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Junk Removal Salinas CA

Although, Salinas is known as the lettuce capital of the world, there are many other types of crops grown in the area. When the weather turns cold, farmers scramble to protect their fields. The recent cold snap had citrus growers dropping around $12 million in frost protection. They managed to keep most of the groves viable but it is always touch and go in the winter.

Imagine if you had tons of spoiled oranges to get rid of? That sounds like a job for Junk King Monterey. Since they set up business, Junk King Monterey has removed tons of very unique items. Spoiled fruit wouldn’t be a problem for them. Junk King has always been called for clean up after Mother Nature flexes her muscles. Whether it is debris that has been dumped by winds, rain or snow you can depend on Junk King for the cleanup. Yes, even fallen tree limbs are considered “junk.”

Beyond helping homeowners with storm cleanup, Junk King is standing by for the regular removal jobs. This would be when folks decide they’ve had enough of that lumpy sofa. You don’t want to put the sofa out on the curb hoping someone will drive by to pick it up. That’s just not going to happen. Instead, you could end up getting fined for your troubles. If you want to get rid of bulky items like a sofa or yard waste then you need to hire the pros. In this case, the pros would be Junk King.

These are the junk removal experts who are part of a national franchise. What are folks who have used Junk King have to say?

“They did a great job helping clean up a hoarder’s property, worked very quickly and were great to deal with.”

“Awesome! They were very prompt, friendly, easy to work with and services were billed immediately upon completion.”

“Prompt. Picked up tons of assorted junk from two properties and didn’t charge extra. Price not unreasonable.”

And that’s just within the last week! These comments give you a decent idea about how Junk King operates. That would be with a “no problem” attitude. The hoarder house is probably the most intense kind of assignment for Junk King to take on but that is only because of the sheer volume of trash. You can also see that Junk King goes where your junk is stored. Whether it is your backyard, your garage or even a second home Junk King Monterey will clear it all out once and for all. Give Junk King a call today and put them to work clearing out your clutter.

Salinas CA Junk Removal

If you live in Salinas you’ve got a lot to do. The National Steinbeck Center is open all year round and allows visitors to immerse themselves into a bygone era made popular through one of America’s greatest writers. You can also embrace how Steinbeck lived at the Steinbeck House Museum. For a thrill like no other, check out the Monterey Bay Equestrian Center. There you could hire out a horse for a ride along the beach. For more close encounters with animals try out the Wild Things exotic animal facility. It’s the next best thing to going on a safari! Then there are all the great restaurants and bistros to try out (if you haven’t already). Simply put, Salinas is a terrific place to enjoy the summer. On the other hand, if you feel guilty about stepping out because you’re house is in disarray then help is just a phone call away. That would be a call to Junk King Monterey the junk removal specialists.

Coming home from work every day could have tripping over all kinds of clutter as you make your way from the front door to your bedroom. How many times have you said to yourself, “I’ve got to get rid of this junk?” It’s frustrating that your home always seems to be full of clutter. It doesn’t have to be that way when you hire Junk King to help with the cleanup.

Take a walk through your home. What are you ready to get rid of? Some furniture? An old TV? Outdated computers? Kitchen appliances that have been replaced? Those are all perfectly acceptable items that can find their way onto the back of the Junk King Monterey truck. Continue going through the home. What kind of shape are your closets in? Can you easily find something or are you force to pull out box after box until everything falls on your head? What about out in the garage? Is this where the rest of the junk has landed like a kayak with a hole in it? A ping-pong table nobody uses? Rusty car parts? Again, those are all perfect items for the back of the Junk King truck.

Remember that you only have to designate what you want thrown away. The Junk King crew will be doing all the heavy lifting and loading. They will also be the ones who are going to make the final delivery of those items at a recycling center. Junk King is dedicated to keeping Salinas clean and they’re accomplishing that one truckload at a time. Give them a call today to get the clutter out of your home then go and enjoy all that Salinas has to offer!

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