground for stuff in the last year. Instead of shuffling the clutter, let Junk King take it all away for good. Sure, there will be some things that you’ll want to hold onto. However, if you’re keeping something you haven’t used in over a year then chances are you can live without. That holds true for clothes, shoes, toys and all kinds of other household items. It also holds true for the bigger stuff.

There could be all kinds of unused furniture in your garage that can be cleared away by Junk King. There might be dozens of boxes filled with things you forgot you had. Yes, keep all the decorations but make sure you can get to them easily. That will happen when you get Junk King to clear the clutter.

When it comes to pricing, Junk King is a great gift to give and to get. You’ll only be charged a flat rate based on an estimate of volume. If you junk takes up one half, one third, one quarter or the full truck you’ll be charged accordingly. Best of all, you’ll know that price before one piece of junk is moved and there won’t be any surprise charges at the end of the job. Let Junk King clear the clutter around your home to get your holidays started on the right track.


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